15 Bathroom Color Schemes That Are Relaxing

A bathroom, no matter how big or small, should not only be functional. It has to offer a calming ambiance. That way, you can feel more relaxed when you are in it. One way to make that happen is to have the right bathroom color scheme.

What are the bathroom color schemes that are relaxing to you? Some of the references here might be more to your taste. Here are the five ideas worth considering.

1. The soft blue serenity

Get your walls and backsplash tiles to be painted with soft blue. Like still water in a fresh environment, this color scheme will give you a sense of serenity. Mix it up with white cabinets and countertops, then you also get a sense of tranquility.

To make your bathroom have a sense of calm, you can use colors like in the picture above. Using the soft blue colors this bathroom will look so calm and get tranquility.

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A bathroom that uses soft blue color is a brilliant idea to give tranquility and comfortable feel while you bathing. Combined with white color on the sing, closet, and towel hooks to give a contrast look.
Using a combination of colors between blue for walls and white for cabinets is a color scheme that suits you to use. With this color combination, your bathroom will have the impression of calm and comfort.

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2. The pewter and ivory

Having a neutral color combination also works to make a bathroom color scheme feel more relaxing. The soft pewter walls with ivory white countertops and cabinets are an effortlessly calming combo. It is also proof that not all neutral shades should be gloomy nor bland. It depends on how you mix them up.

One way to make the bathroom color scheme more relaxed, you can use this color combination. Besides being able to make your bathroom more relaxed, this combination of tin and ivory colors will make your bathroom more perfect.

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Using a pewter color on the wall and ivory on the countertop is a color scheme that is suitable for you to use. Because with this color scheme your bathroom will look more bright and clean.

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Choosing pewter colors for the walls and ivory for the countertop is a good idea for bathroom colors. With this color scheme, your bathroom will have a calm atmosphere.

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3. The pastel hues

If you prefer more colors but not too bright, try pastel hues instead like soft pink, beige, or orange. This Mediterranean style will brighten up your bathroom without making you feel overwhelmed.

If you don’t want to use white colors for the bathroom, you can use pastel colors. As in the picture above using orange pastel will make your bathroom look elegant and cheerful.

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Pink pastel is a color that is suitable for you to use in your bathroom to create a beautiful look. You can combine with yellow bathtub and colorful towels to brighten up your bathroom.
Doing a color renewal in the bathroom using pastel cream is a brilliant idea. With this color, your bathroom will look like it has a warm impression.

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4. The blue spa heaven

Cerulean blue makes a vibrant, energy boost if it is balanced with neutral shades as the combination. You can choose cerulean blue walls with white and grey cabinets, rugs, and a sink. This bathroom color scheme will make you feel like you are in paradise.

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One way to make your bathroom look like heaven, you can use the decor and color of the bathroom as in the picture above. Using sky blue walls, white cabinets, and rugs will make your bathroom look perfect.

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A bathroom with blue color and white cupboard is suitable to create a feel look like in a spa. You can feel comfortable and relax like in your doing treatment in a spa.

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Blue and white is a color combination that suitable to get convenience. It can bring a relaxed feel to look like in paradise.

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5. The beige, chocolate, and creamy white

For something warm and inviting, combine dark brown with beige and creamy white. The beige walls make a perfect combination with deep chocolate bathtub and creamy white sink and countertop. You can also combine other colors to make a more relaxing bathroom color scheme. Of course, it depends on your personality. One scheme may not always work for all, so what is yours?

Putting beige, brown and white together in one room, in the bathroom, is a brilliant idea. With this color scheme, your bathroom will look more natural and relaxed.
One way to make your bathroom look warm, you can apply a color scheme like in the picture above. Using a combination of beige, brown and white colors will make your bathroom look warm and inviting.
Applying warm colors in the bathroom like beige, brown and white in the bathroom is a great choice for you to use. Besides being able to provide a warm atmosphere in the bathroom, this color can also make your bathroom more attractive.

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