24 Garden Landscape Ideas: English Garden

Not only the interior house design that has various styles, but a garden landscape also has its own. One of the most inviting ones is the English garden. Though it looks a bit different from an American cottage garden, the English garden creates the same homey and comfortable feeling. 

If you want to style a beautiful English garden, these pointers might help.

Use Shrubs as Border

Lining shrubs with the same height add a bordering structure to the English garden. Often, the shrub works as a fence. Still, you can use garden fence décor ideas if you prefer other materials like wood or concrete. 

Using this blue painted wooden fence makes your garden looks attractive. Moreover, you can add bushes that are near this fence that will make your garden looks natural.
You can combine bushes with different flowers to add a beautiful impression. In addition, if you want to have a wooden fence, you can add it with this white color defect.
You can beautify your wooden fence with these colorful flowers to look beautiful. Moreover, this wooden fence painted in white makes your home looks amazing.

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Using a dark wooden fence combined with a bush fence on it adds to the privacy of your garden. Meanwhile, adding other plants makes your garden looks natural.
In addition to using wood, you can grow bushes as a natural fence. After growing tall, you can even the height to make a beautiful fence.
The English garden fence is identical to the bush that grows between these wooden fences. Additionally, you can add to the beauty of your fence by painting your favorite colors.
If your bush fence is already high you can shape it to make a different look. Spruce up the sides and top to get the same height.

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Get a Matching Material from Your House

If your house uses exposed bricks, you may want to use it in the garden landscape. It creates unity. Thus, the garden would look like an extended part of the house, not a separate area. 

Using brick accents in this English garden can indeed make your house looks different. Choose a place in the park that you can make to get this beautiful impression.
You can use a brick floor to make your garden looks natural with a distinctive color on this brick. After that, you can put furniture to relax there.
Bricks can indeed make your garden more perfect. Moreover, using floors and flower beds that also use bricks makes an elegant impression on your garden.
The Garden will feel cool with lots of plants in this park. In addition, this park also uses shabby brick accents to make the park looks more attractive.
If you have a small garden, maybe you can add a brick accent to your garden. In addition, you can combine with greenery, chairs, and tables to relax.
This park has a brick accent on the garden wall and also on the terrace floor which has its own beauty. Moreover, you can also add some of these colorful flowers to make your garden looks beautiful.

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Plant Perennials

An English garden takes up much on perennials. Sometimes, varied plantings can also add to the beauty of the garden. For example, plant bulbs and moss phlox to have the beauties in spring. Meanwhile, winter berries can add color under the snow. One of the most important features of the English garden is the rose. You can plant any variety of rose bush to get that “English” feeling. 

Planting some plants for a garden is what you need to do. Choose plants like in the picture to get the perfect look.
In making a colorful English garden, you can choose some different flowers. This time, it is combining the colors of purple, red and white flowers is a great choice.
If you want to make a beautiful appearance in your garden, choose flower plants with different colors to get what you want.
Beautifying the front garden by using several different plants is indeed something you need to try. In addition, you can add these beautiful flowers to complement your garden.
This time we use different plants to add a natural impression to your garden. Meanwhile, you can add flowers that you can plant among these plants.

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The combination of the purple and white flower colors in this garden looks really simple yet adorable. The white color serves a calm impression, then the purple color serves a strong and elegant impression.

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Use Garden Beds

An English garden is arranged in bushes. However, it is not that easy to maintain a well-lined bush or shrub. To deal with it, try to use garden beds instead. It keeps the plants contained, and you can rearrange it every once in a while. Create diversity by planting different colored flowers like lavender, roses, peony, and delphinium to liven up the garden. 

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Make a flower bed using neatly arranged bricks like this will be easy yet aesthetic. After that, plant various kinds of flowers into one bed to get a beautiful landscape.
If you have a tall garden you can imitate this bed. Meanwhile, you can plant flowers such as lavender, roses, peonies, and delphinium in one bed to make a beautiful appearance.
Making a bed from concrete is a creative way after that, grow lavender garden in that bed. To beautify it again you can plant red and pink flowers around the concrete bed quarters.
A simple bed using only a stone plate to make it which is easy and affordable. Combine it with garden lights and some plants to improve the appearance of your garden to be more perfect.
Create a garden landscape with flower beds that have these beautiful curves. After that, you can combine several plants and flowers of various colors to complete it.

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If you are using a wooden fence, you can also plant creeping bush or plants. The garden fence décor ideas create a warm feeling, especially when the vines are filling the space. The key to a successful English garden is to create harmony between the plants. It also relies on old-fashioned plants like roses, chrysanthemum, hydrangeas, lavender, and peonies. Still, the best garden is the one that is carefully maintained. Make sure your garden design is simple and easy to take care of.


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