Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your First Apartment Decor

Moving into your first apartment can come at a high price. But don’t give up hope! Having a chic apartment decor in affordable ways is always possible. The key is knowing the tricks to help you save money without sacrificing style.

Keep it simple

Since it’s your first apartment, you’ll likely be moving to your next place in a few years. Therefore, it’s best to opt for items you can take with you when you move around. Think about durability and buy items you’ll love for years. Also, avoid oversized furniture to make moving a lot practical.

If you live in a first apartment, then choose and use some simple and not too expensive room furniture, for example, you can combine a wooden coffee table with a sofa and leather chairs that can be used as a comfortable relaxing area. Furthermore, you can also use a small wooden dresser to be used as a closed storage idea that can be used safely and protected from dust. Wooden coffee table with one sofa from mydomaine.

When you have apartment decorations with limited space, avoid using permanent dividers, now you can combine living room decorations with dining rooms in one room, which of course is perfected with some simple furniture that is not too big in size. Instead of using walls with glass windows that are large enough to enter more sunlight into the room. Simple living room and dining room furniture from mydomaine.

The last choice for furniture ideas in decorating your living room apartment is the use of a plywood coffee table with a linen sofa which is equipped with several throw pillows that can be used as an additional warm accent when the room feels cold. There’s nothing wrong with covering the wooden floor area with a geometric rug that has a modern style so that it never goes out of style. The nuances of the room that are dominated by gray make the room feel more spacious and neutral. Combination of plywood coffee table with linen sofa from mydomaine.

Go for multi-purpose furniture

Let’s be real. A few of us can afford a big apartment right after college. So, let’s assume your first apartment is small. To get your way around this, pick furniture that offers multifunctionality. For example, a sofa bed serves as a regular seat and can be transformed into a bed when a friend stays overnight. Furniture with hidden storage is also a great choice.

Choose and use a sectional sofa so that it can also be used as a comfortable and soft lying area. This sofa is also a sitting area for your guests and family who come to the house, choose a sofa color with a splash of more neutral colors such as gray to make it easier to combine with other interiors around it. The blanket is an additional accent that will make your body feel warmer when the weather in the room feels colder. Sectional sofa ideas from mydomaine.

So that the decoration of your living room apartment looks more minimalist, then you can use some multifunctional furniture that can double function better. For example, you can use a plywood coffee table which is equipped with empty space underneath which can be used as an open storage idea. This table is decorated with a white tray containing a gold vase and candle holder so that it looks more attractive. Multifunctional plywood coffee table from mydomaine.

Living room linen sofa equipped with pillows and blankets can be used as a resting area during the day or night according to your needs. Blankets and throw pillows are additional heating accents that you can use together. Wool blankets are the right choice of material and can be tried right now. Linen sofa with blanket and throw pillow from mydomaine.

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Frame Wall Decorations

Add personality to your apartment decor with wall decorations. Cheap ones, such as movie posters and printed photos, will do. To make them look neat and organized, give them frames and arrange them on an organized grid on your otherwise blank wall.

You can find cheap frames in dollar stores, department stores, or craft stores. Before hunting, pick a color scheme for the look you want to go for, so you’ll know what you’re looking for.

Don’t let the walls in your dining room apartment decoration appear plain and boring, you can use several painting frames with different themes and sizes as room views that seem artistic and not boring. The appearance of this painting frame is perfected with a floating shelf that is applied in the corner of the room with a beautiful and elegant triangular shape. Wall painting frames with different themes from mydomaine.

For a more attractive and elegant look in the apartment living room, you can decorate one part of the empty wall with a painting frame that has the same color and size. You can hang it with a distance that is not too far but still looks neat and not messy. Arrange and hang the painting frame just above the linen sofa so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Painting frames with adjustable spacing from thespruce.

Various wall paintings with different themes never fail in decorating an apartment living room that looks artistic and minimalist. When you have a wall design with a darker color, the hanging painting will also look clearer. A variety of different sizes provide its own beauty that can be created easily without the need for professionals. A variety of different paintings from thespruce.

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Upgrade Dinnerware

When you’re in college, one plate and one cup will do. But, now that you have your own place, you’ll have people coming over for dinner once in a while. So, invest in dinnerware. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You’ll find plenty of dinnerware options at any department store at various price ranges. So, pick a matching set that’s still in your budget. For cheaper options, try yard sales and flea markets.

If you need plate and glass storage in a minimalist apartment decor, then you can use the floor area by installing floating wooden racks and iron shelves equipped with hooks. You can store all these cutlery in the wall area neatly and orderly to save more floor area so that it can be used more widely and freely. Cutlery stored in the wall area from apartmenttherapy.

Plates, bowls and glasses consisting of one each are perfect for you, a student who occupies your first small apartment. The selection of cutlery that is quite minimal is intended so that it does not take up too much storage in the kitchen apartment decoration which will cause clutter and inefficient. You should be able to wash this cutlery directly after using it for eating and drinking. Minimal cutlery from apartmenttherapy.

You don’t need to use too many cutlery in your first apartment decoration to minimize the complicated moving of the apartment because there are too many tools to carry. In addition, you can also choose cutlery made of ceramic material to make it more sturdy and not easily broken when used for a long period of time, choose the color of this cutlery according to your wishes. Ceramic cutlery to taste from apartmenttherapy.

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Embrace Greenery

House plants make any space feel cozier, and they also help improve indoor air quality. Adding more plants helped you breathe easier while making your place look more grown-up. If you don’t feel like taking care of plants, artificial plants will do to improve the look of your apartment decor, although you’ll miss out on the clean air benefits.

You can apply a rubber tree that is tall enough to be used in a clay pot, then you can put it in the corner of the living room so it doesn’t interfere with the movement space while in this room. Not only rubber trees, you can also add other indoor green plants that are placed on the coffee table and a floating shelf that is installed right above your sofa. Do watering regularly so that your indoor plants do not wither. Green plant indoor decoration from society19.

If you have limited floor space, then take advantage of the wall area to hang some green plants using sticky pots that have a solid black color. One of the green plants that you can place in this living room area is fern plants which have low maintenance. Green chairs combined with pastel walls become a beautiful color combination when combined in the same room, you can try it to decorate a modern living room more optimally. Hanging pots of green plants from society19.

You can try several types of indoor green plants that are applied in decorating this living room without requiring too much expense because you can simply take them in your backyard. After that you can apply it on the coffee table, in the area of ​​the red brick wall and on the standing corner shelf made of hard iron. This indoor plant will grow well when it gets enough water and sunlight. Different types of indoor greenery from society19.

These tips will help make sure your first apartment decor looks nice without bleeding your wallet.


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