3 How to Match Neutral Color with Apartment Balcony Decor

Neutral color for apartment balcony décor will serve every dweller of the vertical housing well. They are classy and everlasting. That means you don’t need to repaint the apartment in every different season when opting for this color palette on the walls. That sounds so over budget but is also effective to save your time for other important things. You don’t want to waste time designing your dwelling, right?

Neutral colors have their advantage when it comes to matching with others. It is good news for a family of four that has color preferences. Here is how to match a neutral color to accommodate all apartment dwellers’ tastes.

Pick a Consistent Paint Color

A simple way to blend colors of the room is to use a consistent, neutral paint color for the flooring or walls. Whatever the color of the furniture, a dominant paint can blend all colors in your balcony, but it doesn’t have to be gray or white.

The tricky part lays in matching the neutral color with the color theme of the apartment. If you use a neutral color for the flooring, the balcony and indoor walls should have matching colors. Otherwise, you should think of a color that matches the indoor colors. It is to avoid a separate look of indoor and outdoor.

Make your white balcony apartment decoration more colorful and alive with the application of patterned pillowcases and rugs that have the same color, namely the combination of blue and white. Don’t forget to apply a large enough green plant in the corner of the room and a small lavender flower on a brown table for a fresher balcony look. Pillow cover and carpet with combination of blue and white color from digsdigs.

White is the favorite color of choice that can be applied to decorating your balcony apartment. Use various types of blooming flowers to add natural colors and of course make the balcony look prettier. Here you can also add a patterned pillowcase with a combination of white which is perfected with the faux fur blanket which makes the sofa surface warmer and softer. White nuance balcony with bold from floral color combination from digsdigs.

If you have a balcony apartment decoration with white nuances, then mix and match with the use of rattan outdoor furniture without repainting it so that it looks more natural and environmentally friendly. Try to choose a carpet tapestry to cover all the legs of the outdoor furniture for a more elegant balcony impression. The transparent glass fence will make it easier for you to see the garden view freely without being obstructed, you can try this balcony decoration easily without requiring a lot of expense. Neutral color of the balcony apartment with rattan furniture from digsdigs.

Some of the pastel colors used in the decor of this balcony apartment make it look more neutral and not easily boring. You can combine white with pastel blues in one room because these two colors will work well without providing a striking color contrast. String light is a lighting that you can use in the balcony because it has dim lights which makes the atmosphere around it more dramatic. The combination of white and pastel blue from digsdigs.

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Avoid Strong Dark Colors

Neutral color for apartment balcony décor does not blend with strong dark ones. The nature of neutral colors is soft and calm that cannot outdo strong colors. Besides, a strong neutral color will clash its counterpart. So, match the natural-colored flooring with white railings and trims, instead.

This natural color pallet wood floor is suitable when combined with furniture that has neutral colors such as white and gray. This apartment’s balcony decoration is equipped with glass windows that will help the lighting to enter the room freely, choose transparent glass as a source to see the outside scenery in your garden beautifully. Green plants add a fresh color addition. Wooden floors with neutral colored furniture from digsdigs.

Rattan furniture that appears naturally without repainting will look more unified when combined with some ornamental plants around it. In this balcony apartment decoration, you can cover the wooden floors with rattan woven rugs that have the same color as the furniture you are using. Use a pot holder made of wood scraps that are large enough and tall. Keep the pot color in order to make it look more elegant and minimalist. Rattan furniture idea from digsdigs.

The combination between white walls and wooden floors covered with gray patterned rugs makes your balcony decoration seem more calm and unobtrusive. Apply some green plants and rattan wall decorations that are hanging neatly and orderly. This balcony apartment will get sun rays in the morning so that it becomes a comfortable and more relaxing area for sunbathing because it is private so you don’t get interference from anyone. Neutral color decoration of the apartment balcony from digsdigs.

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Consider Sightlines

If you want a variety of wall colors, consider sightlines. It is common that you want a different color for this outdoor section, but it would be wacky if color clash happens between the balcony and the rooms that have a view from it. Thus, make sure the color theme of the balcony and those rooms’ walls work well together.

Match the feel of your balcony apartment with the inside of the room to match the color tones that blend perfectly. You can use several bright and neutral colors such as a combination of gray, white, brown and blue. This patterned rug in blue provides a vibrant color that makes the balcony decor more vibrant. Don’t forget to use some floor pots filled with green plants made of unused metal. This material will be more shiny and not easy to rust. Combinations of gray, white, brown and blue colors from digsdigs.

White is one of the colors that many people are interested in decorating a room, including the decoration of a balcony apartment. The carpet pattern and the color of the green plants give a lively impression which makes the balcony look more colorful and lively. Use part of the windows and glass doors to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere indoors. Rattan folding chairs are the right furniture that you can use. Shades of white balconies with green plant color from digsdigs.

Avoid using striking colors in a balcony apartment decor for an easily boring look. You can start from using a white sofa equipped with gray throw pillows, these two colors will work optimally without giving the impression of being monotonous. This wooden fence which is repainted with white color is equipped with a string bulb that will be the main lighting at night. Don’t forget to decorate the floor room with green plants placed in white pots of different sizes. Avoid using striking colors from digsdigs.

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Have your balcony followed those rules? If not, which method of matching neutral color for apartment balcony décor does apply to you?


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