28 Cozy Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Rustic design is identical with the country or mountain vibe. It gives you the feel of comfort and relaxes with its natural looks, and they are effortless. These are 5 ideas for you to have cozy rustic kitchen at your home.

Industrial Style

By mixing rustic and industrial look, you create magic! The beams and stone walls will be the rustic foundation, while metal stools, stainless steel appliances, and black countertop give the industrial accents. You can add the white canopy lamp on the overhead.

To create a blend of industrial and rustic style, the easy way you can try is to apply wood to furniture and red bricks on your kitchen wall.
Black light pendant is one of the characteristics of the rustic style. Use red brick walls as a statement of industrial style. This combination makes the kitchen more passionate.
Modern industrial you can apply in your kitchen decor. Give a touch of different colors and striking like the color purple. Hang several types of cooking utensils to save space.
Rustic kitchen does not need much cost to make it. Attach the LED string lights and table lamps to provide enough lighting so that the room feels more spacious.
Another look to design your kitchen with an industrial style that is combined with a unique rural style. Furniture that is made of metal and an open wall you might try to be able to better unite the two styles.
Add wood to the floor and use a strong metal table. Both of these can represent the feel of a rustic and industrial look that will make your kitchen look elegant and luxurious.

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Wood on Wood

Wood on wood is a classic rustic look. By featuring an exposed wood beam, wood-paneled island and wood cabinets, you will have the mountain home kitchen style.

An additional tip: you can add a white surface to the bar to add a bit contrast. Woods gives the natural color and warm feeling; it is so effortless to get the rustic vibe by going all woods.

Give a little warm touch to the decor of your kitchen with some wooden furniture that is equipped with adequate lighting. Large wall art gives a unique and interesting statement.
The floor and some kitchen furniture that is made of wooden material will give a warm modern rural vibe and provide a comfortable atmosphere that will make you want to linger in this place. You can try it to decorate your kitchen.
Wood can give a rustic look in your kitchen, lighting released from the cabinet is the best unique idea you can try. Green plants give the impression of fresh and environmentally friendly.
Vinyl wood is a recommended material for decorating your kitchen, adding things that can change your kitchen decor to look more modern and luxurious.
Give light reflection to your wooden furniture through large glass windows. In addition to providing bright and natural lighting, glass windows can also save electricity.
Woods give natural color and warm feeling in your kitchen so that makes you more comfortable and comfortable in this place. Workspace that integrates with the kitchen can save space better.

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Stone for the Elements

Stone can be a great feature other than wood. You can add a hint of stone to the fireplace or cover the whole wall with large sized of river rock to add a stone element to your kitchen. If you feel like the wooden floor is too much, then you can consider adding a flagstone floor. It is highly recommended to add rugs in a few areas to give a warm look.

Besides being more powerful and not porous, stone walls also give a natural impression that can change the kitchen decor to be warmer. Combine with a tombstone floor as the final decoration.
Stone walls are highly recommended for decorating your kitchen, because the stone material is very sturdy and not easily brittle. Besides the stone material is also an option not to do renovations repeatedly.
In order to decorate your stone kitchen look more beautiful, then the use of decorative flowers is the right choice. Choose two different types of flowers to make it look more cheerful and pleasant.
Choose a stone material with a dark color to be applied on the walls of your kitchen to make it feel dimmer and cooler. Add a fireplace as a tool to warm your body in cold weather.

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Beautiful kitchen design made of stone is one of the easy inspirations that you can emulate. Try to use bright lighting to support your activities at night.

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Make the kitchen decoration as comfortable and beautiful as possible with the use of solid stone and not porous. Pay attention to the use of flooring, tombstones are the right choice that you can apply.

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Open Shelving

You can use the open shelves concept instead of upper cabinets for your rustic kitchen as it is creating the cottage looks and airy feels. By using the shelves and countertops, and cabinetry material made from old fencing, this idea will boost the rustic feel at your kitchen.

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To enhance the rustic feel in your kitchen, a wooden floating shelf can create it perfectly. Besides this rack also makes the kitchen look more neat and orderly.

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Selection of rural themes you can try to apply in your kitchen. By using open shelving you can easily make your kitchen feel rural. Besides being simple, it does not require a lot of money.

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Give elements of wood in your kitchen so that it can give a warm impression. You can try using wooden open shelves to create a warm rural atmosphere in your kitchen.

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Applying open shelves to the kitchen will create a classic atmosphere and give a rustic feel, so that you will still be able to reminisce.

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You should try to use an open shelf to get a rustic impression in your luxury kitchen. Place it in the corner of the room to store some of your furniture.

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Log Walls

As we already know how woods can bring the rustic atmosphere at your home, we suggest to used logwood as your wall and ceiling. Use open shelving as these shelves will reveal the walls and expose its texture. Paint the cabinets with cobalt blue to prevent the too dark and dreary look of your kitchen room.

For the sake of totality in making your home kitchen in accordance with expectations, namely the rural theme. You can give a touch of wood to the entire room, log wood on the wall of course you should try.
You live in the city and always miss the natural village atmosphere, try to make a kitchen with a rural theme made of logs that will certainly give the impression of a natural village.
Give a sense of comfort and calm to the kitchen of your home by applying a natural rural theme. By using a touch of wood in most rooms and try to log wall to make it more leverage.
The rural atmosphere will be more achieved if you apply log wood walls and will be more perfect if combined with a mini bar in the middle of the room which is also made from nature, such as wood and natural stone.
It is undeniable that the touch of wood will be very influential to be able to create a rural atmosphere. The use of log wood will further maximize the rural theme of your home kitchen.

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You can enjoy the comfort of a rustic kitchen at your urban home by using these ideas. Just choose whichever works for your taste.

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