10 Best Rustic Kitchens

Rustic kitchen design is a wonderful way to enhance the character of any kitchen. It can be used to bring a warm and authentic feeling to any area of your home. Of course, you want to look for color combinations that will accent the rustic design and bring out the feel of the entire room. There are many different color schemes for rustic kitchens, but here are some of the most popular ones:

The combination of wood kitchen with stone fireplace creates a simple rustic impression. Hanging lamps and glass windows become lighting that can help lighting in this kitchen.
Use two pastel colors in your rustic kitchen decor to bring a neutral and natural feel. Shabby furniture gives a vintage impression that is so simple.
Stone walls, floors, roofs and powerful wood furniture for a rustic impression. This kitchen gives a warm and dramatic feel.
Give natural lighting to your rustic kitchen decor through large glass windows. Let this shabby furniture accent to a natural rustic design.

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To bring the classic rustic style to your kitchen, try applying all wood material to the furniture you have. Stone walls are very helpful to be a complete rustic design.
Throw your red carpet onto the wooden floor as a warm footwear. Choose bold motifs and colors to give a different view in your rustic kitchen.
The combination of wood and white stone in the kitchen decor never fails to provide a relaxing natural rustic vibe. Dim lights make the room feel more dramatic.
Choose brightly colored wood material to help explain your rustic kitchen. Ancient lights become vintage accents that are never boring.
Use wood elements on your floor, kitchen island and cabinet to strengthen the rustic design in this kitchen. Iron chairs become durable furniture so there is no need to make repeated purchases.
Shabby carpet adds to the elegance of your rustic kitchen decor. The beige repainted cabinet sweetens the room as a whole.

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You may also choose to combine various styles of decor with your traditional palette of colors. If you do this, then the possibilities are endless. A Japanese garden, a Native American design, wood and paint combination, a fireplace design, a summer theme, etc… Each of these has its own different look, feel, and memories attached to them. Using one or more of these styles in combination with a rustic theme can provide the perfect atmosphere for your kitchen.

While real designs do tend to be more popular, they are not always the best for rustic settings. Real rustic kitchen design tends to be very understated, very natural-looking, and very sparse. For a much more open feeling that will really capture the attention of your guests, then choosing one of the more realistic styles would be a better choice.

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