Get the Sun Shine Inside Your Bathroom with These Ideas

If you want to have a healthy bathroom, then, the key is humidity maintenance. You can do that by providing good air circulation or, the most effective one is by letting the sunshine inside your bathroom. It will be easy to let the sunlight exposes your bathroom. You can choose to have a glass roof, provide a wide glass window, or choose the right window position where the sunlight can come in. With the right position, you don’t need to install a wide window because the sun can come in a perfect portion. In case you have a glass roof, it will be even greater because you can get perfect scenery from the sky. Please check the following references to know about how you can let the sunshine inside your bathroom.

Double Glass Roof Bathroom Ideas

An easy way that you can do to enter sunlight into the bathroom is by using a glass roof on two different sides. Just use it with two sizes and matching materials with parallel placement to make it look more symmetrical. Consider this glass roof with a thicker material so that it is not easily broken when used for a long period of time. This way, you no longer need lighting during the day, just take advantage of the entry of sunlight into the room to save more on expenses as well, do maintenance by giving cleaning fluid to keep it shiny all day. Double Glass Roof Bathroom Ideas from @pvad_ltd

Transparent Glass Roof Design

If you need sunlight to enter the bathroom decor, then consider using a long glass roof just below the toilet and standing sink. Just choose and use transparent glass material so you can see the sky directly when in this bathroom. One of the benefits that you can get from using a glass roof is to make the room brighter and less humid or to minimize unpleasant odors that make bathroom users uncomfortable. The white nuance that dominates this bathroom enhances the presence of sunlight by making it look wider and open. Transparant Glass Roof Design from @interior_home_design1

Modern Farmhouse Sun Shine Bathroom

Instead of using the bathroom wall as a whole, now you can try to use a glass window that can be used as an area for the entry of sunlight into the room freely. With the sunlight that enters the room, the feel of your bathroom will feel warmer and more comfortable. The shades of white that dominate these glass windows give a modern farmhouse vibe that never fails. Just complete this glass window with a flower arrangement that is put in a medium-sized glass vase jar. Close the glass window when the sunlight that comes in is too much. Modern Farmhouse Sun Shine Bathroom from @katesgeorgianhome

Farmhouse Style Window Ideas

A shutter window is one of the choices of types of windows that you can try in all rooms of your house. For now, you can try it in the farmhouse-style bathroom which is dominated by natural wood interiors. This shutter window is also applied to more than one wall so that it is able to enter more sunlight into the room. The use of a black standing bathtub gives a classic touch that will blend perfectly when placed in a farmhouse room, you can try this bathroom decoration idea right now as the best remodeling idea. Farmhouse Style Window Design from @vintagemadememories

Simple Look Window Bathroom

It’s a good idea to use a window in your bathroom to enter sunlight into the room according to the needs of the room. Although this glass window has a fairly small size, its existence will function properly and optimally during the day. Currently, you can coat this glass window with a cotton curtain that has a striped pattern so that it can add texture to the room and add color instantly. There’s nothing wrong with inserting some blooming flower arrangements into this bathroom using a glass jar vase which has a thicker material so it won’t break easily when used for a long period of time. Single Window Bathroom from @theholidayhousedecor

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Arched Glass Window Design

Use another design from the use of glass windows for a new look in your bathroom decor. For example, you can use an arched glass window that is applied right next to a standing bathtub so you can soak while enjoying the beautiful outdoor view. Complete the look of this window wood panel with plain white paint for a more elegant look and of course, it can blend more perfectly with the feel of this bathroom. Usually, the design of this arched window is used in a bathroom with a modern classic or modern cottage style. Arched Glass Window Design from @crystorama

Geometric Panel Window Design

Complete the design of this glass window with geometric panels that can give the texture of the bathroom a more stylish look. Because the color is quite neutral, you can hang a hanging vase right beside it as an additional natural color that you can get in the backyard garden. Open this glass window when needed to change the air circulation in the room. The presence of curtains on this glass window minimizes the entry of sunlight into the room when excessive. The presence of green plants in this bathroom can develop well because it gets enough sunlight. Geometric Panel Window Design from @homestyle_bycarly

Oval Glass Window Design

The best way you can do to enter sunlight into the bathroom is to use a transparent glass window that has a unique shape. This oval glass window complete with a teak wood frame gives a rustic impression as well as a natural feel to the room. Its existence makes the room feel wider and brighter and of course, minimizes the humidity of the room which causes unpleasant odors. This glass window can be opened to the outside when needed to replace the air circulation inside. Oval Glass Window Design from @maisonsdecampagne

Tilt Roof Bathroom Design

In addition to being the main lighting during the day, the transparent glass roof with a sloping design is also a unique look that is very inspiring. Try this glass roof design in a dominant bathroom decoration with the use of water so as to minimize the humid room. Currently, you can choose glass material with a size thick enough so that it is not easily broken when used for a long period of time. There’s nothing wrong with adding some indoor greenery in this room to bring a fresh feel into the room instantly. Bulb lighting is the main lighting that can be used when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel dark. Glass Tilt Roof Bathroom from @hyggehome4you

Attire Roof Bathroom Ideas

The application of the bathroom can be in any room, including the attire decoration on the top floor of the house. Here you can decorate the bathroom with a glass roof with a slope that is bold enough so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. In addition, you can also soak while sunbathing because of the existence of this glass roof right above the bathtub that is used. Comfort will be prioritized in this modern-style bathroom, the wooden plank above the bathtub can be used as a table area to have a spa vibe. Attire Roof Bathroom Ideas from @home_by_kittyioz

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Shutter Window Design

Take advantage of one of the empty bathroom wall areas as a shutter window application that is able to bring sunlight into the room freely. Now you can repaint the shutter window with plain white paint. Furthermore, the use of some candle lighting in this bathroom gives a romantic and dramatic feel that is suitable for lovers. The pink theme that dominates this room gives a feminine vibe that never goes out of style, you can try it now. Shutter Window Design from @myhomelydecorr

Square-Shaped Glass Window

The existence of a glass window in the bathroom is enhanced by the use of a wallpaper that has a beautiful tropical pattern dominated by pastel colors. Currently, you can cover the square-shaped glass window with a pink curtain that has color harmony with the use of rugs, tiered shelves, and toilets so that they can be integrated into the same room. The entry of sunlight into the bathroom minimizes the room becoming damp and smelly. Now you can perfect the appearance of the windowsill decoration with a ceramic jar filled with dry plants so that it doesn’t rot easily when used for a long time. Square Shaped Glass Window from @myhomelydecorr

Large Glass Wall for Outdoor View

Look at the glass wall that is right next to the classic bathtub, doesn’t it look very interesting? Yes, you can try to install this wall with transparent glass material that has a good enough thickness so it won’t break easily. This wall is an eye view towards the outdoors which is dominated by towering trees and other types of fresh green plants. Just perfect this glass wall design with an iron frame that has been repainted using a solid black color so that it has color harmony with your current use of your bathtub. Large Glass Wall for Outdoor View from @in.magine

Vertical Shaped Window

No need to worry when you have a bathroom decoration with limited space. Because now you can make a glass window with a vertical design that is able to enter sunlight into the room to the maximum. Because the walls in this bathroom are dominated by the use of neutral white, you can paint the wooden window panels in the same color. Usually, the design of this window is perfected with the use of a classic standing bathtub and some interiors made of wood so it is very suitable for the decoration and theme of the farmhouse bathroom. Vertical Shaped Window with Wooden Panel from @agnieszka_modnicka

Glass Window with Metal Frame Design

If you have an all-white modern bathroom, to give color try to use a black iron frame on the window in your bathroom. This fairly large glass window is a simple idea but can change the appearance of your bathroom to more attractive and brighter because there will be a lot of light entering the bathroom. In addition, the bathroom will be more colorful and look fresh by putting green plants in a pot into it, you can put green plants in this pot next to the bathtub or hang it. Don’t hesitate to include some of these green plants in the bathroom, their easy maintenance and coupled with direct sunlight entering the bathroom will certainly make your plants healthier and more refreshing. Glass Window with Black Metal Frame from @tuishomemag

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Modern Skylight Bathroom

Bathroom with modern decor that will always inspire everyone who uses it, one step you can try is to use glass windows and a glass roof. The glass window in the bathroom right overlooks an outdoor view that will provide positive energy when you are soaking. In addition, using a glass roof will make your bathroom look brighter and wider. A modern bathroom with glass accents will be even more interesting if you apply an open brick wall that is given a green paint finish that always matches the view outside. Modern Skylight Bathroom from @reptaresidential

Rectangle Glass Roof Bathroom

If you have a bathroom with a limited size then the thing you have to do is to provide more lighting so that the bathroom looks wider. The right lighting for a bathroom like this is to use a glass roof, you can apply a large glass roof so that more light enters the bathroom. Use a wooden frame on the glass roof that you use to give a more stylish impression. Every now and then you can open this glass roof to clean it as well as to enter the fresh outdoor air. The use of bathroom wall tiles will look shiny when exposed to the reflection of sunlight from this glass window area. Transaprant Glass Roof Bathroom from @wallsandfloors

Industrial Skylight Bathroom

To maintain comfort and tranquility in the bathroom, try to make a bathroom design with a semi-outdoor industrial style. This style uses high walls without paint finishing with a glass roof as the main lighting during the day, so you can save electricity in your home. To fill the empty space and take advantage of the light that enters through the glass roof, you should plant greenery in the bathroom. Choose the right place in the corner of the bathroom under the glass roof so as not to interfere with your activities in the bathroom and plants can still thrive because they get direct sunlight. Industrial Skylight Bathroom from @imjeffernie_saw

Glass Window with Wicker Rattan Blinds

Install the glass window right on the side of the bathtub that is used, so you will get direct sunlight from outside. The emerald green walls combined with white glass window frames will give a monochromatic look, now you can layer them with curtain blinds made of rattan woven material as a window layer that is very easy to use. To get natural freshness at all times, it would be nice if you also add green plants in pots in the bathroom, don’t worry, these green plants will continue to grow well because of the supply of incoming sunlight and will help the growth of these indoor plants. Glass Window with Wicker Rattan Blinds from @laura_pigeon

Classic Style Window Bathroom

The classic theme can be presented in your bathroom decor instantly by using stained glass windows that are perfected with transparent glass material so you can enjoy the outdoor view from inside this bathroom. After that, just emphasize the use of stained glass windows with the use of blue tiles which have a vintage touch as well because they are perfected with a beautiful texture on the top. To enhance the lighting of this bathroom, place a medium-sized mirror in the open shelf area to reflect sunlight that enters the room so that it is more evenly distributed. You can try this classic modern theme right now, this decoration will never fail. Classic Style Window Bathroom from @haslingtonhouse

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