10 Aesthetic Boho Furniture Ideas You Should Have

Many people apply furniture designs using the boho concept because this design style is very distinctive and eccentric. Many uses of motifs are characteristic of bohemian designs. Usually, we apply it to pillows, carpets, blankets, curtains, and other upholstery. Patterns, colors, and textures on carpets and chairs and pillows usually have the same motif. And contrasting fabric accessories are the accessories. Bohemia’s aesthetic style does not require harmony in appearance because this style is an expression of freedom.

Bed Design

When choosing the bed to complete the bohemian home design, always choose a wooden bed in minimal design. Wood is the main material that rarely used for bohemian design. Using the wood material for the bed design can bring a warm and natural touch. You can complete the decoration of the bohemian bedroom with rattan baskets to strengthen the natural touch.

If you want to decorate a bohemian style bedroom, you can use a wooden bed. Don’t forget to complement it with a patterned blanket to bring out a more real boho vibe.

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Rattan Swing

It will be more attractive if you complete your bohemian home decor with rattan swings. It can be the symbol of freedom and coziness that can bring a relaxed feel in your home. You can install this rattan swing in the living room and complete it with soft foam and throw pillows for more comfort.

Rattan is an accent that is synonymous with bohemian decor. You can use the rattan swing to bring a bohemian style to your living room so that it will look attractive and remain comfortable.

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Living Room Sofa

Usually, the bohemian living room design using a patterned sofa for furniture ideas. In this case, you don’t need to buy a new patterned sofa but you can cover your old sofa with a patterned cover to save your budget. You can complete the sofa with patterned throw pillows and a patterned rug. For the pattern, you can pick in a geometric pattern for an attractive look or a Turkish pattern for the classic look.

The boho sofa is one of the pieces of furniture that must be in a bohemian style living room. An oval table with a patterned cover will complement your boho living room decor so it can inspire.
To get the perfect boho living room decor, you can use an intricately patterned sofa. You can complement it with patterned cushions so that it will make you more comfortable.

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Porch Seating

To complete your porch design, place rattan chairs or old carved chairs to strengthen the bohemian vibe. Just complete the chair with patterned throw pillows and cover the soft foam with patterned fabric. Don’t forget to install a patterned rug under the table for more comfortable.

Choosing to use carved seats equipped with patterned cushions will make your porch boho decor look warmer.
A rattan sofa with patterned cushions will give you a stunning look in your porch. You can complement it with an ottoman rug under it so that it will make your boho porch more complete.

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Coffee Table Design

You can use a carved coffee table design to complete the bohemian living room design. For the table shape, you can choose in geometric shapes for an attractive look. Paint in brown color to get a natural look.

The hexagon patterned coffee table will bring the perfect boho look to your living room. You can complement it with a patterned sofa so that it will make your decor look perfect.

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Cabinet Design

The old-fashioned cabinet will be a good choice for the bohemian furniture. The brown color and classic design of the cabinet can make the bohemian decor looks elegant. It can be placed anywhere, such as the entryway, living room, bedroom, and so on to complete your bohemian decor.

Patterned wooden cabinets are one of the boho furniture that must be in your bohemian decor. You can place it in the bedroom so that it will become the center of attention.

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Rattan Chair

For those of you who don’t want to use a patterned sofa for the bohemian furniture, the rattan chairs can be a smart option to be used. The rattan material is also identical to the bohemian vibe. You can change your sofa with this kind of chair and makes your bohemian home decor more aesthetic and natural. You can complete it with some other rattan stuff for the perfect look.

To bring the perfect boho look to your living room, choose the right furniture. You can use chairs made of rattan so that it will make your boho living room decor perfect.

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Kitchen Cabinet Design

Make your kitchen looks more natural and aesthetic with some kitchen cabinets made of old wood. Let the kitchen in the natural color to get the original look. The distressed look from the wood will make the bohemian kitchen looks aesthetic and vintage.

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The kitchen design with cabinets made of old wood looks simple but is perfect for bringing a vintage style to your kitchen.

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The main characteristics of bohemian decorations do not follow the color scheme or combine all colors. Color selection also tends to be soft with an earthy tone. So, the room with this concept will be soothing. Some materials that are used as furniture or room accents are usually made of natural, glossy, and slippery. Furniture in Bohemian decoration itself is a mixture of antique and vintage styles. By following those ideas above, hopefully, it can give insight for you and help you to get the right bohemian furniture.


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