10 Best Room Arrangement for Your Small Home Decoration

Arranging a simple but elegant home interior is sometimes not easy, especially if you only have limited funds and space. However, a minimalist and elegant home is not impossible for you to have. You can even achieve perfect totality. You should consider the use of furniture more so that the room is not increasingly narrow. The limited space for a minimalist home makes you have to pay more attention to the arrangement of your home decor. There are several ideas that you can try in arranging the small home decor. Furthermore, take a look at some ideas below.

Small Bathroom with Corner Sink

If you just have limited space in your bathroom, you don’t need to be worried that you can’t get a beautiful bathroom look. With the right arrangement and choosing proper furniture, your small bathroom will be the sanctuary place. In this case, you can choose the furniture that can be adjusted with the small space. For example, choose the corner sink to decorate your small bathroom. Complete with storage on the cabinet and matching mirror to get a beautiful look.

A small bathroom with a corner sink will make your bathroom look even more exotic. Plus, a touch of old style can give your bathroom an elegant feel.
Placement of the sink in the corner of the room makes a minimalist bathroom design. In addition, placing it in a corner will create a wider feel.

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Living Room with Functional Coffee Table

It is very important to pay attention to your small living room design. As an important place in your home, applying a good arrangement and choose the functional furniture in the small living room must be the first attention. In this case, you can choose the right and functional coffee table that has storage. You can use the storage to store your books or other items. It can avoid your small living room from a messy situation.

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The living room with a functional coffee table made of wood gives a natural touch, you can also store your utensils in a table drawer apart from putting food and drinks on the table. Unique design can create a visual feel of a room.
A functional coffee table with the application of storage underneath will provide an attractive design in your living room. This way you can create a messy room decoration.

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Additional Hook for Your Kitchen

For the small kitchen arrangement, you can add some hooks to organized your kitchenware. It can be applied to your kitchen cabinet. Install some hooks on the one side of your kitchen cabinet and you can use it to hang your kitchen utensils. Besides being able to make your kitchen look organized, it is also can make you easy to reach and find the kitchen utensil when you are cooking.

Adding a hook to a kitchen has a great function. You can apply it to one side of the cupboard so it doesn’t take up much space and makes it easier for you to store it.

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White Color Scheme Bedroom

The important aspect that must be considered when decorating a small home is avoiding to apply a dark color scheme. The dark color will increasingly make your small house feel cramped. For your small bedroom decoration, the white color scheme bedroom is highly recommended. You can apply the color for the walls, ceiling, and even you can use the bedsheet in white color to strengthen the brightness in your small room. The white color can make your small room looks bright and make it wider. And surely it will make your small bedroom more comfortable.

Applying white color to this bedroom will brighten up the room so that it gives a calming atmosphere when combined with wooden floors.

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Simple Indoor Entry Way Decor

In decorating and arranging the small house, very important to apply a simple decoration. It can be applied almost in every room. You can also apply the simple decoration for your entryway decor. As the first place that will be seen of your guests, you have to make this place as interesting as possible but in a simple way. To make it happen, you can start to decorate the wall of your entryway. Covering it with beautiful wallpaper can be the easiest way to enhance the look. You can choose the pattern of the wallpaper according to your style and apply bright paint to make your entryway look bright and wide. It will be more beautiful if you can match the color of your entryway furniture with the color scheme of the room.

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With this bright door color scheme, you can play around with wall decorations with blue floral wallpaper for an eye catching impression. The bluish color door gives the room a brighter color.

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Simple Dining Room

For arranging the dining room, just place the simple dining table and chairs and avoid placing much furniture. For the extra chair, you can place some stools and place them next to the dining table. If you need a cabinet for the storage place in your dining room. you can choose a small cabinet and place it at the corner to save space and doesn’t make your dining room looks cramped.

In order for your room to look elegant with this simple dining room concept, you can put a vase on the table to make it look pretty too.

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Open Space Kitchen

Better for you to apply for an open space kitchen in your small home. There is no border between the kitchen with other room will make your small home looks larger and airy. Besides that, you will get some benefits if you applying an open space kitchen. You can easy to serve the food for your family and you can chat with your family while you are cooking even when your family in the living room.

Gives you a more spacious feel and decor to this open space kitchen concept. As a result, marble tables and other furniture give this decor the ultimate modern style.

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Open Space Shower Room

In arranging the small bathroom, if you want to have a shower room, better for you to apply for an open space shower room. It can make your bathroom feels airy and increase a coziness. Don’t install a door in your shower room because it can make your small bathroom looks cramped. But if you want privacy when you are bathing, you can change the door with the shower curtain.

The shower in this bathroom gives you more space to move around. This design gives you the best place to decorate the bathroom.

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Limitations of space in this minimalist home you should be able to deal with as well as possible. Every corner of the room must have a clear function. Every corner of the room you should use as well as possible so that a simple minimalist home feels comfortable and spacious. The existence of storage space will make your house look more neat and clean. So as not to be increasingly narrow, you can choose a bed equipped with a drawer. That way you can make your small home more comfortable to live in.

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