Apartment Decor Ideas for A Small Space

They say less is more. Smaller apartments mean that your day to day cleaning becomes a lot easier and less time-consuming. But, having a small apartment can be a challenge when it comes to arranging stuff without making it stuffy. As such, apartment decor for a small space requires some hacks. Check out these fresh apartment decor ideas to help you improve your small space aesthetic.

Pick One Dominant Color

Different color schemes in one room reinforce the idea that your space is separated into different sections. So, if your apartment is already small, this will make your room look even narrower. To avoid this, pick one color for most areas of the room. Sure, you can spice it up with different colors here and there, but keep it minimal to still make it feel spacious.

The blue tones in this apartment room create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere throughout the room. Combined with white furniture will provide the perfect contrast and steal the attention of many people. Room dividers equipped with storage shelves will give a neat appearance and avoid clutter. Blue tones apartment from hgtv.

White is a color that can be combined with any color. This eggshell white makes a clean modern apartment statement. Combined with some green plants, it will give a fresh and natural impression to the room. These high floor-to-ceiling curtains give the illusion of a wider and taller room. Wooden floors will also warm the atmosphere in the living room of your apartment. Eggshell white living room from hgtv.

Curtains Instead of Doors

When it comes to apartment decor for a small space, curtains are always a better option than doors. It gives enough privacy when needed, but also offers flexibility at the same time. Besides, it’s much cheaper than the doors.  

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If you must install a door for better privacy, opt for a sliding door. Built to glide horizontally along the wall, the sliding door is more space-efficient than the more common swing doors.

Replacing the door with curtains will bring a stylish touch to the room and steal the attention of many people. Choosing mustard provides the perfect contrast to this patterned blue wallpaper. Wooden floors will also give a warm touch and have a natural impression to your room. Mustard curtain from apartmenttherapy.

Choosing sliding doors for this small apartment idea gives a stylish touch to the room and steals the attention of many people. Sliding doors are more space efficient than the more common swing doors. You can also use sliding glass doors to create a stylish look. Combine with a leather sofa will give a different look. Glass sliding doors from housebeautiful.

Use Smart Storage

For a small apartment decor, smart storage is everything. Use the otherwise empty space to keep your things away from sight. For example, make storage under the bed. You can make a custom storage unit integrated into your bed frame or simply place a set of risers to create space for storage underneath your bed. Wall-mounted shelving is also a great way to use your vertical space for more storage.

The space under the bed can be interesting storage for you to try. You can use it to store books under the bed which can eliminate piles of books in all areas of your home. Books will be organized and easier to find. In addition, it will produce a stylish and neat apartment bedroom decoration. Book storage under bed form homebnc.

Compared to using walls that only serve to divide the room, using shelves can create room dividers as well as storage areas. You can use cube storage ideas to create the perfect room design that will create a neat and uncluttered room. Choose vertical storage for more storage. Adding a wicker basket gives extra storage to your apartment design. Dividers with storage from homebnc.

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Opt for Multifunction Furniture

Furniture that serves double functions is a big life-saver in small apartments. When shopping for a dining table, for instance, pick one that allows multipurpose use. For example, it can be a place to eat and also a desk for working at home. In terms of seating, there are a lot of options that offer double tasks, such as a pouf with storage, or an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.

This furniture consists of several versatile pieces that can be combined and configured in various ways. Starting from a folding dining table that you can use as a work desk, it gives a double function to your small apartment. This is a design that makes this tiny apartment look spacious. Complementing the look with a few chairs will complete the decor of your room. Folding dining table from apartmenttherapy.

This ottoman coffee table is a big lifesaver in a small apartment. You can also use this for extra chairs which will give the room a stylish look. This idea is a stylish living room look and steals the attention of many people. This gray sofa and wooden armchair add a touch of comfort to your living room. Ottoman coffee table from mydomaine.

Change Your Layout

Refresh your small space by rearranging your furniture. Switch up the layout and be surprised by how much it can improve your apartment functionality and overall nuance. Finding the best apartment layout might be a little tricky, but don’t be afraid to move things around and see which works best for your space. Here’s a little tip: move your furniture away from the door.

You can replace the walls of your apartment with white which has the innate ability to visually expand the space. Arranging the living room and dining room in one room that will give an elegant look for you to try in your apartment decor. Book storage on the wall will give a neat look to your room decor. Living room and dining room combo from homedit.

Choose furniture carefully while maintaining a smaller scale but still comfortable and stylish. This comfortable flat sofa doesn’t make the room feel cramped. You can also combine your work office to maximize the space in this small apartment. The white color scheme and the chevron-patterned wood flooring provide the perfect contrast and warmth to the room. Small apatment decor from homedit.

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When freshened up with the right apartment decor ideas, even a small apartment can be nice and cozy. Have fun decorating yours!



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