10 Moroccan-Style Items to Create Bohemian Home Décor

Moroccan design is a prominent feature in various Bohemian-style home décor catalogs. The combination of curves, diamond shapes, bright colors, and intricate details will make any interior pop. Choosing one or two Moroccan ornaments is enough to give any room a Bohemian flair.

Here are some examples of Moroccan-style items you can use for home decorating.

Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles are famous for their intricate and elegant designs. You can cover the entire floor or wall with them. Alternatively, turn them into decorative accents on the floor, around the fireplace, or as wall artworks.

Applying Moroccan tile on your kitchen backsplash will bring a bohemian look to the whole kitchen decor. Even thought this is only applied to part of your kitchen wall, it is enough to make your kitchen look beautiful.

Image Source

Try using tile Moroccan for your bathroom decoration ideas to present a bohemian look so that it will look attractive and more beautiful.

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Moroccan Carpet

If tiles are too impractical or expensive, why not trying Moroccan carpet? These carpets are available in traditional and modern styles so that you can match them with your interior. You can use an area rug to reduce the “empty” look in a large room or create space dividers in a studio apartment.

You can add a Moroccan rug to fill the empty floor in your living room so that it will give it a warmer bohemian style.

Image Source

Bohemian bedroom decoration with patterned Moroccan rugs will provide warmth and a more beautiful look in your bedroom.

Image Source

Moroccan Lantern

Moroccan lanterns are favorite ornaments for Bohemian-style home décor. Available in various sizes and materials, these lanterns have beautiful intricate designs. Their unique designs immediately attract the eyes, making them ideal for focal points or bold accents. You can arrange them on a coffee table or hang them.

Lighting is one of the things that can affect your decor. You can use Moroccan Lantern to enhance your bohemian decor in your bedroom so it will look more perfect.
Bedroom decor with Moroccan lanterns for the lighting fixture ideas is appropriate to create a bohemian vibe instantly. For the attractive look. you can hang the lanterns above your bed.

Image Source

Moroccan Poufs 

Moroccan poufs are practical staples in various Bohemian living rooms. They are round, plush cushions that usually serve as footstools. The concentric patterns make these poufs interesting additions in any Bohemian homes. If you prefer practical, no-fuss furniture in your house, Moroccan poufs will add interesting accents.

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If you want to decorate a bohemian style living room, try adding Moroccan poufs to complete your decor. So that it can function as an additional seat in your living room.

Image Source

Placing Moroccan poufs in your bedroom is an interesting idea. You can add a Moroccan rug so that it will give your bedroom a real bohemian look and look stunning.

Image Source

Moroccan Ornaments

Fill the empty spaces between decoration with Moroccan ornaments to create an interesting Boho look. Small round vases, bowls, and jars can be accents on the coffee table, windows, or countertop. Ornamental pillows light up any sofa, bed, or armchair. Moroccan patterns can appear as a backsplash or accent walls, such as with wallpaper or wall tiles.

Adding a Moroccan ornament to a bohemian living room decor will make it look more complete. You can use a pillow with a Moroccan pattern so that it will give an attractive appearance.
Try to add Moroccan ornament in the form of dreamcatchers for your living room decor. You can hang it on the wall or window so that it looks attractive. To strengthen the bohemian vibe, adding a patterned rug and cushions that identical to the boho style is highly recommended.

Image Source

Moroccan items are perfect for adorning a Bohemian-style home décor. Play with patterns and colors to create the most attractive interior, regardless of the size of your house.

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