10 Authentic Farmhouse Bathroom Décor Ideas

Farmhouse-style decor can make any room feel homier. Thanks to authentic items that can bring up that cozy feeling even to a bathroom. A little farmhouse charm here and there creates a relaxing ambience. Here are some of those ideas.

Large Wooden Mirrors

A mirror can make a major impact if you place it correctly. It also can be a focal point in the bathroom. You can give an authentic farm touch by adding a simple wooden frame on your mirror, perhaps using the same wooden material on the shelves and vanity. It can give a nice continuous look to the entire room.

To give an authentic farmhouse touch to your bathroom, using a large wooden mirror is the best solution that you can try. In addition, complete it with wooden vanity to strengthen the natural vibe. Image Rectangular wooden frame from sunrisespecialty.
A large wooden mirror in rectangular shape will make a good bathroom décor. To strengthen the farmhouse vibe, you can use wooden vanity and paint in natural color. Image Large wooden mirror from sunrisespecialty.

Brass Accent

Farmhouse interior does not always have to be wood. You can also add brass bathroom accessories to make a shining statement. For example, a silver toilet paper holder, golden faucet, or even a dark brass shower. The luxurious color makes a subtle accent to a warm room.

Brass accents can also be one of the characteristics of a farmhouse, you can use them through a gold faucet. This gold touch will appear a luxurious look and make the farmhouse bathroom more elegant. Image Golden faucet from bhg.
Use a few brass accents on your faucet and sink for an authentic farmhouse bathroom decor. Combine them with a vintage clawfoot bathtub to get a harmonious look. Image Brass sink and faucet from bhg.

Green planter

Freshen any casual bathroom by adding green plants. You can have three or five mason jars filled with small plants or flowers. It can be placed inside a wooden box anywhere in the bathroom. Either real or fake, it is a nice idea that you can put together yourself.

Even though it is just a small indoor plant, but it can bring a different look to your farmhouse bathroom decor. It can freshen up your bathroom look. Image Indoor plant from apartmenttherapy.
To give a beautiful look in the farmhouse bathroom, put a white flower arrangement in the white vase, and see how it can make your bathroom looks different. Image White flower from beckiowens.

Wooden Open Shelves

Why not enhance a farmhouse-style with a few floating wooden shelves. You can have them arranged in tiers. They can save space, add a rustic feel, and also have decorative items.

Open wooden shelves you can put in your bathroom. Use wood to add a rustic feel. To save space, you can install it vertically on the wall above the bathtub. Image White open shelves from decoist.
For your farmhouse bathroom, the open shelves with wooden material are highly recommended. You can paint it in white color to get a harmonious look with the shiplap walls. Image Wooden open shelves from decoist.

Wicker Basket

These large baskets with brownish color make a great addition to your bathroom. They are versatile and come in different sizes. It can be extra storage for dirty clothes, bathroom accessories, towels, and even candles.

The long, narrow shape is the right size for storing hand towels and extra towels. Use wicker baskets as a storage container that is simple but looks attractive. It can create authentic bathroom decor. Image Small rattan basket from bhg.
The wicker basket holds several towels when rolled up. To maximize the function of this simple towel display, you can place it on the wall of the room. Image Large wicker basket from homebnc.

Farmhouse bathroom decor can be overwhelming due to its large size. Make use of the wall and add small fixtures for an authentic feel without overdoing it. The items above can be a great idea, to begin with. Happy decorating.

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