5 Tricks for Creative and Clever Hidden Storage In The Kitchen

Having a small kitchen does not mean you cannot do much. In fact, when you know the tricks, you can still tidy up your kitchen with the right storage. There are plenty of creative and clever hidden storage in the kitchen if you know where to look or how to create some.

Curious to find out some of the tricks? Here are the 5 examples of hidden storage in the kitchen.

1. A slide-out preparation station.

A butcher block board can be transformed into a slide-out preparation station. With a hole in the middle, place a trash-bin underneath the board. This way, all the unnecessary bits from the preparation can go straight into the bin.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have a tidy kitchen look. All you need to do is having and applying smart and hidden storage to make it happen. One of them you can apply a slide preparation with hole and place trash bin underneath. You can easily to throw your junk into the trash bin. It can be an effective way to make your kitchen still clean.

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For a simple way to make your kitchen still clean and neat is transform your butcher block board into a slide of preparation. And make a hole on the board that have a direct connect to the trash bin. You can easily throw your unnecessary bits from the preparation can go straight in to the trash.

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Transform your kitchen table into the preparation place. You can make a hole on the table and place a trash bin underneath. It’s very useful if you are preparing for cooking. You can easily throw your unnecessary bits from the preparation can go straight to the bin. This the of clever way for the hidden storage idea.

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2. A stretch right to the ceilings.

Higher cabinets save space in your small kitchen. Of course, you may need a stool or a small ladder to get something from the highest storage. Still, this idea makes a creative and clever hidden storage in the kitchen.

One of the hidden and creative storage ideas to save space in your kitchen, you can install high cabinet to the ceiling. You can use the cabinet to save more your kitchen utensils or supplies.

Using high cupboard as shown above is a brilliant way to save space in your kitchen. It can be the clever hidden storage idea in your kitchen and makes your kitchen looks neat and organized.

Applying high cabinets for your kitchen are smart trick for hidden storage idea. You can save your kitchen utensils or supplies in it and you can save a lot of stuff without reducing space in the kitchen.

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3. A functional decoration.

Set a row of hangers on the wall and you get a functional decoration. Then hang your kitchen wares, so they are visible and accessible. Besides an empty wall, you can also hang them under a built-in shelf.

One of the best ideas for storing your kitchen wares is hanging them. You can utilize your empty space, such as wall above the stove and install some hooks to hang your kitchen wares. If you need extra storage, you can add the hangers above your kitchen island. And then hang your kitchen utensils on there for more neat and accessible.

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Hanging cooking utensils next to a kitchen cupboard is the right choice to save space. Besides being able to save space by arranging equipment like in the picture above will make your kitchen look neat.

A kitchen with storage by hanging some kitchen utensils on the hangers are a brilliant idea to save space in a small kitchen. Besides being able to save space, by hanging things like in the picture above can also make your kitchen looks neat.

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4. Multi-shelves inside the storage.

Instead of having one huge storage inside the kitchen cabinet, set some multiple shelves inside with shelf-risers. This storage idea will help you to compartmentalize different utensils and plates.

One of the best storage that should not be left for the kitchen is a large cupboard that has several shelves. Cabinets that can store items such as mixer, toaster and seasoning are very suitable for you to use because it can save space in the kitchen.

Using a large cupboard with several shelves inside are perfect for you to use. Because with this cupboard you can store some of your food supplies in it.

The best storage place for storing kitchen utensils is a cupboard that has some shelves inside. With the shelves inside you will be able to store your items.

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5. A built-in concept for everything.

To avoid having a cramped, small kitchen, have some things like a coffee maker and oven built-in as part of the cabinet instead of separate items. That will leave enough rooms for other things in the kitchen.With these tricks, your small kitchen will not get even smaller. The idea is to have as much as creative and clever hidden storage in the kitchen as possible. Besides these, what else can you come up with?

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If you want to have appliances such as an oven and refrigerator but want to save space, you can apply storage like in the picture above. With a built-in refrigerator and oven will make the space in your kitchen spacious.

Using the built-in oven as shown above is the right storage option for your kitchen. Because with the built-in oven you can move freely.

The built-in oven and refrigerator is a storage that is suitable for you to use in your kitchen. With storage equipment like in the picture above will make your kitchen look perfect.

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