10 Tips for Your Small Home Decoration

Having a spacious home is quite hard nowadays because the property value is even higher that makes it too expensive. But you don’t need to worry because you can still make your small home feels comfortable and appropriate to live in. What you need to do is creating the decoration as effectively as possible so that you can fulfill all your needs for an occupancy. Here we have some tips that you can follow so that you are able to maximize your home decoration to be the most functional and comfortable.

Proper Lighting

The first thing that you should do is by providing the proper lighting. In this case, if you have the small home space, you will get the dark ambience that make your home looks even more narrow. Here, what you can do is installing as bright as possible lamps that can expose every part of your home space. Even for any room, you should make sure that you have enough lighting so that you can get the spacious room impression for sure. Before we go to another discussion, go get some pictures below first.

One important thing for a tiny house decor is lighting. You can use unique LED ceiling lights, chandeliers and wall lamps and have large windows and shades of white.
For small house lighting, you can use chandeliers and standing lamps. Besides having bright light, this chandelier also makes your room look elegant.
If you have a small house that is bright during the day and at night you can use lighting and install large windows. So you can have a room that looks spacious.

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Bright Color Scheme

After the lamp that functioned to create the bright atmosphere related to the spacious impression, then having the white or neutral bright color scheme will be the good match. You can apply white, light grey, light brown, or any other possible color. Then, what you have to do is make sure that you don’t combine too many colors because that will create crowded impression for your home. Remember that something crowded will make the room looks even smaller

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One way if you want a bright room for your small house, you can choose white paint for the walls of the room. The bright color scheme will make your home look spacious and bright.
Beige is a color that is suitable for you to use in your small house. Besides being bright with these colors, you will get a more beautiful room.

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Beige is a color that is highly recommended for your small house. Because with this color you will have a room that looks elegant and warm.

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To make the room not look too crowded you can use white for your walls and combine it with a little bit another color to give color splash nuance.

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Multifunctional Furniture

After all of that, don’t forget to bring the comfort and beauty into your home by providing the proper furniture and pretty ornament. For the furniture it will be great if you can provide the folding one or those that has the multi functional value. Then, for the beauty you can have it by using greenery or wall ornament. In this case, wall ornament will be the best choice for the small home because it won’t need any space so that you can save your home space for sure.

If you like billiards but you don’t have the space to put your pool table in, you can use a dining table that can be turned into a pool table.
A sofa that can be transformed into several chairs is perfect for you to use in your small house. With this multifunctional sofa you will have a minimalist and simple space.
Using a bed that has storage underneath is a good idea for a small home bedroom. With this functional furniture you can save space.

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Those are some tips on how to decorate a small house. The important thing when you want to decorate a small house is adjusting the furniture and interior design according to the size of your home. Don’t overwhelming on furniture arrangements because it can make your small house looks cramped.


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