10 Handy Corner Storage Ideas to Reduce Clutter

Corner storage is a practical solution for houses or rooms with minimum space. Handy corner storage ideas range from simple shelf hacks to customized cabinets. If you need extra spaces at home to declutter things and make everything neat, here are some options to consider.

Corner Triangle Shelves

The simplest ideas of all, corner triangle shelves look like regular floating panels. However, they are cut into triangles to fit the corner space. They are useful to store knick-knacks like framed photos, holiday mementos, mini plants, and bathroom supplies.

To make the most of the corner space in your bathroom, you can install a corner shelf in your bathroom for a practical storage idea.

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Installing a triangular corner shelf in your bathroom can serve as a place to display ornaments so that your bathroom decoration looks perfect.

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Corner Crate Stacks

If you have unused crates or other types of wide boxes, stack them to create handy corner storage ideas. You can drill them on the wall or stack them in an artful manner. Repaint the crates to match the tone of your interior. Their spacious capacities are great for storing books, plants, toys, linens, and many more.

You can make corner storage out of old wooden crates. The crates piled in the corner of the room will provide a practical and classic look.

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Arranging an old wooden chest in the corner of the room will be useful as a storage area and display your ornament so that it will present an attractive decorative appearance.

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Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are designed specifically to fit the narrow spaces, with a triangle as the basic shape. You can find kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and even beautiful white cabinets to store your precious ceramics.

Choosing to use a corner cabinet for storage ideas in your bathroom is a smart way that will save space. You can use a corner cabinet made of wood so that it will present a rustic look.
To maximize your bathroom space, using a storage corner is an interesting idea. You can use a small corner cabinet for storage ideas in your bathroom so that it is more effective and efficient.

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Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is a popular decluttering solution in a cabinet. While unseen, it helps to arrange small things such as spice bottles, cups and saucers, jars, or canned goods. When fitted into the corner, Lazy Susan will make your cabinet neater without too many efforts.

Choosing a declutter way inside your kitchen cabinet with Lazy Susan to store spices is the right idea so that it will make your cabinet tidier and more organized.

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Try using Lazy Susan to declutter the corner inside your kitchen cabinet. You can use it to keep food stock so it looks better.

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Corner Benches

Corner benches are great multipurpose furniture pieces, giving you places to sit while storing your stuff. You can place two benches in a corner or make new ones using simple constructions. They are great additions for kitchens or hallways, especially for a small house.

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You can use a corner bench with a drawer underneath so that it can serve as a place to store the blankets so it’s more practical.
The corner bench that has storage is one piece of furniture that is multifunctional. You can use the storage underneath as a practical and space-saving storage area.

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Handy corner storage ideas add extra places to store things, in a way you may not expect. With numerous options available as DIY projects or actual products at stores, you can make your house neater and more organized more easily.



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