How to Create Lovely Rustic Decor Accents in Your Wall

The rustic decor would be a great choice for those seeking a cozy living space. This style is also suitable for a country-like home because it can provide a rich nature experience. As for adding a rustic spirit to the home, start by enhancing the wall design. That’s because every small addition to the wall will make a big difference in your home design. Therefore, take note of the following rustic wall decor ideas to gather some inspiration!

Hang Reclaimed Wood Frames

To insert some quaint details in your rustic home, hang some reclaimed wood frames on the wall. Use them to display your memorable family photos, some beautiful pictures of your shots, or even your own craft. For certain, wood frames are one of rustic decor elements you should not miss out. 

If you want to make a wall decoration using wood, this one is very possible. With this, you can make such a colorful and lovely heart shape in a vintage look.
By utilizing this shabby wooden window, you can conjure up a good wall décor. With this, your room will feel a touch of antique after filling the wall of your house with wood that was already turn into a nice decoration.
To bring a rustic touch frame, you just need a wooden frame that is quite small. Then, to hang it use a classic house key so that the arrangement looks beautiful as you can set it like a ladder.
Inspirational wall decorations that require the shabby white wood which turns to frames to put some photos of your family. It seems as if the frame is arranged vertically, then you can add glass into it.

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Jazz Up with Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Every time you want to insert rustic details on walls, mason jar sconces would be a smart option. They can help you to create a whimsical scene for the rustic room, making the atmosphere feel more relaxed and welcoming. Above all, mason jar sconces can give a sense of romance to the room ambiance.

To provide lighting that is a bit dim but feels memorable, you can do it by only present a candle holder that uses a glass jar and then hung it with wooden pallets and an iron chain to fill the void of your wall.
If you want to fill the void of the walls of your home with a little vintage touch, you can bring mason jars to put some flowers for a pretty decoration.

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This one is an inspiration for you if you want to present a DIY ornament in a rustic-style house. You can bring mason jars to provide shabby white color flower vase.
For a more attractive one, you can give the colors to the mason jars. Then, hang it to grow some greenery.

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Accentuate with Barn Wood Signs

You might be interested in personalizing your home design. If so, the easy way of achieving that plan is by displaying some rustic wood signs. You can work on a do-it-yourself project or buy barn wood signs from craft shops. 

This barn wood sign presented to your terrace that used for additional ornament in your patio. This wooden pallet says welcome and there is also another one with the turkey painting.
If you want to bring a barn wood sign made of wood, you can have it to decorate the walls and position it above the headboard. Give a touch of the weathered impression of the wood to make it looks vintage that matches the theme of your bedroom.
By utilizing this shabby white wooden pallet, you can arrange it vertically then write each word to each pallet to create a motivation statement.
Black could also be used for your barn wood sign. You can use this color if you want to create contrast in your white color scheme room just like what we have here.

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Install Rustic Floating Shelves

The next step is to install rustic floating shelves on your walls. You can choose ones that have a polished or unfinished look. Simply go with your design taste! Also, use floating shelves to display some rustic ornaments or family photos.

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This vertically arranged wooden hanging rack can be presented in your room which is used to put some small ornaments and indoor plants to be arranged neatly.
The wooden hanging rack that uses thick and sturdy wood can be presented in the entryway room which is used to put some small objects that you have.
This long wooden hanging rack can be presented to your bedroom by choosing dark wood to make it looks elegant. This hanging rack is also used to put several photo gallery frames of different sizes into one.
This strong dark wooden hanging rack is placed at the corner of the room to make it more practical and minimalist. This hanging rack is also functioned like most of the people out there to put some small objects and ornaments that you have for the room decoration.

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Decorate with Dried Floral Wreath

Decorating your wall with dried floral wreath would be a unique way of bringing rustic decor into your home. Further, this artsy-craftsy decoration can provide a summer vibe, making your home feel more inviting and welcoming.

This dried floral wreath is presented to decorate the fireplace that you apply to the living room to give it a different impression.

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This dried white floral wreath is made by using rattan to form a circle shape. You can even hang this on the window to make your window looks beautiful.

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This simple wreath is made of dried flowers and hung on the front door of your house. The media used to unite these dried flowers is a circular iron for the durable one.

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If you want to bring wreath on the fireplace, you can choose dried small flowers in a bright red color to make them long and not easily wilted.

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Try the amazing tips above to create your own version of gorgeous rustic wall decor!

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