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Trendy Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Creating a fresh look for your bathroom is never this easy. Scroll down to find some trendy bathroom mirror ideas to match your style

If you are bored with your bathroom look but do not really want to totally redecorate it, perhaps changing or adding a mirror can be the solution. A mirror is known to enhance visual quality so adding it will give extra points for your bathroom. However, there are many mirror choices out there. Leave out an ordinary and boring style of the mirror and add the trendy one instead. Below are some bathroom mirror ideas you can scroll to help you choose.

1. Twin Mirrors

Why have one if you can own two? Two identical mirrors will add an extra look to your bathroom. Two mirrors are very useful because two people can use them at once. Also, this type of mirror can help to enhance your lighting. You only need to add extra light in the middle, then voila a well-lit bathroom is created.

To add an extra look to your bathroom, using twin mirrors is a perfect idea so that it looks simple but still attractive.
You can use round twin mirrors for your bathroom decorating ideas so that it will enhance the perfect lighting in your bathroom.

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2. Vertical Mirrors

A small bathroom is always caused fear for creation. Fret not, for you can always use the vertical space to its finest. Install a tall slim mirror for your mini bathroom. This vertical mirror can enhance the beauty of your bathroom without putting much effort.

If you have a bathroom using a mirror will give the impression of a wider space. You can choose a vertical mirror so that it saves more space.

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Vertical mirrors are the right choice for your small bathroom decoration ideas. So that it will save more space and give the impression of a wider space.

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3. Unique Shape is The New Black

To increase your bathroom mirror ideas, we present your unique shaped mirror, since rectangular one is so common. If you are up for a challenge, mount a uniquely shaped mirror. A heart-shaped mirror, for example, allows you to add more personality to your bathroom. If you are more of a dynamic person, add your own version of a unique mirror will create a totally different mood to the bathroom.

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A rustic bathroom with a uniquely shaped mirror will present its own charm. You can choose a heart-shaped mirror with a wooden frame that hangs on the wall so that it will attract attention.

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Small bathroom decorating with butterfly-shaped mirrors will give your bathroom a unique and attractive appearance so that it can inspire.

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4. Frameless Mirror

A framed mirror is vintage. Creating a completely different look can be easily done by replacing your old framed mirror with a new frameless one. A frameless mirror also helps to create an illusion of a bigger room. The non-existence border gives a modern and millennial vibe. Don’t forget to enlarge the size of your mirror as well to enhance natural light to your bathroom.

Choose a frameless mirror to complement your small bathroom so that it will give the impression of a wider space well. It will also give a modern impression in your small bathroom.
A round mirror without a frame for decorating your small bathroom looks simple but will give the illusion of a wider space so you can try it now.

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5. Mirror Cabinet

Concerning storage does not necessarily mean your bathroom should go mirrorless. The classic mirror cabinet is a combo for your bathroom look and storage. Opt for a modern mirror cabinet to achieve a fresh look. If you already have a specific concept for your bathroom, you can match the mirror cabinet with your style. A rustic mirror cabinet cannot go wrong to create a new ambiance for your bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, try using a mirror cabinet. Because it will serve as a perfect storage and mirror area in your bathroom.

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Mirror cabinet will give a different look in your small bathroom. It will save space and still function properly.

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Now, start to choose your fairest mirror from the bathroom mirror ideas we suggested and have a new brand look without a major renovation.

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