15 RV Decor Ideas in 2020

Let’s begin this year 2020 by planning some serious road trips. Not just the travel-bucket list, plan on how to make that happen. One way to do that is to own an RV. Since you will also be spending a long time on the road, make sure that the RV decor is practical, functional, and not boring at all.

So, what are the best RV decor ideas in 2020? There are plenty of them, but you can begin with these five.

1. The single-axle design

Some RV decor ideas are timeless, no matter the year. The single-axle design is one of them. Also known as the “silver bullet” trailer (thanks to the silvery exterior), this RV design literally never gets old. Plus, it is compact to travel around in it.

One RV that is suitable for you to use is a single axle RV design. With the RV design as shown above, it will look simple and minimalist.

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If you want to have a minimalist RV, you can use an RV as shown above. With a single axle RV design it will look very attractive and comfortable to use.

This is one RV interior with a single axle design. The interior that looks minimalist and simple are very suitable for you to use because it is very comfortable to use.

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2. The transit custom nugget

This is a more modern RV look that you can have for your road trip in 2020. Consisting of double-bed that you can fold out in the roof storage, this RV is suitable for a travelling family of four. You can also go with your three other good friends.

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To make your RV car look more modern, you can use an RV that has a double bed that can be folded like in the picture above. Your RV will look simple but functional.

An RV car that uses a folding bed inside is perfect for you to apply. With beds that can be folded RV you will look minimalist.

For those of you who want to travel with your family using the RV, you can use the RV which has a double bed that can be folded. With a double bed you can use it for four people.

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3. The pop-top trailer

What makes this RV decor a pop-top trailer? This one has panoramic views and the pop-top for a sleeping department. The exterior is simple and practical. What matters is that it is functional for your road trip.

Using an RV trailer with a pop-top design is a brilliant choice for your family trip. With the pop-top you can use it to enjoy the view while on vacation.

Pop-top is a decoration that is suitable for your RV. Using pop-top for your RV design will make your RV’s exterior look practical and simple.

To make your RV have high functional value you can use RV with pop-top like in the picture above. With this RV you will feel comfortable while on vacation.

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4. The luxury trailer with solar panel

RVs are often associated with middle-to-lower social class users. That is not always the case with this luxury trailer, though. While the exterior is like a mirror, this RV has a solar panel as part of the option. This panel helps the RV battery to operate longer.

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Using an RV that has a solar panel at the top is the right choice to save more energy. With an RV idea like this you will have enough electricity in the RV.

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An electricity generator that is suitable to use in an RV is a solar panel. With solar panels on top of this RV you can use it to install electronic items such as TVs, refrigerators, etc.

To make your RV have a high battery energy you can use tools like in the picture above. Using solar panels is the right choice because it can generate electricity for your RV car.

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5. The living vehicle with battery and solar

The living vehicle is practically like a moving house with wheels. It is also environmentally-friendly since it is powered by either battery and solar. The finished wood floor adds more elegance to the RV decor.These are the best RV decor in 2020. Which one do you fancy best?

One of the best RV decorations in 2020 is using wood floors. With wooden floors for RV decoration can make your interior look elegant and feel comfortable.

RV interiors that use wood floors like in the picture above are brilliant decorating ideas. With decorations that use wood floors will make your RV look more amazing.

To make your RV look attractive, you can use an interior with wooden floors. With this decoration you will feel like live on the wheels.

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