10 Proper Bathroom Storage Ideas in Farmhouse Style

Having lots of storage is an important part of functional home design, especially for bathrooms. The simplest way is to arrange bathroom storage to be more presentable. Shampoo bottles, piles of towels, hairdryers, to makeup and shaving equipment sometimes become a source of problems that make the bathroom look unpleasant. For this reason, you need tips and tricks so that the bathroom storage does not confuse the arrangement in it.


The ladder shelf model has a slim and tall shape, so it is suitable as an ideal bathroom storage area. Especially in small bathrooms. The ladder, you can use for various needs. For example, to hang a towel, put a small basket, and where you store various toiletries that are used every day. Recycling the ladder as a storage area is an innovative touch to the storage area.

Vertical storage is a great choice for your small bathroom. Choosing to use a staircase rack with wire baskets for storage ideas in your bathroom will give you the perfect farmhouse look.

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Farmhouse bathroom decor with a hanging old ladder for storage ideas looks perfect. You can add a wire basket to place your items so they don’t fall off easily.

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If you are decorating your bathroom in a farmhouse style, try using ladder shelves for storage ideas. You can add a wire basket to each rung so that it will look more perfect.

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Wooden Rack

For those of you who want the bathroom to look unique, please try using wood as a bathroom rack. This one bathroom rack is suitable for storing dry toiletries such as towels and tissue supplies. Add small embellishments to sweeten the appearance. This is perfect for a vintage style bathroom. Making a shelf as one of the elements to add a colorful touch to your bathroom is a great idea! So, there’s no harm in choosing a rack with a certain color that can make the bathroom look fresher.

Wood is one of the accents that must be present in any farmhouse decoration. You can use hanging wooden shelves for storage ideas in your bathroom so that it will look attractive.

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Wall shelves made of wood for storage ideas in your farmhouse bathroom look simple and attractive. You can use it to place towels and toiletries so that it will be easier for you to access.

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Floating wooden shelves with iron supports will give your bathroom the perfect farmhouse vibe so that it will attract everyone’s attention.
Using the storage above the toilet will make your small bathroom look more organized. You can use wooden shelves with iron supports so that it will enhance the decor of your farmhouse bathroom so that it looks perfect.

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Hanging Storage

Next, there is a hanging type bathroom rack whose concept is open. A bathroom shelf like this is suitable for you to place in a small bathroom because it will make it look wider. Because this type of bathroom rack is hung, make sure the link is firmly attached to the wall. For the string, it’s better to use thick wire.

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Wooden shelves hanging using iron will present an attractive appearance in your farmhouse bathroom so that it looks more creative and modern.

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Choosing to use hanging storage will make your bathroom different from the others. Try to use your basket for storage ideas then hang it on the wall so it will attract attention.
To save space in your modern farmhouse bathroom, using vertical storage is the right idea. You can use a wire basket that is hung using thick wire so that it looks more practical.

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This bathroom rack is available in various types that can be adjusted to the needs and style of the bathroom interior. Although there are various types, try to choose a bathroom rack that can store all the equipment you need every day in the bathroom. That’s why you don’t have to bother searching for what you need every day. To make this shelf look neater, you should be able to place a wooden shelf in a strategic place in your bathroom.



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