10 Functional Storage Ideas for Your Small Bathroom Decoration

Hey, everybody! We know that you are looking for extra smart storage for your comfortable bathroom decoration. For those whose bathroom is small, you do not need to be worried. In this article, we are going to give you a hand on finding the appropriate storage for a tiny space. As we all realize that we have many small kinds of stuff in the bathroom. Therefore, we need some storage to keep them neat and well-organized. Because the space is limited, the following storage tips will present you the ones which do not make the space overcrowded.

Starting from the shelves, racks, baskets, and cabinets, these bathroom storages are functional. Also, they are practical for a small bathroom. Moreover, maximizing every minimal free space to put the storage sounds a good idea. Don’t forget to place the storage in a reachable spot so that you can take the stuff easily. Just get inspired by the following examples below. So, happy scrolling!

Placing white shelves against the dark wall near your bathroom vanity will create an attractive appearance. You can store your makeup stuff and tools on there so you can dress up easily.
The simple idea for bathroom storage is installing some iron on the walls and it can be used to hang some basket storage. In this case, you can use wire baskets to store your toiletries and combine with plastic containers for additional storage in your bathroom.
The four-tier freestanding bamboo shelf keeps your bathroom look tidy. You can organize your bathroom stuff according to the type so that it can make you easy to find.
These built-in shelves are a great storage idea for a small bathroom. It really saves space and looks stunning in combination with subway tiles.
Utilizing the wall of the bathroom for storage space is a smart idea. Simply, you can install some irons on the wall and hang some wicker baskets to store your stuff. Besides, provide a neat look it also can enhance your bathroom look.
If you don’t have space to store your towels, you can use rattan baskets and then attach them to the wall. Arrange your towels on there and it would be more reachable.

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This standing storage cabinet has extra large storage in your small bathroom. This saves more space so you don’t need a lot of shelves for items.
This open shelf is placed over the toilet is able to save space in your small bathroom but very functional to keep your bathroom stuff. It keeps your things well organized.
Take advantage of wooden boards for the storage space in your small bathroom will over some benefits for the bathroom organization ideas. These wooden boards can function as the open floating shelf and it can be used to store your stuff. To make it more organized, you can add wire baskets to keep your toilet paper and towels.
Utilize the awkward space in your small bathroom for the storage space idea. In this case, you can use some wooden boards and install them vertically to save space. So that your stuff can be put there for easy to find.

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Floating shelves become the first alternative to smart storage in a small bathroom. They really save space because they are placed on the wall. Thus, you still have free space under the shelves. White floating shelves fit well on a dark wall as we have in the gallery. Furthermore, some people may opt for open racks to store their stuff. This kind of storage keeps every stuff and clean towels well. Placing the rack over the closet may also be the option to make a functional space in the bathroom.

On the other hand, you can have some drawers as smart storages. See-through-plastic drawers offer you visible and reachable storage that you can put under the sink. Store your small things inside to get them tidy. In addition, for a rustic or farmhouse bathroom style, consider a wooden storage ladder. It has spots to hang your towels or display items. Wait! A bathtub with extra storage looks great as well. Look at that, you can store the stuff and skip to have some shelves or racks. What an incredible storage idea it is! Now, get the one that fits your bathroom.

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