10 Simple Yet Proper Small Apartment Decoration Ideas You Can Apply

Decorating a room is an exciting activity. Moreover, decorating the room with the best decorations that can make the room more beautiful and more comfortable. If you live in an apartment, then you can do living room decor, bedroom decor, kitchen decor, or also balcony decor if your apartment is complete with a balcony. However, many people feel confused about how they will decorate the apartment. Whereas, you can do simple yet proper apartment decoration there.

In decorating an apartment that you have, especially if you have a small apartment, it’s actually an easy thing to do. Maybe you’re just confused about how to start it. Whereas, you can start by determining the concept or theme, then choosing the right furniture and also placing beautiful ornaments in the apartment. By considering some of these things, then you can more easily decorate the small apartment that you have. And for that, we present a few pictures from the small apartment decoration below that can be your inspiration.

Placing a simple sofa and coffee table at the corner of the apartment living room will save space and make your small apartment looks spacious. This is the right furniture arrangement for limited space. You can complete it with a rug in a geometric pattern to create an attractive look. Image Grey sofa from apartmenttherapy.
Installing a wall decoration in the form of painting art for the apartment will be the simple ornament to beautify your living space. You can complete it with some greenery to freshen up the atmosphere. Image Apartment ornament from apartmenttherapy.
Applying the minimalist and open space apartment design is a great idea to create a cozy atmosphere. Just place simple furniture and it will not make your small apartment looks cramped. Image Minimalist apartment design from apartmenttherapy.
Decorate the living room of the apartment with a tribal patterned rug will make your small apartment looks attractive and eye-catching. Besides that, the soft texture of the rug will add a coziness to your living room. Image Tribal rug from apartmenttherapy.
If you like a simple yet warm small apartment design, you can apply a white color scheme and give a touch of brown and beige colors. In this case, you can place a beige sofa and a brown coffee table, then strengthen the warm vibe by using a wooden floor. Image Apartment design from apartmenttherapy.
Comfortable sofas and chairs, a patterned rug, and a glass coffee table make the room looks minimalist but modern. To have a decent space in your small apartment, the circular furniture arrangement is highly recommended. Image Apartment furniture from apartmenttherapy.
Giving a pop of color for your small apartment is a good idea to make reduce a boring look and make it more beautiful decoration. Related to that, the blue sofa can be your choice for your apartment furniture. Getting a matching look by completing it with a blue rug. Image Blue sofa from apartmenttherapy.
To get a bright look, change the color in your small apartment with white color. Apply this color for the whole of your walls and it can illuminate your small room to look brighter and larger. Image Apartment color scheme from apartmenttherapy.
It will be more comfortable and fresh if you place some indoor plants in your apartment. There are many kinds of indoor plants that your place inside the apartment. You can adjust it to your room and taste, For example, the palm plant is suitable to bring a tropical vibe. Image Indoor plant from apartmenttherapy.
Shades of white and open scape design is suitable for the small apartment. To make an airy atmosphere, don’t place too much furniture. Just place a long comfortable sofa in grey color and a simple round coffee table. For your storage idea, you can place a low cabinet that has a sleek look. Image Minimalist apartment design from grafomap.

There are many ideas that you can apply as your small apartment decoration. Like the pictures above, it’s a simple yet proper small apartment decoration idea that you can copy. An easy way you can do is to put small furniture in your apartment. Or you can also use multifunctional furniture that has many uses there. And if the room inside your apartment looks monotonous and unattractive, then you can place accessories there as a sweetener.

So, decorating a small apartment is an easy thing to do. With a small size, you also don’t need to buy a lot of furniture to be placed there. With that, the budget you spend on decorating the apartment will be less. However, the most important thing you must remember is to keep the apartment neat and clean. Because it will make you feel more comfortable to live in your small apartment.

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