15 Modern Rustic Décor Ideas for Small Houses

How does a modern rustic decor look like? For a start, you can use a re purposed wooden accent, and layered-texture give traditional touches. Install modern lighting, simple furniture, and greenery to keep it chic and modern.

As a visualisation, here are 15 modern rustic décor inspirations to prove that your small home can be transformed into a relaxing cabin for a long, relaxing weekend vibe.

1. Modern Rustic Living Room

A freestanding tall bookshelf, wooden side table, and a vintage wooden chair are the hallmarks of this design. The patterned rug combined with abstract-looking painting spices the room even more with both tradition and modernity. This cosy living room is perfect for leisure time in the evening, either with a book or a glass of wine.

A modern rustic style living room like the picture above is perfect for your small home. Using patterned carpet and modern sofa are a good way to combine a traditional and modern nuance in your living room. By applying this design you will get a comfortable living room decor.

Using the living room with a modern rustic theme like in the picture above is the right choice. By adding a vintage chair, classic painting and unique rug in the modern rustic living room will look attractive.

To enhance you living room decor, you can apply, modern rustic living room decor. Use modern and simple furniture and paired with pattern rug and woven rug underneath. The modern and traditional style can make you living room looks perfect for modern rustic decor. Don’t forget to add greenery and flower arrangement to freshen up you living room decor.

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The first thing that you can do to make your living room look modern rustic is placing a freestanding bookshelf behind the modern grey sofa. Combined with modern paintings and some ornaments to make the room more comfortable. So, you can feel cozy to enjoy your time with your books.

Adding a bookshelf in a modern rustic living room for a small home decor is the right choice. Combined with modern furniture and fur rug for more comfortable.

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2. Modern Rustic Bedroom

Create a comfortable, rustic bedroom look by installing repurposed stones and wooden ceiling. Large windows facing outside give fresh air to your room and make it less vintage. Complete the look by adding a clean white and grey bedding to keep it neat and cosy.

The bedroom with a modern rustic theme like in the picture above, which uses a large window facing out and a stone fireplace are perfect for you to use. Completed with white bedding set for more comfortable to take a rest.

Using a large window that leads out that serves to provide fresh air and wooden ceiling are an attractive rustic modern decoration. To add to the convenience, installing white bedding set and comfortable bed can make your modern rustic bedroom more perfect.

One way to make your bedroom feel comfortable and neat, you can apply white bedding set. In addition you can also use wood in the ceiling of the room to make it look amazing. Combined with large windows, so can view the outside.

Using a fireplace made of stone and wood ceiling are a good choice to create a comfortable of rustic room. To add to convenience of your bedroom, add large white fur rug and white bedding set. This decoration is also can create a neat and clean impression in your room.

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A modern rustic bedroom that uses a large window facing outward is the right choice. Completed your rustic bedroom decor by using wooden material for floor and walls behind the headboard to strengthen the rustic vibe. For more comfortable, using white bedding set is the important thing that should not be forgotten.

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3. Modern Rustic Bathroom with Wood Planks

You can achieve both a rustic yet contemporary bathroom with this installation. The traditional aspects such as wooden window and wood planks encasing the bathtub give a natural touch. Meanwhile the overall look is kept simple and sleek with all-white walls. Put greenery on the side of the bathtub to freshen the space.

Use wooden touch for your bathroom decor to reach the comfortable bathroom decor. You can apply the wood material for sink table, floor mat and for the board under the bathtub. Combined with modern bathroom appliances, so your will get modern bathroom decoration.

Using wooden boards on the base of the bathtub and rustic modern bathroom ceiling are the right choice. Because a small house that has a bathroom with decorations like in the picture above will make your bathroom look perfect.

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One way to add traditional aspects to your modern small rustic bathroom, you can use a wooden board to wrap your bathtub.

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Wooden board is one of the decorations that is suitable for you to use in your modern rustic bathroom. Like in the picture above using a wooden board beside the bathtub will make your modern rustic bathroom has a traditional touch.

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Wood planks are one of the right choices for decorating your modern rustic bathroom. Because with this decoration in your modern rustic bathroom will look interesting and unique.

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Living in the heart of the city can be stressing at times. Tired of the noises and bustles of the city, you dream of throwing and leaving everything behind and move to a cosy and serene rustic cabin. Some people think that it is impossible. You can still bring a rustic look in your modern home without having to step out with these modern rustic décor.


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