20+ Cheap Rustic Furniture Ideas You Can Build Yourself

Are you thinking about going rustic for your home interior design? Whatever your dream for a rustic look, a lot of furniture defining it is actually done pretty easily. We’re here to help you with five cheap furniture ideas you can do on your own—budget-friendly and hassle-free at the same time, of course.

Rustic Photo Frames

Store your most memorable pictures right inside wooden photo frames. Not only that, but you can also use the twig or even burlap material for your rustic photo frames. Check out these awesome examples.

If you want to have a rustic look at your home, providing the wooden frame can be your choice. It will be easy and cheap since you just need to find the unused wood pallet and furnish it.

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Reuse the old, unused windows to create this rustic frame. Meanwhile, attach photos with black and white accents to create a vintage look.

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Look for a small branch then cut it in the same height and glue it to make a frame made from twigs like this picture. Determine the size of the frame according to your needs.
If you want to make a different frame, this burlap can be the right choice. You can make it with a round shape that similar to a hola hoop shape to make your walls as stunning as possible.
This wooden frame has a rustic look that you might be able to make. Especially if you add ribbons made of burlap that will make a very rural impression.

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Rustic Headboard

The rustic headboard designs, in general, have many historical influences—thus making it so attractive. If your bed has yet to have a headboard to it, consider building a wooden headboard painted in the most natural brown color to get that aesthetic appeal in an instant.

This rustic wooden headboard can make your bed looks attractive with a unique shape. It has a brown color that will make a perfect accent in your bedroom.
Making DIY headboard decorations from wood can indeed be a beautiful thing for your bedroom. Leave the natural color of wood to create the perfect accent. Besides, add lighting that is integrated with this headboard.
Wood has become one of the elegant decorations for your home, as you can make a rustic wooden headboard like this picture. Moreover, this bed is made of wood that can make your bedroom looks perfect.
Rustic wood headboard in dark brown color can indeed complement this rural bedroom. In addition, you do not forget the form of a headboard that has a simple curve.
This rustic wooden headboard is equipped with a small table to put your handphone and a few books before you sleep. Meanwhile, having this dark brown color makes the bed stunning.

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Wooden Pallet Wine Rack

Bring your love for wine by storing them neatly in a wooden pallet wine rack, which you can put in the dining room or kitchen. You can go creative by building the shelf to hold all the wine bottles before taking a drill to make the hanging section for wine glasses underneath.

Make a wine rack from a wooden pallet with a vertical design like this picture. Install this shelf in the kitchen next to the cabinet to make it easier for you to pick it up.
Wine rack made from wooden pallets is hung above the dining table by using a chain. It is also equipped with hooks underneath to hang the glass to make it as perfect storage.
Make a wine rack attached to the wall. Other than that, you can make it with a wooden pallet that can be enhanced with the color of paint that you like. Don’t forget to make glass storage underneath.
Wood pallet can indeed be a wine rack with this vertical arrangement. It looks simple but this can be a decoration for your kitchen or dining room.
This is a small wine rack that you can put anywhere. Using palette material you can make it with various models.

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Pallet Shelves

Vintage shelves or cabinets are among the easiest projects you should totally consider! Besides coming with a wide variety of shapes and styles, you also won’t need many supplies and equipment to assemble all the parts. Don’t forget to stain them in colors matching your existing décor.

Make bookshelves from wooden pallets that can be made at home to complement your room. You can also make bookshelves from wooden pallets like painted pictures to create a vintage look.
Complete your bathroom with a pallet rack to store some of your toiletries. In addition, you also make various shapes easily, beautify with paint polish that you like.
Make additional storage in your kitchen with this pallet rack attached to the wall. In addition, you can also complete it with lighting to create a beautiful accent.
Making a pallet rack can indeed be a wall decoration that you need to make. Meanwhile, you can put some photos and decorations on this wooden pallet rack.
This pallet rack appears vintage with natural colors from wood. You can also polish it to get the look you like. In addition, you can also put some photos and decorations to complete the walls of your home.

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Wood Pallet Bench

Lastly, a wood pallet bench can be a lovely addition to your back yard or patio. Be sure to sand and stain it correctly, since the weather outside can impact the piece afterward.

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Make a bench using a wooden pallet to create a different look on your patio. You can also add colorful pillows to add comfort and an extraordinary look.
Add a wooden pallet deck for the backyard which is equipped with wooden benches as well. Apart from that, you can also pair the soft pads to make a beautiful appearance.
Making a patio in the backyard with benches made of wooden pallets can be an amazing decoration. In addition, you can also make a coffee table from a pallet as well to complete it.
Add furniture from a pallet that displays natural wood accents. Meanwhile, pillows that complement the patio can also be an additional comfort when you relax.
This is a simple patio decor with a pallet bench equipped with green pads. Combine with a pallet table also to make a perfect appearance.

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The cheap rustic furniture ideas above are some we highly recommend. Do you have any more ideas?

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