Looking Clean and Neat with These 15 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

A kitchen backsplash helps you protect the wall from liquids, usually water or oil. But it is more than just a functional object. If you choose the right one, you can create your ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary one only by having a nice backsplash.

If you are still looking for a pretty backsplash to perfect your kitchen interior, these kitchen backsplash ideas might get you inspired.

1. Neutral Toned Chevron

Chevron patterns have a simple yet interesting look. Though it is only for backsplash, it is still able to add a radiant look to your kitchen interior.

The neutral tone keeps the interior looks stunning yet modest. It is also flexible to be combined with any color of the other decorations or furniture.

A kitchen backsplash using a white chevron pattern can give the impression of an elegant appearance in the kitchen. You can add white cabinets that will add a sleek and luxurious touch to your kitchen design. Combining with marble countertops will add a touch of luxury to the room. White chevron backsplash from hgtv.

Using tiles with a chevron pattern for a kitchen backsplash is a good idea. This pattern will make the kitchen look extraordinary and stylish. This beige color will give a warm touch to your kitchen decor. Combined with bege wardrobes and slate tables, it creates a different room design. Beige chevron backsplash from familyhandyman.

Patterns enhance the style for a more sophisticated look. Applying a chevron pattern backsplash all the way to the ceiling brings the final look up. This all-white cabinet also gives the room a sleek and clean design. This chandelier gives a dramatic impression to the room. Pale white chevron backsplash from familyhandyman.

The chevron pattern is one of the perfect patterns for your kitchen backsplash to get a shining look. Use white if you want to get a clean, neat, and airy impression. Combined with white cabinets and wooden floors will provide the perfect contrast. Don’t forget to add a patterned purple rug to give the room a warm touch. Chevron kitchen backsplash from digsdigs.

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2. Glossy Scallop

Have fun and be playful with a scallop patterned backsplash. It has a simple yet very unique look that always radiates a good vibe.

The glossy touch of the backsplash offers a sense of luxury. It tends to give a cleaner look to your kitchen interior. You can enjoy your time in the kitchen while adoring the cute look of the kitchen backsplash.

Another best tile design for a kitchen backsplash is to use a shiny scallop pattern. By using this pattern you will have a simple but unique kitchen design. Choosing this glossy green color will present an interesting room design for you to try. This white cabinet provides the perfect contrast. Shiny scallop kitchen backsplash from hgtv.

White is one of the colors that is suitable for you to use in your kitchen backsplash. Then use the scallop pattern for a unique look in your kitchen. Combined with this white cabinet will give a clean and tidy look. You can enjoy your time in the kitchen while admiring the cute kitchen backsplash display. White sleek scallop backsplash from decorpad.

If you want to have an attractive and luxurious kitchen backsplash. One interesting idea for you is to use a shell pattern and a glossy white color to create a touch of luxury. Combined with a gray cabinet will provide the perfect contrast. The white countertop also gives an attractive appearance. Glossy white scallop backsplash from decorpad.

These shiny shells give a different look to your kitchen décor. You can give the room a touch of luxury and look more stylish. Combined with wooden shelves will make it easier for you to store various ornaments or your cutlery. This wood touch gives a natural impression to your room. Glossy scallop backsplash from decorpad.

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3. Plain Grey

This can be one of the simplest kitchen backsplash ideas. A plain grey color can be used for any interior design you have. It will look good with anything around it, so you do not have to worry. The color also will look very good if it is shined by the sunlight directly.

Grey color gives you a mood booster and makes your cooking or other activities in the kitchen more fun and enjoyable. With plain grey backsplash, your kitchen will always look neat. Plus, it offers you a sense of calm and relaxation.

This time the backsplash design uses plain gray tiles. This is in line with the interests of people with a minimalist look. In addition, the use of a plain gray backsplash can also create a neat and clean appearance. Combined with white cabinets will provide the perfect contrast. This rattan dining table set presents an attractive appearance for you to try. Gray subway tile backsplash from homebunch.

The gray subway tile backsplash and white marble countertops in a white and gray kitchen provide a unique look for you to try and will create a sense of calm and relaxation in the room. This industrial pendant light on a gray kitchen island with white marble countertop gives a unique look for you to try. Glossy gray kitchen backsplash from decorpad.

One way to make your kitchen look neat, you can use a backsplash with one color, plain gray. These tile colors can create a clean and bright look at the same time. This plain subway tile brings an interesting touch to the room and steals the attention of many people. Hardwood floors will also give the room a warm and inviting feel. Gray kitchen backsplash from hgtv.

A mid-century modern kitchen with a gray tile backsplash and gray bottom cabinets adds a stylish touch to the room. You can combine it with wood floors to give a warm touch to the room and have a natural impression. Flowers blooming in this vase also give a fresh look to this room. Gray tile backsplash fom digsdigs.

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4. Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta is all about shaped clay. It has a reddish color with a unique texture and accent. There are so many terracotta styles that you can choose. With its luxurious Moroccan-inspired look, your kitchen will feel different and appealing.

Your interior will also look finer, nicer, and fancier without being too striking. With terracotta tiles backsplash, you can explore a more interesting look for your kitchen.

You can get an elegant look in the kitchen through a backsplash with terracotta tiles. To make your backsplash look prettier, you can add a low light lamp. Combined with a wooden cooker hood will give a natural touch to the room. The log ceiling provides a stunning look. Backsplash with terracotta tile from designingidea.

A small Spanish-style kitchen like this can use terracotta Arabic tiles used as a backsplash. This traditional style kitchen cabinet painted and finished in white looks cleaner. The interior has a subtle Spanish influence which is evident in the small details and finishing touches, such as the terracotta flooring, the white ceramic tiles used as the countertops. Terracotta Arabic tiles backsplash from designingidea.

Having a classic kitchen design will be more complete if you use a terracotta color backsplash. Because the color of this tile fits perfectly with the farmhouse concept and is natural. You can also apply it to the floor to give a calm and warm natural impression. Plain beige walls and ceilings give this space a more refreshing contemporary appeal, while maintaining a traditional Spanish aesthetic. Terracotta backsplash from designingidea.

Go make your kitchen not only cleaner and neater but also more aesthetic with those kitchen backsplash ideas!

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