29 Smart Storage to Make Your Apartment Studio Spacious

We love buying clothes, shoes, and other knick-knacks and things will get accumulated quickly. This can be a problem if you live in an apartment studio. With limited space to keep them, you need to learn to better use the space without sacrificing style. Check out these ideas for some inspiration.

Have hooks on the wall

Having hooks on the wall is super handy. You can hang everything on them, from pans and woks in your kitchen to keys and coats by the entrance door. You will be amazed at how much space you save with a few hooks on the wall.

Stick something to the wall to be a smart storage solution so it’s ready for every coat and accessory. This wall-mounted hook can be an easy choice. Wall-mounted hook from marthastewart.

The hooks on the wall can be used to store towels or anything you want. This storage idea is suitable to save the floor or for extra storage in the apartment. Wall hooks from marthastewart.

This apartment mudroom uses a very useful decoration. Wall hooks are used to hang jackets and bags. Add a basket for extra storage for a lovely decoration. Wall hooks and whit basket from marthastewart.

Metal mailboxes offer a stylish way to organize your mudrooms. The hooks provide the perfect place to hang coats and umbrellas. Hooks provide storage from marthastewart.

Determine a storage area at the entrance for each member of your home. Use an interesting and unique decoration like this metal hook. You can hang your coat or your bag so your apartment will look tidy. Metal hooks from apartmenttherapy.

Use the free wall space of your apartment entrance with additional storage. Adding hooks to empty wall space is a brilliant idea to hang your coat on. Free wall with hooks from apartmenttherapy.

Put wall mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are the ultimate furniture when it comes to saving space. It doesn’t take up valuable floor space. It can be installed anywhere around your apartment studio where you have walls, from the kitchen to the dining and living room, even your bedroom!

If you have limited space in your apartment, consider using a blank wall to create wall-mounted shelves to store and display your collection as well. Wall-mounted shelves from hgtv.

This wall-mounted custom wooden shelf offers geometric beauty in the decoration of your apartment studio. In addition to decoration, you can save your favorite glass and wine collection. Wooden shelf from hgtv.

This wall-mounted bookshelf is another great way to determine the area and create extra storage space in your apartment studio. Wall-mounted library from hgtv.

This apartment entryway has wooden wall shelves to store some of your belongings with ease. Combining with a hook and cabinet will provide extra storage. Wooden wall shelves from hgtv.

Wooden wall shelves and simple pipes are also the right solutions for the storage idea of your apartment. Apart from storage space, with books, they can lift the display nicely. Wooden wall shelves and pipe from apartmenttherapy.

Adding this wall-mounted shelf will give your apartment a neat decor. Put some collection of books and keep it on the shelf for a good display. Wall-mounted shelf from apartmenttherapy.

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Put racks inside of cabinets

Having racks inside your cabinets is a huge help to declutter your stuff. It’s applicable everywhere around the apartment studio. For example, racks inside kitchen cabinets come in handy to organized spice jars. When placed inside bathroom cabinets, these racks can be used to keep your cleaning equipment or other smaller items.

Give your shelves an element of privacy with doors that can be closed. Spacious shelves can accommodate groceries and daily necessities. Shelves Cabinet from diynetwork.

Adding a shelf in this pull-out cabinet can be used to store some food ingredients easily. In this way, you will an organized apartment kitchen decor. Pull-out cabinet from diynetwork.

Using shelves in a cupboard is a great idea for storing all the dry items in your apartment kitchen. You can store your kitchen supplies according to the type so you will easily find what you need. Wire racks inside cupboard from diynetwork.

For a modern twist, add a pull-out shelf for maximum look. It is the perfect storage addition to your apartment kitchen. Pull-out shelf from diynetwork.

It has a wider shelf to hold larger items and practical storage to keep the kitchen supplies neat. When closed, the door continues the cabinet and baselines for smooth results on other units. Orange cabinet from housebeautiful.

Using a cabinet equipped with shelves in it will create a neat room decoration. You can store several ingredients easily. Cabinet with shelves from housebeautiful.

Add storage to your bathroom

Bathroom storage help keeping toiletries and bathroom supplies organized. They come in a variety of types and sizes too, from cabinets to wall mounted shelving units. When everything is kept or hidden in the right place, your bathroom will look like Basket storage in your bathroom is a cheap and clever way to keep everything organized.

Installing a floating rack and towel hanger above this toilet is one of the space-saving storage solutions that will make it easier for you. Floating rack and towel hanger from apartmenttherapy.

This ladder storage rack is an efficient use of space that makes it impossible to install a cabinet or other large storage. Ladder storage rack from apartmenttherapy.

You can use the empty open wall space in this bathroom to install a floating shelf that can store your toiletries and is easily accessed. Floating shelf from apartmenttherapy.

This wooden shelf above the toilet provides storage in your small bathroom. Adding a few wicker baskets will add extra storage. Wicker baskets from apartmenttherapy.

The wooden storage unit which occupies the free space in the bathroom is very practical. You can easily store several items in your bathroom. Wooden storage from apartmenttherapy.

Bathroom storage helps you organize your toiletries. Under-sink storage with an added basket is a smart choice for organizing things. Under-sink storage with wicker basket from apartmenttherapy.

In this tiny bathroom, a small built-in shelf can greatly affect the entire room. Built-in shelf from apartmenttherapy.

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Use hanging shoe organizers

Hanging shoe organizers are cheap, and you can use them for more than shoes. These organizers can be installed behind the door, against the wall, or even inside your wardrobe. Put whatever you want in there, from underwear to fashion accessories.

This hanging shoe bag installed behind the door is smart storage that you can try. They are able to accommodate quite a large collection of your shoes according to the size of the door itself. Hanging shoe bag behind the door from thespruce.

This shoe hanger offers storage in a simple way. The vertical system makes this shoe hanger an option to save space in your apartment studio. Vertical shoe hanger from momooze.

Using the often overlooked back door space is the best way to make the most of a small apartment. Use a simple iron to hang or store your shoes. Vertical iron shoes storage from momooze.

If you don’t have much room, the only place to go is behind the door. You can use a plastic bag with some pockets to hang your shoes on. Plastic shoe storage from momooze.

Arranging and decorating an apartment studio becomes much easier with smart storage. Have fun!

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