10 Saving Space Apartment Kitchen Decors with the Open Space Design

The apartment is one of the places to stay in the middle of the city which is becoming an idol. Instead of building a house, many people prefer to rent or buy an apartment. The size of the apartment varies. That depends on the price offered. Usually, there are several rooms in the apartment such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and balcony. And, for those of you who choose to live in an apartment, then you have to decorate it to be even more comfortable. Even though you only have a small apartment, you also have to do a small apartment decoration there.

Of the several rooms in the apartment, the kitchen is one of the important rooms there. A kitchen is a place used for cooking food or making drinks. With that, you have to decorate your apartment kitchen to be cozier with open space design. With open space design, it will save space, make the room look more spacious, easy to clean, and greater space for movement. It will make you cozier when cooking in the apartment kitchen.

You can save space in an apartment with a kitchen at the corner. In order to look attractive, you can combine the living room and dining room at the same time.
Amazing apartment with minimalist open space kitchen design. You can decorate this kitchen by applying the workspace in one room to save space in your apartment space.
Simple but attractive kitchen decor in a studio apartment. You have to design an open space kitchen that combines with the dining room and the living room at the same time. This method will make your apartment look spacious and clean.
Minimalist corner kitchen decoration in a very decent apartment. You can decorate this kitchen with an open space concept combined with the living room and the dining room will create the perfect look.
To save space in your apartment, you can apply a corner kitchen open space that is combined with the living room and dining room simultaneously.
You can combine the perfect open space kitchen in your apartment with your living room. The combination of white and wooden floors makes the kitchen look so neat and creates a warm impression.
A very neat and clean kitchen with an open space concept that suitable to be used for an apartment design. You can combine the living room and dining room in one room. This method will save space in your apartment.
To make your apartment has decent space, you can apply an open space kitchen design and place it at the corner. The rest of the room can be used for the dining room and living room
Simple corner kitchen decoration with open space design in the apartment. You can place the kitchen, dining table, and comfortable sofa in one area to save space there.

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The white kitchen with the concept of open space has become an idol for decorating apartment kitchens. You can apply the living room in one room to save space in your apartment.

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In decorating an apartment kitchen with open space design, you must pay attention to several things. You can place the kitchen in the corner of the room to save space. Choose a kitchen set that is not too large. Then, you can also combine the kitchen and dining table in one room. In addition, don’t forget to install a cooker hood there. That’s because the open space concept will make cooking smoke will spread throughout the room in the apartment.

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Saving space apartment kitchen decors with the open space design is an easy thing to do. The most important thing, you have to decorate the kitchen to be comfortable in accordance with your want. Don’t put unnecessary furniture into the kitchen. And, you can give a little ornament to beautify the kitchen look. You also have to remember to keep the kitchen clean. That’s because it will make you feel more comfortable when you are in the kitchen.

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