15 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas in 2020

If you have no idea what to do, having something small might be challenging like a tiny kitchen or a small bathroom. To have a small bathroom storage idea will help you with organizing your toiletries properly.

So, what is your take on this in 2020? If you are still in need of inspiration, here are five examples of small bathroom storage ideas in 2020.

1. Use an etagere

An etagere is a tall, six-shelved, custom cabinetry. By putting this in your small bathroom, you get to store plenty of your toiletries without cluttering them around. The best thing about this is that there is still a decent moving space.

For your small bathroom, having smart and efficient storage is a must. For example, you can use an etagere storage that has some shelves. To save space, you can place the storage above the closet.
Using etagere storage for your small bathroom is a good idea. This storage can be the smart storage idea to store your toiletries. You can pick in any kind of materials, one of them is wood to get an elegant impression.
One of the best storage for small bathrooms is etagere storage. With this storage, you can store your toiletries or belongings without disturbing your space in the bathroom. You can place the storage above your closet for more efficiency.

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2. Repurpose a bar cart

Using a bar cart also makes a great small bathroom storage idea for your small bathroom. With the wheels under it, you also get to move the cart around when you need to rearrange your bathroom.

Another storage idea for a small bathroom is using a bar chart. This storage is very effective to store your toiletries and also you can move it easily without requiring much space.

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When you doing a bath in the bathtub, off course you need to reach easily your soap or shampoo. And for this condition you need movable storage, for example, is a bar cart. On this storage, you can place your toiletries and also it doesn’t take up to much space in your bathroom.
Storage that is suitable for use in a small bathroom that can be moved if you need to reset the bathroom is a bar cart. With this storage, your small bathroom will look simple and have a little room to move.

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3. Hang a rattan basket

You can do this above your vanity or bathtub. Not only built-in shelves to the wall, hanging a rattan basket (or more) also works wonders in keeping your toiletries in one place. No more clutters on the vanity or filling the bathroom cabinets.

To avoid a clutter situation in your bathroom vanity, you have to install some rattan baskets on the wall. By installing this rattan basket, you can store your towels, cotton bads, even your makeup. So, you will have a neat and organized bathroom vanity looks.
One storage that is suitable for you to use in a small bathroom is a hanging rattan basket. With storage like in the picture above your small bathroom will look attractive. Especially, if you add ladder storage and another storage type, your bathroom will be neater.
A small bathroom that uses a hanging rattan basket storage is perfect for you to apply. You can hang the ratan basket on the wood pallet to save space in your small bathroom. With this storage, you can store your belongings such as towels.

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4. Have a bar stool

A bar stool does not only work for sitting, but also to place some toiletries and bathroom decoration. Just choose a bar stool that is small and bright-colored. Put it between a bathtub and a bathroom sink, with a small flower vase on it. You can also place a basket as a small bathroom storage idea under the stool.

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Maybe its a simple storage idea but very useful to make your small bathroom looks neat. You can place a bar stool and you can use to put your towel. Place near the bathtub to make it easy to reach them.

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Besides being able to be used to sit using a bar stool in a small bathroom, it also can be used to put your toiletries like a towel.

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Place a wooden bar stool for a simple storage idea in your small bathroom. Besides you can use the bar stool to sit, it’s also very useful to put your towels and place near the bathtub. And it can make you easy to reach the towel when you finish the bathing activity.

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The small bar stool used in the bathroom is perfect for you to apply. Because besides it can be used to sit a bar stool, it can also be used to put your toiletries.

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5. Have mount organizers

Some toiletries are also so small that you need separate storage to keep them. This is why having mount organizers also helps to keep your small bathroom neat. You can store some makeup kits there. How do you arrange your small bathroom? Do you also use these small bathroom storage ideas, or do you have your own?

Mounting organizer in a small bathroom is a brilliant idea. Because the mounted organizer is useful for storing small bathroom equipment so it is not scattered about.
It has a function to store small items in the bathroom such as makeup, toothbrushes, combs in other small items, this storage is perfect for your use. Besides that, with this storage, your bathroom will look perfect.

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