3 Excellent Bathroom Vanity Ideas for a Stylish Bathroom

Whatever bathroom design style you have—whether it is a modern, contemporary, or traditional bathroom—a vanity is an essential part of your bathroom and helps you set its overall style. 

In this article, we’ll cover 3 excellent bathroom vanity ideas that can bring a fresh look to your bathroom. Let’s dive in. 

1. A Traditional Vanity for a Classic Bathroom Style

Go get a traditional vanity if you want to have an elegant and classy vanity, while also maintaining your bathroom classic design. This bathroom vanity is mostly made of wood and is equipped with a cabinet or drawer in light colors—like white, gray, beige, or vanilla. Other than that, it has a large rectangular or square mirror with a beautiful decorative or ornate frame.      

A classic bathroom that uses traditional vanity like in the picture above is the right choice. Vanity which is equipped with white cabinets will make your bathroom classy.
Using a traditional blue vanity with a drawer and basket underneath is a great idea for a classic bathroom. With this vanity your classic bathroom will look perfect.
White vanity with traditional style for classic bathroom is the right choice. With this vanity will make your bathroom look more perfect.
One way to make your classic bathroom look elegant, you can use vanity with traditional designs. As in the picture above using traditional white vanity will foster an elegant impression in your classic bathroom.
Having two mirrors, this vanity is perfect for you to use in a classic bathroom. Because this vanity design will make your bathroom look more attractive and beautiful.

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2. Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Bathroom with a Modern Vanity

A modern vanity comes with simple, clean, and efficient design, helping you save your bathroom space without sacrificing its attractive look. The best thing is, this vanity style offers multiple material options, such as wood, aluminum, stainless steel, or even glass. A floating or wall-mounted vanity is an example of this modern style. It not only takes up minimum space but also gives a glamorous look to your bathroom.   

Examples of modern vanity that is suitable for you to use is like. This floating vanity looks modern vanity which has metal and wood elements so that your bathroom looks attractive.

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To make it modern you can make your vanity look like the picture above. Besides being able to look modern, your bathroom can also look more luxurious with this vanity design.
Small floating vanity like in the picture above is perfect for you to use because it looks minimalist. Besides looking minimalist with this vanity your modern bathroom will look luxurious.
A modern bathroom that uses floating vanity, and a touch of gold-colored metal is perfect for your use. Because with this vanity your modern bathroom will look luxurious and attractive.
A modern bathroom that uses floating vanity like in the picture above is a brilliant idea. Because vanity floating in the modern bathroom will make it look more perfect.

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3. Craft a Unique Bathroom Look with a Rustic Vanity 

A rustic vanity is the perfect bathroom vanity idea for those of you who want to add a natural touch to your bathroom. This bathroom vanity uses a reclaimed wood material and is often combined with other elements like rocks, bricks, steel, and pebbles. As for the countertop, it is mostly equipped with granite and concrete. In fact, you can also make a rustic vanity by yourself using an old cabinet you have.

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Rustic vanity that uses stone walls, metal sinks, and wooden cabinets is perfect for you to use. With vanity design like in the picture above will make your bathroom attractive.
Using vanity with gravel walls, stone sinks and wooden tables is a brilliant choice for Vanity. With a vanity design like this will make your bathroom have a rustic impression that is stronger.
A touch of steel, wood, and stone are important elements to make rustic vanity in your bathroom. Because with these elements will make vanity in your bathroom more perfect.
Combining reclaimed wood with gravel and metal to make rustic vanity is a brilliant idea. because with this vanity your bathroom will look more elegant.
A rustic vanity that uses a table with a granite layer like in the picture above is perfect for you to use. With this vanity design your bathroom will have a comfortable atmosphere and look amazing.

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Those are 3 best bathroom vanity ideas you can use to create a stylish bathroom. Be sure to choose the vanity that fits in perfectly with your bathroom space, pick the one that is suitable with your environment (hot or humid), and don’t forget to consider your budget planning too.

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