17 RV Storage Ideas That Will Leave Enough Space In Your RV

When it comes to finding the right RV storage idea, one thing always comes to mind: the space. A trailer or an RV is like a combination between a house and a car. Since the cabin does not have a big enough space, you have to be more selective with the furniture.

There are many ways to get the well-suited, RV storage idea. Without further ado, here are examples.

1. A makeshift shoe organizer

Neither there or at a regular bedroom at home, nobody wants to trip over and fall because of shoes lying around. Gather them all into a makeshift shoe organizer. Place the organizer under your bed.

Using a shoe organizer like in the picture above for an RV car is a brilliant idea. You can store neatly your shoes without requiring a lot of space in your RV.
Using a pouch to store shoes in your RV car like in the picture above is perfect for you to use. Because with this shoe organizer your room will be more comfortable.
A shoe organizer with a box bag and placed under the RV car bed is a good idea. With this shoe organizer, you will not be disturbed when doing any activity in the RV car.
One shoe organizer that is suitable to use in RV cars is a simple shoe hanger like in the picture above. By storing shoes and sandals into one will make the space in your RV car more spacious.

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2. An RV closet organizer

You may not pack so much for the road trip. However, if you plan to go for months, you need more space for your clothes. An RV closet organizer is the solution. The shelves inside can help you to separate each item of clothing.

One solution for storing your clothes when you travel far, you can use the closet organizer as shown above. Using shelves in the closet that are useful for storing clothes, besides that with these shelves can also help you in separating each item of clothing.

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If you want to travel far away by RV you need to prepare a closet organizer to store your clothes. Using tiered wire basket will make your clothes look neat.

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Using a closet organizer idea with shelves inside is a brilliant idea. Because the organizer of the closet in your RV will make it easier for you when looking for clothes that you like and make your RV neat.

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3. A collapsible canvas shelf

Need more space for your clothes in the RV? You can have a collapsible canvas shelf as an RV storage idea. The canvas shelf is affordable and can be fit into the closet by the bed.

For those of you who have a lot of clothes, you can use a canvas rack that can be folded. As in the picture above, inserting a canvas rack into a cupboard will make your room looks neater.

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Storage that is suitable for storing clothes in the RV car is a canvas rack that can be folded. With this canvas rack, the room in your RV will feel comfortable because your clothes are not scattered about.

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Storage that is very suitable if used in an RV car is a canvas rack. With a canvas rack to store your clothes, your clothes will be more durable, safer and organized.

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4. A portable nightstand

The last thing you want during the road trip is not to lose your most valuable items like cellphones, wallets, and other important IDs and papers. A portable nightstand will gather them all in one place and complete your RV, too.

A portable nightstand that is used in an RV bedroom is a brilliant idea. With the idea of storage like in the picture above will make your belongings safe.

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To secure your valuables while traveling in an RV car, you can use storage like in the picture above. Using a nightstand to store your cellphone will prevent your cellphone from falling while traveling.

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Using a nightstand to store valuables such as cellphones, books, and other important things is a smart idea. Because with this storage bedroom your RV car will look more presentable and comfortable.

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5. Hanging containers

These hanging containers are perfect for your toiletries in the RV bathroom. By putting them all there, you will not have your toothbrush or bar soap fall during the road trip. Plus, the hanging containers save up some space in the trailer.

A transparent container used in the bathroom and useful for storing toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and others are very suitable for you to use. Your toiletries will not fall during the trip.
One way to make your bathroom items safe and not fall when traveling in an RV car, you can use rattan baskets as a storage idea.
Choosing a hanging container to store your toiletries in the bathroom car RV is a brilliant idea. By putting your toiletries there, your equipment will be durable and safe.
Using a multilevel container that is hung on the door and used to store toiletries is a smart idea to organize your toiletries. With this hanging container, your RV bathroom will look neat and not falling during the trip.

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There are plenty of RV storage ideas for you. Find what you think may be best for your RV. From there, you get to decorate your RV in any way you might feel like.


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