13 Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Small Space

Some people love spending so much time in the bathroom. It is the second comfy area for unwinding after the living room. Thus, decorating the space can enhance the relaxing sensation and reduce the stress you got.

When restyling the bathroom, the bathtub is usually neglected. As it is the place when you have some me-time or spa night, the interior deserves better treatment, even for the small one. The following are some ideas to copy.

A Counter Space

How frequently do you see your books, puff, and towels scattered? If it’s quite frequent, you might need one organizer or two. Opt for counter space since it is large enough to store your towels, soaps, puffs, and shower curtains. So, all items in a single place.

Isn’t that great? It means you don’t need to add some space to enlarge the bathroom. However, don’t stop yet. Set it next to the shower for easy access. Do you need anything? It’s right next to you.

In this case placing the corner sink opposite the toilet works better than the sink opposite the shower.
Mounting a faucet on the wall allows for a narrower sink or vanity, which in turn frees up space in the total bathroom.
Base design just got smarter. Even the pedestal model with one shelf can hold towels or a basket for toilet paper.
Narrow space can create a sharp angle to hip danger. If the corner of the dressing table gets in the way, choose a rounded style.

Brighten the Bathroom Goodies

One thing you can do to enlarge the small space is by using bright-colored goodies. This is a good idea as most bathrooms are painted in white.

Opt for some bright pink, yellow, orange, or light blue to create contrast. Spread those colors for towels, vase, flowers, and lamps. Colorful soaps and puffs are great too. Place some of them around the bathtub. Those colors will accent the pale, white bathroom and color the spare time.

Plays a vibrant color in the piece of decoration to make the small bathroom look stunning. Especially, in the white color theme.
Neutral colors like white are the best way to decorate a tiny bathroom. Apart from that, the colorful furnishings provide vibrant color accents.
Give the decor of the red wall light a pop of color. Adding a red chair that can be used for sitting can be the best decoration idea in this tiny bathroom.
Blue accents Give a small, bold bathroom in a simple way. towels, wall tiles and blue cabinets look stunning in a white bathroom.

Bring the Nature In

Some rooms are not lucky enough to have a wide window to let in some light. Meanwhile, most inspiring bathrooms are there for people to enjoy the outside. Don’t worry. If your bathroom undergoes the same circumstance, you can still enjoy nature by letting them in.

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Opt for some greeneries that don’t need much light and can live in a damp condition. Store them in some small pots and set them around the cabinets. To preserve their life, you need to bring them outside while showering under the sun.

You can put some green plants in a small bathroom to create a natural impression in the room. Applying plants next to windows will get direct sunlight.
Shades of white in this tiny bathroom create the illusion of space. You can combine vibrant greenery in this bathroom. It also provides a harmonious mix.
Surround the window with a greenery plant. It makes the dark side paint wall look so blend and hide with the decoration on it.
The white color theme in the tiny bathroom is quite authentic. Neutral colors like white give a bright impression to the room. Simple touches of greenery play softly on the decorations.
Add greenery in front of a small bathroom window. Surely this is a genius way to create a fresh impression in your tiny bathroom.

The bathtub is for life. It is the best place for unwinding to reduce stress and bring back the mood. So, decorate it and have fun.

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