15 Tips for Fun Apartment Decorating

Do you feel like you need more apartment decorating ideas, regardless of the size of your living space? A considerable portion of decorative additions in your apartment makes it look not only much more appealing but also homey and comfortable to stay for a long time. See some of the winning ideas below!

1. Paint Options

Painting ideas the apartment can be done on a lot of stuff other than the walls, for instance, the furniture or accessories like the nightstand and bed frame. We suggest going for one or two colors only to prevent unwanted clashes in the apartment’s decorative overall balance.

The touch of pastel colors on the sofa and this faux fur blanket is a beautiful color combination that can be applied to your first fun apartment decoration. These two colors are perfected with striped wall wallpapers with matching color choices so they don’t make the room feel tacky and easily boring. Ceiling and white floors become an elegant color balancer. Pink sofa with pastel blue faux fur blanket from apartmenttherapy.

If you want a bedroom with a pleasant atmosphere, then you can use several different interior colors. For example, you can use floral wallpaper with a green background, yellow velvet curtains and orange chairs which are a very useful part of the bedroom interior. Green plants that are large enough are also an additional natural color that can blend more perfectly in one room. Colorful interior bedroom from apartmenttherapy.

The nuances of the purple bedroom make the room in it feel calmer and seem neutral, you can add another color through the use of a wooden nightstand which is repainted in light blue. Furthermore, various bedding patterns can be the focal point of a room that is never boring. Hanging macramé that is large enough to be a unique wall decoration that you can get in stores or can also be purchased online. Purple bedroom with blue nightstand from apartmenttherapy.

2. Rug Trick

Placing a rug in the apartment or any other space, in general, helps to broaden the space illusion as well as give a touch of sophistication. You can go for two stacks of rug with a neutral-colored carpet underneath and a statement rug on top of it.

Geometric pattern rug coated with faux fur rug on it becomes the idea of ​​living room footwear that will provide warmth and comfort for your feet in winter. You can place this patterned rug with a combination of black and brown under the faux fur rug. Because this faux fur rug has a splash of white, you can also use a matching colored sofa so as not to damage the color tone of this elegant-looking room. Combination of geometric rug with faux fur rug from apartmenttherapy.

The two layers of rugs in this living room have splashes of different colors and themes, you can put monochromatic rugs under vintage rugs with bolder colors like red. These two layers of rug are suitable when applied in a Scandinavian-style living room which is dominated by the use of natural wood furniture that has been re-polished so that it looks more shiny and of course has a smoother surface. Monochromatic rug with vintage rug from apartmenttherapy.

There is nothing wrong with using a double rug with a different pattern to coat your wooden floor. You can use and choose rugs with neutral colors so that they will be more united when applied in the same room. You can perfect the balance of these two rugs with plain neutral colored sofas and chairs and a transparent glass coffee table with a round shape that looks elegant and sweet. Two neutral colored patterned rugs from apartmenttherapy.

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3. Storage Smarts

With the limited size of your apartment, managing apartment storage wisely is extremely important for a consistently neat look. Besides, your storage will also make a room feel less cramped and remove you from buying more add-on storage units. Make sure the storage containers are easily accessible, though.

You can use the corner of the room that is not used properly in this dining room decoration as a storage idea by installing a vertical built-in shelf made of slim wood. This corner shelf can be used to store large amounts of cutlery. The use of glass doors on this shelf keeps your cutlery from dust and insects. Vertical corner rack dining room from decoist.

Do you have a minimalist apartment decor with limited floor space? If so, then you can use a divider room which is equipped with a storage rack that can be used to put some decorative items that can be seen in your living room or bedroom. This shelf divider is one of the most multifunctional room interiors and must be tried. Divider room with built-in shelf from decoist.

Take advantage of the empty living room wall as a wall mounted shelf that you can use to organize your books or magazines in a neat and orderly manner. This wall shelf has several levels that you can use according to your needs, for example, you can use the top shelf to put and store books that are rarely read. Wall mounted bookshelf from decoist.

4. Statement Piece

Speaking of statement rug, it’s highly recommended to put another statement piece in the apartment to create a focal point. Some ideas for you include that mid-century modern dining table or elegant emerald green sofa.

If the leather rug layer is not enough to be used as a focal point in your living room decoration, then choose and use an emerald green sofa which has a bolder color and is perfect when combined with some natural wood interiors. White walls and sunlight entering through the glass windows are the color balance in this living room. Leather emerald green sofa from apartmenttherapy.

Are you displaying furniture that can be used as a focal point in white living room decorations? A green sofa with glossy material is one of the most appropriate furniture choices, you can also cover the floor area with a neutral colored rug with comfortable and thick materials. This sofa is lined with two throw pillows with matching materials and colors, making the surface softer and suitable for lying down on weekends. Shiny green sofa from apartmenttherapy.

The wooden dining table set is a suitable furniture idea to fill a mid-century modern dining room decoration which is perfected by the use of a big pendant lamp and shutter window. Paint and re-polish this dining table set using wood colors for a cleaner, glossy look. This mid century dining table is equipped with iron legs so that it is more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Wooden dining table set from architecturaldigest.

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5. Gallery Display

Show off your books, artworks, or any collection of decorative objects into a neat arrangement that can always give the much-needed mementos. No need to go for a luxury and expensive apartment cabinet! The key lies in how you’re going to arrange the collection into a feast for the eyes.

Don’t let your white walls appear plain and boring, now you can hang some frame paintings with different shapes and themes to decorate the decor of your small apartment dining room. This painting consists of beautiful natural landscapes and facial patterns. The presence of green plants placed on the table makes the wood a perfect accent that can be easily obtained. Face painting with natural landscape painting from domino.

This navy blue wall decorated with a number of colored and black and white paintings will make your apartment bedroom decoration more beautiful and not easily boring. You can hang a large number of these painting frames, but pay attention to how to hang the frame not too far or too close to keep it looking neat. Color painting and black and white painting from domino.

Or if you like monochromatic living room decorations, then you can use frame paintings with black and white splashes. This painting will be a wall decoration idea that will never go out of style, you can complete it with a side table that is used to place a geometric ceramic pot filled with low-maintenance indoor green plants. Monochromatic color wall painting from domino.

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