23 Farmhouse-Rustic Decor: Solution to Bring Nature into Home

Farmhouse style is quite popular in urban areas because it can provide a sense of warmth and naturalness. Moreover, this decor style can present a complete nature experience, normally discovered in a country home. With this comes to our mind, then we have summarized for you tips to bring farmhouse-inspired rustic decor into the home.

Invest in Barn Wood Furniture

To bring farmhouse style into your home, try investing in barn wood furniture. Aside from providing a great rustic spirit, this type of furniture also helps you to jazz up the home ambiance. That’s because the barn wood furniture would make the atmosphere of a home look more welcoming.

If you have several pieces of wood from a wooden pallet, you usually create by making hangers. Then here, you can use them to hang bags, other accessories in the entryway room.
By presenting a double square wooden coffee table in the living room that applies the modern and farmhouse style, you can get the easy and simple one.
This wooden pallet is used to create a vanity bathroom to your home where in the middle part, of the vanity, there is open storage with the vertical arrangement that used to store towels.
If you want to present a farmhouse style in this home office, just bring some furniture made from wood such as an L-shaped home office table made of wood pieces from teak trees and also wooden hanging racks.
This sliding-style bathroom door from a shabby white wooden pallet is really effective to give a touch of the farmhouse in your bathroom

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Go with Wooden Wall Panel

When trying to inject rustic decor into your farmhouse-inspired home, you can start it from the wall. To highlight it, you can go with wooden paneling. This method makes the room feel more soothing, welcoming, and of course, earthier.

Inspiring home decor with an open design like this with a strong farmhouse style. Here, you can simply apply some furniture from wood and also decorate your walls that use wood and then give a touch of white for more impressive look.
Almost all of the ornaments or furniture in this kitchen are made of wood material. Then here, the well is applying the white wood color that you can try to create a clean impression.
The wall decor with large diameter pieces of wood in white color can be tried to be applied so that it feels warm and comfortable when you are going to cook with a kitchen style like this.

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This farmhouse living room decoration applies the wall decorations made of wood entirely so that there is a mix of colors in the living room. Then, give a touch of white and dark for a good color combination.
If you want to bring a warm and comfortable living room style, you can bring a touch of dominant white color to the decoration, that you can apply to the walls for the simple way.

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Place a Rustic Coffee Table

For those seeking rustic-farmhouse design ideas, a coffee table would be a great start. Aside from presenting a rich rustic look, this type of furniture can also be a nice focal point of your living room design. Hence, do not hesitate to buy one for your country-like home.

This square wooden coffee table has a slightly shabby color and has a slightly vintage touch that suitable for you to present in a living room with a farmhouse style.
This dark square wooden coffee table can be an inspiration for furniture that you need to present in the farmhouse living room. To make it movable, you can add wheel for the table in old design.
This round wooden coffee table which is in natural color is really proper for your farmhouse style. For the legs, you can use a vintage jar that feels really classic.
This square wooden coffee table is presented to complement the existing furniture in this living room. This shabby white coffee table has the touch of a farmhouse style that has storage under the table to things.

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This classic style round coffee table is only made from the old unused bucket, then the surface part of the table is made of a circular wooden pallet.

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Install Farmhouse Wood Cabinets

Farmhouse and rustic decor are so familiar to the use of wood elements. Thus, include this element in your decorating plan by installing several wooden cabinets on the wall. Their quaint details will also give a more natural touch to the concept of your farmhouse room.

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Wooden cabinet inspiration made of white wood is presented in the corner of the room which is used to put some antique ornaments that are owned and presented for decoration.
Inspiring cabinet model that is presented for complementary furniture in the farmhouse living room that implements the door made of glass so that if you have a classic ornament or small objects for the additional decoration, you can see it from a distance.

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Natural wooden is the material that is used to create the bathroom cabinet and vanity bathroom to put some toiletries and also some towels.

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Decorate it with Succulents

To liven up your farmhouse home, add something green and earthy into your space. Place some beautiful potted succulents in your home to build an eco-inspired concept. What’s more, succulents are so easy to plant.

You can bring succulent in the kitchen so that there is a green atmosphere when you cook. You can just put it near the window to get the sunlight.
If you want to give a touch of indoor plants, you can bring succulent for additional decoration. Then, for the container, you can use wood material to feel a simple touch.
The fireplace decoration in this living room presenting a touch of indoor plants that choose succulents which has a low maintenance.
If you want to present a vertical garden with a touch of succulent, you can hang it by using shabby wood and then formed a pattern as drawn and applied to the entryway.
This simple centerpiece touch is made by presenting the succulent arrangement to bring out the fresh atmosphere.

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Consider the farmhouse and rustic decor ideas above to build your own dream home!

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