Get A Pretty Bathroom Impression with these 10 Different Kinds of Flooring

A bathroom is a place where you can get unwind after a long tiring day. To make it comfortable and stylish, you need to choose the best design then. Besides bathroom ornaments and other main elements, floor design plays an important role to create an impression for your bathroom. Floor design determines not only the ambiance but also the look of your bathroom. If you want to get some inspiration about flooring design, let this gallery becomes your guidelines.

Wooden Flooring

Some people may think that applying wood as a bathroom floor may cost higher than the other materials. As we all know that wood is not resistant to water. This thing becomes the consideration then. On the other hand, wood guarantees you a stylish look in which you will fall in love. Besides, for those who think that wood will not be durable, they can choose the one which is processed with a vinyl coating, it will last longer. Bamboo, maple, rosewood, walnut, cherry, pine, mahogany, and oak are some types of wood you can use for your bathroom.

For those of you who want to have a warm and natural bathroom nuance, you can apply a wooden material for the bathroom decor. It can be applied for the floor and floating vanity.
Wooden floors and walls complement this bathroom perfectly. For more durable, you can use a wooden vinyl floor that has been coating process.
This is a vintage bathroom with a stunning wooden floor design. This design will give your feet a warm atmosphere.
Wooden floor designs always present an inviting atmosphere. As in this bathroom it creates a light and impressive look.

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Stone Flooring

The next bathroom flooring material is stone. This material tends to be the one that is sturdy and has a natural look. Its muted color brings warmth into your bathroom. Stone flooring is more modest and rustic. Also, it becomes a new trend in the latest years. Coupled with wooden or stone walls, stone flooring gives a perfectly rustic look. In addition, some may pair it with an amazing wooden beam on the ceiling. To balance the color scheme, choose the best lighting for your bathroom.

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The stone floor creates a unique yet impressive design. It can bring a natural nuance to your bathroom so this is the best place to relax after a tiring day. You can pair it with wood material for the wall and vanity to get a perfect rustic look.
Stone floors and walls provide a natural look with soft colors. It will bring your bathroom look like a classic bathroom design. Complete it with traditional style wall lamps for suitable lighting design.
If you want to have the perfect rustic bathroom, this bathroom with stone floors and walls can be an alternative choice. To get a modern look, you can complete it with a modern bathtub and a large window to look bright.

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If you are interested to the natural vibe, use stone tiles for your bathroom flooring idea. This bathroom can be looked more aesthetic if you combine it with the wooden material for the ceiling.

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Marble Flooring

Furthermore, for those who want to have a luxurious design for their bathroom, marble can be the alternative floor material. If you want to have a durable flooring material, marble offers it too. What makes it interesting is that it is easier to clean than other materials. Likewise, marble gives your bathroom a sleek and stylish look. Thus, it will enhance and upgrade the elegance of your bathroom. Because of its finished glow, it becomes the one which is very popular now.

Create a luxury floor design for your bathroom with marble floor design. The sleek and clean tiles design will make your bathroom look great and stylish.

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Patterned Ceramic

To give your bathroom a statement, you had better consider bringing patterns so that it feels more inviting. Patterns can bring your small bathroom into a larger room illusion. For example, you can have a bigger patterned tile for making a spacious impression on all bathrooms. Geometric, herringbone, or hexagon tiles are some of the alternatives. Combined with a free-standing bathtub, this patterned bathroom tile will offer you a relaxing and beautiful bathroom ambiance ever.

This patterned ceramic has a uniqueness. It can give a statement in your bathroom to look more standout.

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Everyone surely wants to have a cozy bathroom. Now, you can start from the floor design by deciding which flooring idea you love the most. These four-floor designs guarantee a stylish look for both small and large bathrooms. Also, they make you get relaxed with a festive stunning design. Therefore, keep your bathroom looking gorgeous from its bottom part now.

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