Moving to Your First Apartment: 5 Decorating Tips to Try

Moving into your first apartment or house can be a big deal for first-timers, and you may forget anything about decorating since you’re too focused on arranging and placing everything in its place. If you think you’re up for some enhanced look to improve the apartment, we present several workable ideas to try below.

1. Buy Budget-Friendly Essentials

Decorating doesn’t always mean expensive or pricey stuff for the sake of a beautiful look. You can go for affordable yet cute apartment essentials like scented candles, paperweight, or light string to decorate the apartment. They may look small and don’t boost the look much. However, additions here and there will please the eyes whenever they go.

If you need cheap lighting in apartment bedroom decorations, then you can use a bulb string light that is applied to the red brick wall. Choose this string light with orange lighting to give a warm and dramatic impression when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel dark. This lamp does not consume a lot of electrical energy so it is cheaper and affordable. Bulb string light with orange glow from apartmenttherapy.

So that you feel relaxed when you are in the living room, then you can put a few scented candles to give a fragrant aroma throughout the room evenly. You can use these scented candles with your family or guests who come to the apartment, these accent candles have a selling price that is not too expensive so it is more affordable and does not cost a lot of expenses. String light is a very cheap and precise lighting idea. Scented candles on the coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

Complete the decor of your monochromatic apartment dining room with a glass string light that is applied right on the shiny white dining table. This lamp is able to have white lighting so it is more effective to use at night. Transparent glass windows are a source of sunlight that you can make the best use of, you can try it now. Glass string light on the dining table from apartmenttherapy.

2. Master the Art of Paint

A fresh coat of bright apartment paints on the walls, furniture, or accessories works wonders. You only need to choose the best colors that pair well with other parts of the rooms and make sure to grab high-quality paints that’ll withstand the time and changes in temperature.

Abstract paintings that have the same color as the walls in your apartment are the best choices that you can hang right above the marble fireplace. You can choose abstract paintings to add to the wall art that is so beautiful and never goes out of style. The wall scones lamp that is applied around the wall of this abstract painting can be used as a bright room lighting. Abstract painting that has the same color as the wall from housebeautiful.

Don’t let apartment wall decorations look plain and boring, you can install and hang an abstract canvas painting that is large enough as a room decoration idea that can be applied anywhere when needed. The use of a sofa with a bold color is the perfect combination that you can combine in the same room to add a color to the room that is so fun and passionate. Combination of canvas painting with sofa bold color from housebeautiful.

When you use a wall with white paint, the thing you can do is hang a colorful abstract painting with a size large enough to be applied to the top of the fireplace and made as an accent decoration for a beautiful and unusual focal point. You can place blooming flowers on the coffee table as a fresh additional decoration and of course able to give a fragrant aroma around your living room. Colorful hanging abstract painting from housebeautiful.

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3. DIY When You Can

If spending money is not on your itinerary, go for DIY apartment furniture that you can customize according to your preference and creativity! Take advantage of old and unused things and use them to spark inspiration.

Are you going to live for the first time in apartment decoration ? If so, then you can maximize the use of wood that is not used to be used as a DIY wooden candle holder that has been re-polished so that it looks shiny and not worn. For a slightly luxurious look when placed on the dining table then cover it with shiny metallic at the bottom, you can try this idea easily without having to spend a lot of money. DIY wooden candle holder from homebnc.

The next DIY idea that you can apply in decorating your first apartment is to hang plywood shelves on one part of the wall that is still empty and unused. This shelf can be used to store some of your favorite books so that they are easier to find when they are going to be read to accompany your weekend days. No need to repaint these hanging shelves for a more natural look. DIY plywood hanging shelves from homebnc.

To save costs when decorating your first apartment, use a standing wooden TV stand that has been repainted using white so it looks cleaner and more modern. This dresser TV stand is also equipped with storage underneath so that it can be better utilized according to your needs. This indoor plant next to the TV stand is a refreshing room decoration and of course it has very low maintenance. DIY wooden TV stand from homebnc.

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4. Add Something Old

Speaking of old things at home, you can also opt for affordable second-hand apartment furniture that is undoubtedly unbeatable in terms of vintage values. Take time to visit the nearest flea markets and thrift stores to check out your selection without a fortune.

If you have limited money to decorate your first apartment, then just choose and use a used linen chair with a look that is still attractive and suitable when placed in your simple living room decoration. You can find some second hand furniture at flea markets at cheaper and very affordable prices. Second linen chair from remodelista.

Look at the use of a daybed in this first apartment, doesn’t it look more DIY and simple. This wooden daybed can be placed in the living room by adding soft pillows so that it can be used as a more comfortable sitting area. Although it has a slightly shabby appearance, this wooden daybed also has a material that is harder and not easily porous, of course, you can try this used furniture idea to save on expenses. Second-hand daybed furniture from remodelista.

The design of this shabby wooden dining table set is perfect for making cheap furniture ideas to complement your first apartment decor. When you buy it at a flea market then do the polishing and repainting for a cleaner and shiny appearance, some of these candle holders on the dining table are lighting ideas that can be used when eating with your family or your friends who come to the apartment. Second-hand shabby wood dining table set from remodelista.

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5. Upgrade the Wall with Arts

There’s a reason why artistic displays are highly sought-after. If your walls are too plain to look at, feel free to hang some apartment wall art ideas like abstract paintings, music album covers, and family pictures to breathe more attractive visuals.

When you want to use abstract paintings in decorating the living room of the apartment, choose a color that matches your current wall paint. White is always the best choice that you can try, this abstract painting has a little splash of other colors such as pink so it looks more beautiful and can also be used as the focal point of this modern living room. Abstract paintings dominated by white from countryliving.

Beautifying the appearance of the apartment walls with a painting is the right idea. You can hang a simple painting that has artistic value that will spoil the eyes of everyone who sees it. Choose and use a rainbow color painting to add color to the room as well as liven up your plain white walls. Rainbow color wall painting from countryliving.

Abstract paintings with two different colors are the best choice that you can hang on the walls of the entryways as a warm welcome for your guests or family who visit your home. The appearance of this painting will be seen more optimally when you place green plants around it at a distance that is not too far away. Two colors abstract wall painting from countryliving.

We hope these ideas upon moving to your first apartment ideas above inspire you!

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