10 Simple Rustic Decorating Ideas to Dress Up Your Small Bathroom

A bathroom usually has a more limited space than other rooms in the house. Because of that reason, decorating a bathroom will require more consideration. In some cases, the tight space also makes the bathroom not get proper decoration. So, for those of you who think of adding a rustic spirit into your small bathroom, learn these inspiring ideas first. 

Use a Reclaimed Wood Mirror to Improve the Look

Wood is an essential element in the rustic style. Thus, the use of a reclaimed wood mirror will be a good option to improve your small bathroom look. Besides, it can give a big space-enhancing effect on your bathroom’s visual appearance.

Placing the reclaimed wood mirror can make your small bathroom look more aesthetic. The distressed look of the mirror frame is proper enough to bring the rustic look into your bathroom. Also, paired it with a vanity table and old ladder storage to perfect the decoration.
It would be interesting if you placing a reclaimed wood mirror in your small bathroom. Besides being able to bring a rustic vibe this mirror can make your bathroom looks larger. You can combine with stone wall to strengthen the rustic vibe.

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Opt for a Vintage Ladder as Your Towel Rack

A vintage ladder will help you change the bathroom mood instantly. Its unfinished, raw look can present a rustic feeling to this space. Yet, the essential reason for using a ladder is that you just need to rest it on the wall and everything is set.

In addition to hanging your dry towels, this storage ladder can also be a vintage item that can complement the rustic style of your small bathroom.

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Wooden ladder shelves are a great vintage style storage area in a rustic bathroom and it doesn’t take up too much space. You can place it near the wall which for a simple arrangement.

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Insert Greenery into Your Small Bathroom

Aside from wood, you will need a green element to create a strong rustic impression in the bathroom. As for this reason, you can start to freshen up your space by placing some potted indoor plants.

Don’t forget to insert greenery into your small bathroom. The indoor plant can bring a freshness and also this is one of a simple rustic item that you can use to dress up your small bathroom.
To add a natural touch to your small bathroom, applying greenery is the best idea that you should try. The simple way is placing a potted indoor plant and put it on the vanity table to make it look beautiful.

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Choose Gray to Beautify Your Rustic-Inspired Bathroom

When it comes to rustic color selection, gray is a popular option to consider. Not only present a country charm, but this color can also be married with earthy tones. 

The gray walls in the rustic bathroom provide a neutral feel that you can combine with any furniture. Apart from that, this color also looks elegant.

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The combination of red brick walls with a gray color scheme will present a neutral nuance into your small rustic bathroom. Two glass windows will also help bring sunlight into the bathroom and make it look brighter.

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Use Repurposed Items to Create a Rustic Charm

The use of repurposed items is the key to improve your bathroom in a rustic manner. This is because their vintage, artistically-pleasing look guarantees to give a rustic breath to your bathroom atmosphere. Need some bathroom repurposed item ideas? You can put something like enamel buckets, old-fashioned cupboards, vintage wire baskets, and so on.

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The old-fashioned cupboard made of wood will be more durable and not easily porous. To make it has a new look, you can paint the cabinet in beige color for the perfect décor when installed in your rustic bathroom.

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Don’t hurry up to throw your old cupboard, you can utilize this item to complete your small rustic bathroom decor. You can use this cupboard for the sink table and surely it can enhance your bathroom look. You can paint the cupboard or let it on the natural color to strengthen the rustic nuance.

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Try applying the small bathroom decorating ideas above to build a charming rustic space.


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