5 Recommended Tips to Improve Your Apartment Studio Now

People living in an apartment studio often refrain from putting more stuff or decorate the space more than it already is. Though there are lots of ways, you can try to increase the unit atmosphere without adding more expenses and taking up more space! If you’re ready to carve out your studio into a highly homey living space, our ideas below may help you.

1. Try Double-Duty or Convertible Furniture

Those living in generally smaller space also opt for double-duty or convertible furniture pieces. With their capability to merge one or two functions into one piece only, it’s guaranteed you’ll save more space and efficiency in the apartment.

A level coffee table equipped with storage underneath is one of the highly recommended furniture for decorating an apartment living room with limited space. At the bottom of this table you can store some of your favorite books and magazines for a neater living room look and of course not scattered everywhere. Hardwood material is the best choice because it has a softer surface and is not easily porous. Tier coffee table with book storage from countryliving.

The next furniture that can be tried in decorating your studio apartment is the use of a convertible tufted sofa that can be used according to your resting needs, for example, you can use this sofa during the day to relax while enjoying the snacks or drinks provided. Meanwhile, at night you can use it as a bed because it has a softer and warmer surface. Convertible tufted sofa from countryliving.

2. Make Use of Every Corner

Ensure you’re efficiently optimizing every corner of the apartment, because they’ll help to add additional areas needed at those moments when you only need a tiny amount of space.

Make the corner of the room in your apartment more useful properly in order to maximize the efficient use of the room, now you can use this corner of the room to place a desk design that has a slim size and is equipped with a splash of neutral color. Decorate the top surface of this desk with a transparent glass vase filled with greenery. Choose and use a chair with wheels to make it easier for you to move according to your needs. Corner slim desk from countryliving.

The sofa that is placed in the corner of this room becomes a studio apartment living room idea that you can try because it maximizes the use of the room for the better. You can complement it with several other interiors in moderation to get a wider floor area. A coffee table and two chairs are a combination of living room furniture that is very often used to gather with guests or your family who come. Corner living room decor from hgtv.

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3. Turn Your Bed into a Daybed

Feel free to upgrade the function of your bed into a daybed that’ll allow you to use it as an extra seating option. Either you’re replacing the current mattress with new apartment daybed or researching for ways to do it yourself; you’ve done yourself a great deal of improving the apartment space!

There is nothing wrong with changing the use of a mattress with a daybed because this idea is intended so that the use of your apartment can work better and more efficiently. In addition, this daybed can also be used as an additional comfortable sitting area because it is equipped with a soft surface and several throw pillows that can be used as comfortably as possible. Cover the daybed with several thick duvet covers for maximum warmth. Daybed with throw pillow from thespruce.

Instead of using a mattress with a daybed to adjust your apartment bedroom so that you get maximum comfort. In addition, the daybed also has a smaller size and can also be used as an additional sitting area when needed. The advantage of using this daybed is that you can put small items that are easily lost in the built-in pull-out drawer under this daybed. Daybed with built-in drawer from extraspace.

4. Try a Loft

If you’re still in the middle of an apartment search, try to search for a loft-style apartment that comes divided into two levels separating the bed and storage underneath. If you already live in your current apartment and have tall ceilings, consider asking the landlord whether building a small second level is possible.

This apartment with a loft design is the best choice you can try. The advantage of using an attic apartment is that it saves more floor area, creating the impression of a wider and open room. For example, when you use the attic for a bed then right under the attic can be used for other rooms such as toilets and kitchens, isn’t that impressive. Bed in the loft from thespruce.

A loft bed equipped with built-in storage underneath becomes a smart interior that you can use to complement the decor of your studio apartment. In addition to having a more minimalist size, this loft bed with storage is also one of the furniture that functions double. Use the wall area to store books by installing metal hanging shelves. Loft bed with storage underneath from thespruce.

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5. Use Curtains to Define Your Space

Adding curtain divider isn’t only helpful in defining each area in the unit but also give you the needed privacy when someone comes over.

If the permanent wood plank divider takes up too much space in your apartment decor, then using a curtain divider is a smart idea that you can easily try. You can install this curtain in the bedroom apartment decoration so that the room is more private and not seen by many people when your guests or family visit. Choose and use curtains with colors and patterns according to the style of your apartment, white curtains are the best choice that you can try. Neutral color curtain divider from hgtv.

The high curtain that is installed on the ceiling of this apartment will be a very useful room divider and of course very easy to try. This curtain can be installed between the bedroom decor and the living room as a room divider that is often visited by your guests. Open the curtains when you want to get a more open atmosphere. Ceiling curtain divider from thespruce.

We hope one of the five recommended studio apartment ideas earlier help you.


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