30 Ways to Create a Healthy Bathroom

Commonly, when talking about the bathroom decoration, you only concern how to make it pretty and comfortable. Anyway, there is one factor that you should concern too as it can give such a huge impact that is the health of your bathroom. Since the bathroom will have such high humidity, then you should consider how to manage it. There two easy things that you do, those are by letting the sunshine in and providing the proper air circulation.

Let the Sunshine In

To let the sunshine in, what you have to do is installing the windows with such a wide glass. It is important so that you can give access to the sun to come in. Moreover, it is also great if you can manage the position of the window to ben in the right position based on the way the sun is shining. However, if it is not possible then you can do the opposite direction or just simply install it so minimize the humidity.

Glass window shower bathroom is installed properly to enter sunlight into the wet floor area so as to minimize room humidity and odors. The bathroom material, which is dominated by marble, presents a luxurious feel and certainly looks very modern and never goes out of style. Glass window shower room from mydomaine.

It’s a good idea to coat your glass windows with curtains to enter the sunlight that is not excessive. You can have curtains with a black and white floral pattern to add texture to the room while making this bathroom feel more classic but still has a modern touch. Glass windows with floral lining curtains from mydomaine.

Change the use of one wall in your bathroom with a large glass window. You can use transparent glass windows so that you can enter more sunlight into the room so that your bathroom decorations are brighter and seem more open. Instead of using walls with glass windows from homestratosphere.

Shutter window is one of the best choices that you can apply to your modern farmhouse bathroom decoration, this window is easier to open when needed. You can open this window in the morning before noon to enter more sunlight so that your bathroom is not easily damp and smelly. Shutter window bathroom from homestratosphere.

This black wall which is perfected with a glass window rectangle is a very useful bathroom interior idea because it can dry up splashes of water that can make your room humid. This glass window can enter sunlight which makes your wooden furniture less moldy. Black wall with rectangle glass window from homestratosphere.

This black and white bathroom decoration is equipped with large glass windows and is able to provide natural light so that it makes you more efficient when paying for electricity at the end of the month. In addition, the combination of black and white also presents a monochromatic room style that never goes out of fashion. You can try it when remodeling your contemporary bathroom. Monochromatic bathroom with glass windows from homestratosphere.

Apply a glass window right next to the bathtub to provide a beautiful outdoor view while you soak. Repaint this window frame with white to make it look more neutral and of course it fits perfectly with any colored wall paint, including dark gray paint. Hanging crystal chandeliers are a lighting idea that can be used at night. Glass windows with white frames from homestratosphere.

Use more than one glass window to decorate your white bathroom, this window aims to make the room feel brighter without having to turn on the chandelier during the day. This glass window is a scenic area that you can enjoy whenever you want. The entire bathroom is dominated by white so it has a fairly high maintenance. Large glass window more than one from homestratosphere.

If you have a bathroom decoration with limited space, then a glass window is a smart idea that you can apply to one part of the wall that is still empty because this window is able to provide natural light that keeps the room bright throughout the day. You can use a glass window with a black iron frame to make it more sturdy and certainly not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Glass window with black iron frame from homestratosphere.

Windows and skylights made of transparent glass will let more sunlight into the room so that it feels brighter throughout the day. You can do regular maintenance on this glass window to keep it clean and shiny, use a soft cloth and cleaning fluid for maintenance. Glass windows and bathroom skylights from homestratosphere.

Not only using glass windows to enter sunlight into your bathroom, now you can use a skylight design that has a modern style so that it looks more beautiful and sophisticated. The white nuance in this bathroom needs to be considered to produce a brighter and more open room. Modern skylight bathroom from homestratosphere.

Use a curved glass window design that is perfected with a white wood frame that looks clean and minimalist. Next to this window you can build a bathtub to be used as a place to soak at the same time you can enjoy the outdoor view freely. Beige tile bathroom is an interior blend that can blend perfectly. Curved glass window designs from homestratosphere.

This curved glass window is suitable for application in modern white bathroom decorations. This window is not too big but is able to enter sunlight sufficiently according to the needs of the room. The glass shower room makes this bathroom decoration feel more spacious and open. Arch shape glass window from homestratosphere.

The two transparent glass windows that have a fairly large size are lined with rattan curtains that you can install neatly. You can also open these curtains in the morning before noon so you can enter more sunlight into the room. This glass window also makes your black living room decoration brighter during the day. Two large glass windows covered with rattan curtains from homestratosphere.

Adjust the use of your glass window with the size and breadth of the wall that will be used. Currently you can use a window with a slanted design to be different from the others. This glass window feels more unique when combined with a patterned wallpaper that has a mix of black and white colors. Furthermore, the fireplace becomes a warm interior that can be used right now. Slanted design glass window from homestratosphere.

The glass window in the bathroom is an impressive feature that filters a lot of light into the décor of a large bathroom. The large glass shower room and mirror make this bathroom feel more spacious and open, you can try it right now. Glass window with glass shower room from homestratosphere.

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Provide Proper Air Circulation

The other good idea to maintain your bathroom humidity is by providing the proper air circulation. Here, you can install the ventilation in such a wide space or the narrow one just based on your needs and bathroom condition. For you who can’t install the big window, or can’t install the window in the right direction based on sun position, then the air circulation can be your solution.

It’s a good idea to use a glass window design that can be opened so that it can be used as an air vent in your bathroom decoration. Cover this window with white curtains to minimize excessive sunlight entering the room. With this, your bathroom decoration will feel more comfortable. Glass windows that can be opened from goodhousekeeping.

The main function of using glass windows in your bathroom decoration is to filter dust and other types of pollen in the air. Without air ventilation, of course, the air in the room is not filtered properly, therefore you need to make sure that the size of your glass window is adequate for this room. Glass windows as adequate air ventilation from goodhousekeeping.

Air ventilation that is applied to this glass window plays a very important role in making your bathroom decor not humid and of course maintaining air quality and humidity control. A humid room has the potential to damage some of the interiors in it, especially furniture made of wood or plywood, they need light and healthy air. Air ventilation that minimizes humidity in the bathroom from goodhousekeeping.

The glass window, which opens the curtains during the morning before noon, aims to create the availability of clean air that is low in pollution and of course keeps the room temperature stable and not humid, this window is very necessary for a bathroom decoration that is always exposed to splashing water. Open your glass window blinds from goodhousekeeping.

Apart from being used as a source of light and good air circulation, glass windows are also very useful for the fertility of indoor plants that you have in this bathroom decoration. You can choose this plant with a size large enough to be used as a natural and beautiful focal point for a room. Glass windows have many benefits from goodhousekeeping.

Do you have a rustic bathroom decor? If so, then the glass window has an important role that must be had in this room, this glass window will work well. One of them is exchanging indoor air with outdoor air that is still cool and not polluted. In addition, the incoming sunlight will minimize your wood interior easily porous. Window as a room air exchanger from goodhousekeeping.

If you need air circulation in the bathroom, the use of windows that can be opened or not permanent is a smart idea that you can apply. Currently you can also repaint the window frame with white so that it has color harmony with the shiplap wall paint that is currently being used. Glass windows are not permanent from goodhousekeeping.

Square shape glass window that can be used as air circulation is a bathroom interior that you must have. Because the window in this room has many functions, for example, it is used as a scenic area, the entry of sunlight and makes the room not easily damp and smelly. Square shape glass window from goodhousekeeping.

There is nothing wrong with using a blur glass window to enter outdoor air or sunlight. You can layer it with white curtains that dangle so that it looks more elegant and of course very suitable for decorating a modern style room. Decorate this glass window area with various frames and greenery for a more beautiful look. Modern style bathroom glass window from goodhousekeeping.

Glass windows with a size large enough are more effective for use as a source of healthy air or rather used as air vents. You can open this window by pulling it upwards so that more and more outdoor air will enter. Open your glass window by pulling it upwards from goodhousekeeping.

Indoor air can increase humidity, odor, dust and other air pollutants. The way to overcome this in decorating your bathroom is to use a glass window that opens the curtain. With this, the air in the room remains safe and healthy. Glass windows to increase healthy air from hgtv.

This glass window with a wooden frame is applied to two sides of the wall which can be used as natural room lighting and can also be a source of healthy air circulation and of course has an eye-catching design. This window faces the trees and fresh greenery. Glass window with green wood frame from hgtv .

The bigger the glass window that is used, the fresh air and healthy air are easier to get. You can do regular maintenance to get a clean glass surface so that it can be used as a beautiful outdoor view. Large transparent glass window from hgtv.

In addition to providing air that is free from pollution, glass windows are also room ventilation that can make your room feel cool all day long. Currently you no longer need lighting during the day because it is enough with the entry of sunlight into the room. Air ventilation as the entry of fresh air from hgtv.

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To provide a healthy bathroom, you can simply choose one of those two solution ideas. Just adjust based on your bathroom condition. Anyway, if you can provide those two ideas for your bathroom at the same time, then it will be absolutely great. You can get the sunshine and the air which is awesome. However, don’t forget to prepare for the air circulation cover in case the weather is cold during winter so that you can make sure that it won’t give you trouble when the weather changes.


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