Wall Decoration Ideas for Living Room

Empty walls are canvases full of possibilities. A few wall decoration ideas are enough to transform a formerly bare space into a stylish centerpiece. Are you looking for ways to curate your living room and create a beautiful space out of your empty walls? You are in the right place! Here are some ideas to spice up your walls in a way that will bring out your unique personality and taste:

Gallery wall

Nothing adds character and a personal touch to a space like a gallery wall does. Preserve cherished memories with your loved ones and make the most of your empty walls. A gallery wall also works great as a conversation starter. Display your collection of art and favorite photographs on a wall in the living room.

You could also use vintage pictures from thrift shops or galleries. Go for simple frames or opt for ornate variations if you want something a little extra. Take exact measurements to ensure that the photos have equal space between them so that the wall looks neat. A pro tip is to have the gallery wall reaching the ceiling to have the illusion of a more expansive space.

Accent Wall

Decorating your walls does not necessarily mean adding things to the wall. Why not decorate the wall itself? Pick out an accent wall and paint it in a bold color. Add a fun pattern using wallpaper, paint techniques or stenciling.  A colorful mural is also a perfect way to create visual interest on an accent wall without adding anything on the walls.


Hanging a piece of art on an empty wall is an excellent way to give your space a striking visual element. To make an even bolder statement, consider hanging an oversized photograph or painting. A profound piece will command all the attention. If you love the minimalist vibe, consider a black and white photo. If you’d rather have a more vibrant feel, a colorful abstract piece does the job perfectly. Do not box yourself by sticking to the traditional prints and painting. Showcase your unique personality by getting a custom piece. If you are on the hunt for personalized wall art, check this canvas out. It is a wonderful custom song lyric on canvas. You can personalize with names, dates, and favorite song lyrics and give your living room an artistic look.

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Mirror on the wall

If you have exhausted all your art options, why not hang up a mirror? Mirrors are always a good bet. They reflect light and can make even the tiniest of spaces feel immense. Go for an oversized one that will bring all the drama. Also, why not get a mirror that will serve more than one purpose. Get a mirror that is not only functional but also makes a statement with its beautiful frame.

Go green

Plants do not belong just on the windowsills. Get wall-mounted planters that will add a touch of nature to your space. You can put large plants on either side of your couches to remove unwanted blank spaces.

Wrapping up

The barren walls in your living room do not have to drive you crazy with you wondering what to do with them. There are certainly plenty of ideas to make those empty walls the highlights of your space.


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