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8 Enlightening Color Ideas For Windowless Bathroom

Windowless bathroom usually comes from a small bathroom. It deals with limited space of bathroom. There is no part to create window. No window will make bathroom feel stifled. Here, you need to be creative more than ever.  So, you have to play role on the painting. Take a look from these color ideas for windowless bathroom bellows;

Navy Blue Paint

Navy Blue Paint


The classic tone comes from a bathroom with navy blue color paint. When you want to have traditional bathroom style, navy blue may look best. Further, this color will be easy to be matched with any kinds of furniture.

Pale Yellow Color

Play the lighting with pale yellow color paint for bathroom is brilliant. They are in one mission to make this room more welcoming and eye-grabbing. Yellow color means bright. Moreover, twin lamp on the besides mirror make this room astounding.

Booth Bay Paint

Using neutral color such as booth bay paint make bathroom looks larger than its real size. However, you need to arrange everything at this room in its place. Avoid being clutter. SO, you will see an amazing room that calm and fresh.

Cream Small Bathroom

Cream looks calm and neutral but interesting color for bathroom. This color works to make you room looks brighter and larger. Windowless bathroom with cream color attract your eyes and create natural sensation.

Teal Raindrop Color

Seeing teal color of bathroom brings you to remember the rain. With this color, hopefully your bathroom will be much shiny. Just see the picture! What is in your mind? The bathroom looks cozy with teal and white, doesn’t it?

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Ash Gray Color

Don’t be hesitate using ash grey color to paint bathroom. The result will be surprising just like what you can see from the picture. Furthermore, grey brings bathroom to be show true monochromatic paradise feature.

Clean White Bathroom

When windowless bathroom wants to be looked brighter, white is the perfect choice. It is easy apply at any bathroom style. This neutral color seems brilliant to combine with any other colors or furniture. Moreover, the bathroom will be more elegant.

Seafoam Green Paint

Mint color or can be called as seafoam is great color to windowless bathroom. A minimalist bathroom style looks more sophisticated with seafoam color paint. In addition, applying this color also give relaxing atmosphere.

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