35 Instant RV Hacks with Decorative Lights

Decorative lighting is a great idea to improve trailers, RVs, and campers. Many RV hacks with decorative lights use simple fairy lights, LED lights, or unique bulbs you can buy online. These lights illuminate the RV interior and make your trip more enjoyable.

Use these ideas to improve your regular RV, camper, or trailer.

Dinette Lights

Dining table lamps will make the RV look more elegant. It should illuminate a wider area than ordinary light bulbs. That is why the double tubular bulbs could be the best choice for your RV.

This dining room design has a comfortable and bright impression. With colorful furniture and twin lights lighting up your RV dining table. This lighting idea can never fail for your RV. Blue Hanging Lamps from @fawkesthephoenixcamper.

With U-shaped chairs and vinyl wood tables with Croom frames, everything looks unique and adorable. Then, the appearance of two opaque white lights becomes an attraction in your RV dining table. White Double Lamp from @hitchedheatherly.

Warm white lights, making the RV dining room feels warm and pleasant. The atmosphere in the dining table feels complete with the presence of patterns on the benches, curtains, and pillow cushions. Two Bulb Lamp from @revampingcamping.

This modern style of two frosted lamps is perfect if you are collaborating with a soft white dining table. Equipped with white dining chairs that face each other, making the RV dining table feel more fun and clean. White Ceiling Lamp from @gnomad_family.

Warm yellow light, makes the RV dining area feel warm and pleasant. The atmosphere at the dining table feels complete with the presence of table cloth, curtains and pillows. Two Ceiling Lamp from @ourwanderingadventures.

This Dinette RV uses a double light so it will provide perfect lighting. Being right above the dining table makes it successful in providing the perfect lighting in your RV dinette. Bulb Lamps from @thattravelingwife.

Hidden Lamp Formation

Simple recessed lamps can be a great RV lighting idea. Install them in a unique formation to create an interesting look on the ceiling. You can install the lamps at the top part of the interior walls or to the ceiling. Arrange the lamps in interesting formations to improve common-looking lamps.

This RV uses a receding lamp that is installed on the ceiling so that it will provide perfect lighting. The white light that is produced will give the feel of a bright space and make it easier for your activities in the RV. Ceiling Lighting from @thorindustries.

One way to make the room looks more spacious is to choose the right lighting. Install recessed lights on each roof, corner of the wall in RV so that each room has sufficient lighting and the aim is to have a wider eye view. Everywhere Ceiling Lamp from @luxe.fifth.wheels.

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, provide bright and clear light. They have a longer lifespan than regular light bulbs and don’t use much power. LED lights do not produce heat and will not burn your fingers. LED Hidden Lighting from @meyers_rvs.

Using this ceiling lighting will make your RV decoration simpler but still perfect. You can install several recessed lamps on the ceiling so that they will succeed in providing perfect lighting. RV Ceiling Lighting from @colonialrv_.

This RV lighting idea uses a recessed lamp so it’s simpler and suitable for your RV. Here you can use a recessed lamp with white light so it will look beautiful and attractive. White Hidden Light from @shorelooksnice.

These four ceiling mounted lights will be the perfect lighting idea. The advantage you get is that it is simpler but still provides perfect lighting. Four Hidden ceiling Lighting from @vanliferealm.

Look at these RVs! Using recessed lamps for lighting ideas will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. Having a white light, will make it successful in providing the perfect lighting in your RV. White Ceiling Lighting from @rv.family.reno.

Through lighting, you have the ability to focus only on the accent of the space you want to highlight in your RV. Recessed lighting can create dramatic visual nuances on a journey that is different from the others. Recessed Ceiling Lighting from @outdoorsy.

A little light can still have extraordinary effects. Appropriate hidden lighting is very important to create a nuance of the room while traveling that is not boring. LED and Recessed Lighting from @niesmannbischoff.

Recessed lighting matches any décor. Recessed lighting fixtures blend perfectly with RV ceilings and walls. You can use this lighting idea in your RV so it will look perfect. Living Room Ceiling Lighting from @thorindustries.

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LED Awning Lamp

LED lights are a great decorative light for RVs with tents. You can install it under the hood. When you lift the tent to create a shaded area, the lights will illuminate with brightly colored light. This is the perfect choice for making a statement when parking in the RV area.

LED lights create a pleasant foundation for indoor or outdoor areas which is really helpful, relatively inexpensive, and will shine brighter with less energy usage. LED Awning Lamp from @alilxtr.

This is one of the best outdoor lighting ideas for your RV, because of its size and bright light. This type of lighting is very easy to install and doesn’t take up too much space. White LED lamp from @houseofbidalle.

For modern vibrations, LED lights are installed in the area inside or outside your RV. Helping to create an amazing and energy-efficient atmosphere that is operated by batteries or solar that works well in a tent or campsite. Green Awning LED Lamp from @boogeylights.

The LED lights create the most miraculous outdoor RV, which is very small, but actually shines twice its size. When installed in a tent this is very petrified when you are making a shady area. LED Awning Lamp from @boogeylights.

This RV awning uses dim LEDs for the lighting idea so that it will present a beautiful appearance while still saving energy. You can never fail for your RV lighting ideas. Dim LED awning Lamp from @boogeylights.

LEDs save valuable, plain, and simple power. They also increase visibility, both inside and outside the RV are cool for the appearance and last far longer than other types of bulbs. Yellow LED Awning Lamp from @myrvezy.

This RV awning is equipped with LED lights as a lighting idea. It will provide perfect lighting and also requires very little energy. White Awning Lighting from @fiatducatoconversion.

This Yellow LED looks perfect for your RV Awning lighting idea. As well as providing a bright light, these LED lamps are also very energy efficient so they will never fail to add to your RV lighting ideas. Yellow LED lamp from @hardkorrlighting.

Take a look at this RV. The owner used LEDs for the awning lighting idea. Currently the owner is using a yellow LED lamp so that it will provide warm lighting and can repel mosquitoes. LED for Awning Lighting from @arb4x4usa.

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Outdoor Strings Light

Turn your RV into a romantic-looking vehicle with a string of fairy lights. When you have to spend the night in an RV parking area, hang a string of fairy lights. You can also install lights on the edge of the tent. They are festive and will make your camping trip more enjoyable.

This string light is an outdoor lighting idea that is not only beautiful but also functional. You can use it to light up your RV, tent, or outdoor space. Yellow String Light from @modernstreamin.

Interesting right ? This RV is equipped with string lights so that it will make it look more festive and make it easier for your activities at night. Here you can use colorful string lights so it will look amazing. Colorful String Light from @overnight_nomads.

Simple but still perfect! This RV uses string lights for outdoor lighting ideas. You can mount it on the side of the RV so it’s easier and still works well. This long white string light will provide the perfect lighting. Long String Light from @landontroymcafee.

Using string lights for this RV decoration, apart from being a beautiful lighting idea it will also present a festive look. Currently you can choose to use rainbow string lights for RV outdoor lighting ideas so it will look extraordinary. Rainbow String Light from @ecbrowne.

This RV uses string lights for its outdoor lighting idea. This idea, in addition to providing perfect lighting, will also repel mosquitoes, facilitate night activities and present a more lively appearance. Glowing Outdoor RV from @fotosmdc.

Take a look at this outdoor RV. The owner used yellow string light for the lighting idea. You can install this string light on the RV terrace so it will look festive. Lighted Outdoor RV from @welivefreerv.

This is one of the most common ways to use string lights on your outdoor RV so it would be a beautiful lighting idea. You can use a white string light so that it will provide the perfect lighting. White RV String Light from @garcias_on_wheels.

There are many outdoor string light options that will brighten up your RV and even your campsite. White String Light will be the perfect lighting. When the outdoor fairy string lights are on, it’s easier than ever to navigate outside and see your surroundings. White String Light for Lighting from @wanderfulway.

The string light has a dimmer switch to get your light just the right level for every area and activity outside of your RV. This lamp is not only for illuminating but also for repelling mosquitoes and presenting a very beautiful appearance. Yellow String Light for RV from @partylights_com.

For a subtle and warm ambiance, battery-powered string lights inside small glass balls have a magical feel and have settings that can be adjusted to desired brightness. Now you can use it for outdoor RV lighting ideas so it will look beautiful. Floor to Ceiling String Light from @driveandpull.

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These RV hacks give you practical and decorative functions. Make your RV more interesting with unusual choices of lamps.


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