20 Simple DIY Ideas to Upgrade Old Bathroom Storage

Upgrading your bathroom storage spaces is a quick way to improve the room. Even if your bathroom looks old and dated, creative DIY bathroom storage spaces will give it a personality. Here are several great ideas to improve the storage spaces in a new bathroom.

1. Vertical Laundry Basket Arrangements

Laundry baskets are popular solutions for bathroom storage spaces. Usually, you just stack them under the vanity table or on the corner. Improvise by gluing or nailing laundry baskets in a vertical arrangement. Use them to store rolled towels and bathroom supply bottles.

Neat and efficient are important points that need to be tried to arrange DIY rattan baskets. Placing baskets in the corner of a narrow space is the right solution to upgrade your bathroom storage. DIY Basket Storage from @thepopof.colour

Just use a love-shaped rattan laundry basket that you can try on bathroom decorations. You also don’t have to bother and worry about your dirty clothes or pants looking messy. DIY Love Basket Storage from @no.9thetanners

Arranging basketball baskets in an elephant pattern is a great way to get a wider impression and more effective laundry space. Elephant Basket Storage from @w_e_e_v

2. Upgraded Medical Cabinet

A bathroom storage idea can be as simple as the upgraded medical cabinet. If your old bathroom has an outdated, dingy medical cabinet, repaint the exterior or replace the hardware features. Stick contact paper with bright patterns inside the cabinet. The paper makes the interior look better.

Organizing medical equipment properly will enhance old bathroom storage. If you want better results, combining a medical box with a mirror is an interesting idea for you to try. Mirrored Medicine from @methodicalmuses

One of the creative ideas for designing a medical box is to combine it with a mirror cabinet. With a little creativity, medical boxes not only function for health but also have aesthetic value. Mirror Medicine Cabinet from @avenuedesigninc

This cabinet medical box emphasizes something important. Opting for a sleek design is the right choice to make your medical box stand out. Medicine Cabinet Bathroom from @neatlydesigned

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3. Sink-fit Storage Shelves

Use the empty area under the sink to install sink-fit storage shelves. They consist of collapsible frames that you can adjust under the sink. They serve as simple bathroom shelves to store supplies, toilet paper, hairdryer, and other bathroom-related tools. To cover the shelves from the view, install floor cabinet doors in front of them. 

The underside of the unused sink will be useful if it has a storage rack or drawers for towels storage or other bathroom utensils. With simple thing but is very useful to upgrade your bathroom storage idea. Sink Storage Shelf from @irishfarmhousereno

Utilizing the bottom side of the sink for storage media such as toilet paper, hair dryers, hair cutters, and towels are a great idea to upgrade your old bathroom storage. Wall Mounted Sink Storage from @our_family_at_tulip_house

With a little creativity, a tissue, a toilet paper, and bathroom properties can be stored on a shelf located under the sink. Simple and practical for bathrooms with limited space. Under Sink Storage from @love_this_old_house

Natural and modern impression appears on the storage rack located under the sink. This is very efficient and multi functional for your bathroom. Wooden Box Sink Storage from @hom.decorationn

4. Recess Wall Shelves

Make a hole near your shower or bathtub to create recess wall shelves. They can be simple holes, but you can add shelves inside them to store private bathroom supplies. Cover the inside of the recess shelves with ornamental tiles to create unique accents in the bathroom.

If you want to keep your toiletries simpler, all you have to do is punch a hole in the bathroom wall in the shape of a small box to store your bathroom supplies. Wall Soap Storage from @formicagroup

Save toiletries not only in baskets. Through a little innovation, you can make certain holes in the bathroom wall for toiletries storage media. Adding LED lights to a waterfall can beautify the bathroom design. Wall Shelf with LED from @3d.andriyanova

Making a hole in the bathroom wall is a creative idea for storing toiletries. The shape is quite rectangular so that the storage design looks unique and classy. White Soap Storage from @zephyr_and_stone

Toiletries can be stored through storage holes in the bathroom wall. Besides being practical, it won’t take up space in the bathroom. Recess Wall Mounted from @steamtherapy

The hole in this bathroom has a unique design for you to try on this bathroom decoration. Being used to store various soaps will save space while giving the impression of a neat room. Bathroom Storage Alcove from @peppertreeliving

This masculine bathroom design with a dark theme has an aesthetic soap storage hole. Using materials from this glass block produces an interesting decoration for you to try. Dark Glass Recess Storage from @londonencaustic

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5. Hanging Wall Wire Baskets

Hang several wire baskets on the wall using nails and ropes or twines. The baskets contain bathroom supplies and some ornamental elements, like rolled towels and potted plants. They look charming in a farmhouse-style home.
Adding DIY bathroom storage spaces in an old bathroom gives you refreshed functionality. Consider the “attractiveness” of the storage materials and arrangements to create a look suitable for your personality.

One of creative idea for toiletries storage media is to install wire shelves. This idea its enough to store towels, shampoo and other toiletries. Wire Basket Storage from @lxrhomeco

A round wire basket mounted on the wall of the room will make it easier to store toiletries. You only need nails or thread to hang the baskets and they are sure to transform your old bathroom storage into a brand new look. Round WIre Storage from @two_bears_at_no.96

The wire basket design can be modified by adding hangers to place towels. This is enough to store toiletries that consist of towels, soap, shampoo and hair shaver. Wire Hook Storage from @daniellereneeflowers

Flexible, practical and efficient are important points fro wire baskets mounted on the bathroom wall idea. Is the most appropriate way to store bathroom equipment in simple way but multi functional. Wire Wall Storage from @our_felton_home


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