10 Things You Can Apply into Your Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

If you could see the most favorite room design recently is mostly near to classic or farmhouse style. It is commonly mentioned as a modern farmhouse. Its design emphasizes the combination of contemporary style with country living inspired. For mostly furniture used are wooden and galvanized steel or furniture that is made by natural texture material. It will give a warm ambiance especially if this design is applied in a bathroom and It would be a favorite room in a house.

Wooden Sink Frame

The simple thing to create a farmhouse style to your bathroom is applying wooden material. You can apply it to the sink frame. For those of you who like vintage and classic style for the farmhouse bathroom decor, you can use the unused items and turn it for the sink frame. In this case, you can use an unused barrel for the sink frame. The distressed wood looks that owned of the barrel can strengthen the farmhouse vibe.

Wood is one of the perfect accents for your farmhouse decoration idea. Try using a wooden barrel sink for decorating your farmhouse bathroom so it will look natural.

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Wooden Floor

Pay attention to the floor if you want to apply the farmhouse bathroom style. Farmhouse style can’t be separated from the wood material. So, to strengthen the farmhouse vibe, apply a wood material for the bathroom floor. The wooden floor can create a warm impression of your bathroom.

To bring a farmhouse look to your bathroom, using wooden floors is the right idea. The wooden floor will give a warm natural look.

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If you want to decorate your bathroom in a farmhouse style, try adding wood accents. Wooden floors are the right idea so they will present a natural feel.

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Old Pattern Tile

If you want to create an attractive farmhouse bathroom, better for you to give a patterned touch in decorating the bathroom. In this case, you can apply a patterned tile, especially the old pattern tiles to get the farmhouse vibe.

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Using old patterned tiles on your bathroom floor will present a beautiful and classic look to your farmhouse decor so you can try it now.

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Ladder Storage

One item that can be placed to complete the farmhouse bathroom decor is ladder storage. You can use the ladder to put your towels. Place it next to the bathtub to make you easily reach the towel after bathing time. To save your budget, you can utilize the unused ladder and place it into your bathroom. To emphasize the farmhouse style, you can let the ladder in a natural color. The distressed look of the ladder can make your farmhouse bathroom more aesthetic.

Choosing to use ladder racks for storage ideas in a farmhouse bathroom is the right idea. So that it will present a classic look and can save space.

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Taking advantage of old leaders for storage ideas in your farmhouse bathroom is a creative idea. You can add a wire basket to the leader and you can use it to store towels.

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Wooden Rack

Wooden rack is one of thing that you can use to complete the farmhouse bathroom decor. Install the wooden racks on the wall above your toilet and use them to put some decorative items or your toiletries. Beside being able to create the farmhouse vibe, this also can be used for the extra storage in your bathroom.

Floating racks made of wood for storage ideas in your farmhouse bathroom look simple and attractive so that they can inspire everyone who sees them.

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Wood Mirror Frame

Complete the farmhouse bathroom decor with a wooden mirror frame. The wooden frame of the mirror can make your bathroom looks more classic and aesthetic. Then, you can also complete the wooden mirror with wooden cabinet and makes the farmhouse bathroom vanity more complete.

Sliding mirrors with wooden frames will present a classic look in your farmhouse bathroom so that it will look elegant and stunning.

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Curtain Shower

For the simple but useful in your farmhouse bathroom decor, don’t apply a door in your shower room. You can change it with a curtain and make it more simple but not reduce its function. To get a matching look with the farmhouse concept, choose the natural curtain color.

Choosing to use a shower curtain to create privacy in your farmhouse bathroom is the perfect idea. So that it will present a very simple appearance.

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Old Style Lighting

Don’t forget about the lighting fixtures when you want to create a farmhouse vibe in your bathroom. Choose the old-style lighting and install it on the bathroom vanity. It can give effect to the whole of your bathroom looks and make it more beautiful.

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Lighting is one of the things that can influence your decorating ideas. You can use old style lighting so that it will make your farmhouse bathroom decoration look perfect.

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Those are several things that you can apply to your farmhouse bathroom decor. By following those ideas above, hope it can help you to get your farmhouse bathroom dream. Have a nice to try!



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