20 Simple and Cheap DIY Backyard Garden Ideas

Are you ready to upgrade your outside living space? Well, decorating your backyard garden doesn’t need to be expensive to be extravagant. You just need to select the right lighting, porch furniture, and DIY enchantment to make your backyard garden dream come true!

Look at these cheap and simple DIY backyard garden ideas to turn your garden into a charming oasis on a budget! Here we go!

1. Reuse Vintage Tins

Use some terracotta pots to put your flowers. Then, deck your entryway patio out through another significantly more unique option. For example, you can use your old potato chip tins or biscuit tins. After that, pot your favorite flowers for the best yard admirable touch.

Do you have old cans that you don’t use anymore? If you have it then you can reuse it as a few succulent pots that can be used easily and inexpensively. What you can do here is choose and use it in two different sizes so that it looks more varied. You can also use succulent plants and can get them easily, take good care of them so that these succulent plants can develop properly and optimally throughout the year. There’s no need to repaint these tin pots for a vintage look. Vintage Succulent Tins Planter from @rekanto.florearte

Reusing old cans as a planter in garden decoration is one of the best ideas you can do to save on your budget. In this planter you can plant several different types of plants and flowers so they can develop properly and perfectly. These beautiful blooms come in two to three different colors so they are ready to add color to your garden in an instant. Just place it on the side of the garden to minimize this planter toppling over which causes damage. Flower and Greenery Tins Planter from @alisonkerridge

This planter design made from used marbles is the best idea you can do to bring a vintage touch to your garden decor. Here you can use a tin planter with a size large enough to maximize the growth of your plants. These two tin pots can be placed on a bench so they can get enough sunlight. Furthermore, you can also combine it with several other pots made from different materials, these beautifully blooming flowers are present and can be placed right next to the green plants in this room. Grow Up Plants with Tins Pots from @wealden_farm

Before you use a can as a planter in your garden decoration, repaint it first with a variety of different colors. For example, you can paint the outer surface of this planter can with a combination of blue, green, orange and red. All of them will work well together to make it one of the focal points of the room in your garden. Flowers that come in a variety of different types and colors are ready to be made as one of the focal points of your backyard garden. Colorful Vintage Tins Flower Vase from @crafttymum

Several used cans of various sizes, shapes and different colors are ready to be reused as garden planter decorations that you can use today. This is an easy method that you can use without having to spend a lot of money. These planters cans come in red, orange and green colors so they are more colorful and attract attention. In each can of this planter you can plant a variety of different types of succulents, you can try it now easily. Reuse Old Cans as Planters from @edeninspired

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2. DIY Cheap Deck

You can construct this beautiful deck on a budget. It is a little scale, so it will fit splendidly into your little backyard. You can change the plans when you have to make it somewhat bigger or even smaller. A deck will assist with separating your patio. Hence, it will make your backyard look bigger. This deck is really easy to construct.

The wooden deck that is applied in this backyard garden can be used as a relaxing area that can be used with your family or friends. Here you can equip it with several chairs as a sitting area that can be used by anyone who visits your home. Here you can sunbathe casually, its modern appearance will never go out of style. Plants or trees around the deck can be used as shelters which can be used according to what you expect. Open Space Garden Deck Ideas from @frameworkconstructioninc

Wood is one of the materials that you can use as a deck decoration in your backyard garden. What you can do here is add some outdoor furniture that can be used together with your family or friends who visit your home. The right furniture that you can use here is a woven rattan sofa that is perfected with plain white seat cushions. Not only a sofa, but here you can also use a chair and some ottomans that are the right choice, a coffee table is an outdoor option that will work well together. DIY Wooden Deck in the Backyard from @decoracionpatiosyjardines

When you have a backyard garden decoration that is large enough and open, it is better to use it as a deck decoration that can be done with a simple look. Here you can add some important outdoor furniture. For example, providing several chairs as a sitting area and a pallet wood table with a low height. Add a boho pattern to the use of throw blankets and runner rugs to become new inspiration, just choose this bohemian pattern with black and white dominance so that it can blend in with the greenery around it. Bohemian Vibes Garden Deck from @theinteriorslady

An L shaped sofa complete with throw pillows on top is ready to be used as a relaxing area while in the backyard garden. This will be a pleasant area for you to relax while enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery. All of this outdoor furniture can be placed on a small wooden deck which you can do yourself according to what is expected. A macrame swing can be hung right next to the use of the sofa as a complement. String bulb light is one of the lighting that can be hung on the fence. Relaxing Deck Area in the Backyard from @decoracionpatiosyjardines

An easy way that you can do to decorate the garden deck in the backyard is to put various types and colors of planters that you can use as accents for the grow greenery you have. Arrange all the planters used neatly. Just use reclaimed wood to save on spending budget and of course be able to give it an instant vintage touch and style. Green plants and trees that surround this deck area are a sight that will never fail to make your eyes fresher when you are in this area during the day. Vintage Style Garden Deck Decor from @myrealgarden

3. Reuse a Stock Tank as a Pool

The trend of stock tank used for a pool is just picking up footing. You can use it as a pool and put it in your backyard. It is a creative and ideal DIY backyard garden idea to chill and unwind effortlessly on an in-ground stock tank pool.

The stock tank pool that is in your home shed can be removed and cleaned to make it one of the best decorations in your backyard garden. What you can do now is reuse it as a mini pool that is suitable for use by both children and adults. Consider surrounding the stainless steel stock tank pool section with two to three umbrellas as a shelter area when you are done swimming, applying the pool section on a wooden deck to avoid getting muddy. Stainless Steel Stock Tank Pool with Umbrella from @stocktanklove

The design of the stock tank pool will change quite dramatically when you paint and repaint the outer surface with the interesting pattern you want. For example, you can use orange paint as the main background which will look quite bold when applying a blooming daisy pattern dominated by plain white. These two colors will provide quite an interesting color contrast. Besides being able to be used as a swimming area, the existence of this mini pool is also ready to be used as the focal point of the room because it has a design that is quite eye-catching. Floral Painting Stock Tank Pool from @heywanderer

Take advantage of the part of the land in the garden area that is still empty as an in-ground stock tank pool design with a size that is quite large and wide. Now you can use a rounded shape with enough depth that it can be used by both children and adults. Add two lounge chairs in the stock tank pool area for a sitting area that can be used when you want to relax while sunbathing. The stock tank pool that is used is made of stainless steel which does not rust easily when used for a long time. Simple Look In-Ground Stock Tank Pool from @morganswiftdesigns

In this garden decoration you can soak while enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery. The gentle breeze also completes your relaxing day. Here you can use a stock tank pool with the best design which is perfected by using bright colors which are quite festive and attractive. In the basic color you can use a splash of white paint, then for the striped pattern you can mix several different colors such as blue, purple, yellow, orange and green. Everything is ready to be made as the focal point of the room. Festive and Colorful Stock Tank Pool from @ambusheedwithboys

Bamboo is one of the materials that you can apply to garden decorations to add a natural touch to this outdoor area. Just cut the bamboo with the same height to be applied directly to the stock tank pool for the outer layer as a whole. This will give the texture a different design. Just perfect the decoration of this mini pool with some woven rattan plates that can be hung on an empty part of the wall or garden fence. Don’t forget to perfect it with adequate lighting so that it can also be used at night. Natural Bamboo Covered Stock Tank Pool from @cuckoo4design

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4. Create Colorful Garden

One of the easy ways to hue your backyard garden is utilizing some unused things. Old chicken feeders, milk cans, and mop buckets are just interesting to be used as planters! Use those repurposed items as pots.  Plant your favorite flowers onto those pots. And voila! Your colorful corner will give a vibrant vibe to your backyard.

Look at the decoration of the corner of the garden which is perfected with the use of several outdoor furniture as well as the ornaments used, doesn’t it look festive and attractive? Yes, here you can combine different splashes of color on different furniture too. Just put all these colorful splashes right in the corner of your garden so it will have a more different look. When you use a yellow dining table, for iron chairs you can paint it Tosca green. Finish with a flower mural decoration with a very contrasting color combination. Colorful Relaxing Corner Garden from @interioreccentric

Colorful accents can also be applied to the use of lighting in your outdoor garden decoration. The right answer is colorful string bulb lighting that can be hung together with an eye-catching DIY triangle bunting. Just hang it with a distance that is not too far so that it can be used as a statement for your garden. This string bulb lighting comes in a variety of different colors, yellow, blue, purple and white will work well together. Beautifully blooming flowers are a sweet finishing touch. Colorful Bulb Lighting with Bunting Decor from @interioreccentric

Change the appearance of your garden to be more cheerful with a colorful style. Repaint your wooden fence with a bright color, combine two colors so that it doesn’t look boring. The combination of yellow and white are two bright colors that can coexist, make a plaid pattern with these two colors on your wooden fence. Don’t forget to provide a long bench as a sitting area in your garden, the same thing you have to do is to coat this chair with the same paint you used to paint your wooden fence. Repaint Wooden Fences with Pots from @interioreccentric

Give a different spirit to your backyard garden by changing the color of the existing vintage chairs with bright paint. The bright colors that cover your vintage chair will give your garden a new center of attention, besides the chairs you can also hang some rattan planters that you have colored like the vintage chair earlier. Doing the finishing touches with the same paint on vintage chairs and rattan planters will make your garden look more harmonious. Don’t forget to fill the rattan planters with colorful flowers so that your garden atmosphere becomes full of enthusiasm and joy. Adds Vintage Chairs with Rattan Planters from @leezee.lee

Liven up the atmosphere of your garden by changing the old look into a colorful garden display, so that it will make your garden a comfortable and fun place to do activities. Choose plants with bold colors to fill your cheerful garden, not only that the choice of pots is also very influential on the final result to match your original plan to make your garden cheerful. Choose various kinds of pots with bright and bold colors, this will add a cheerful impression to your garden, besides that choosing pots with bright colors will also make the appearance more harmonious. Bold Paint Greenery and Flower Planters from @interioreccentric

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So, incorporating those DIY backyard garden ideas onto your own backyard will be really useful! It’s not only cheap and saves your budget, but it also helps to beautify your outdoor spaces.

What are you waiting for? Pick one of those ideas and decorate your garden now!


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