Romantic Designs to Level Up Bedroom Apartment

When it comes to designing a bedroom with romantic nuance, there are a lot more choices than just satin sheets and a bed of flower petals. The key is to create a comfortable ambiance in every little detail. Pay attention in fabrics, color schemes, texture, and lighting. These are important elements for a passionate refresh.

Here we have some ideas you can copy to spice up your bedroom apartment with a romantic vibe.

Vary the Lighting

Adjusting the lights is a great start to set the mood. Go with a combination of varied lighting fixtures that offer different lights. For example, have a floor lamp, a gooseneck sconce, and an overhead fixture. For a more dramatic illumination, get fabric shades to diffuse the light or frosted glass shade. Having layers of lighting fixtures allow you to set the mood for romantic nights, but it also comes in handy when you need a task light for reading on the bed.

To give the impression of a bedroom that is more unique and different, you can use several different types of lights to make the room feel brighter and brighter. You can combine a chandelier with two table lamps placed on a nightstand. Use these two different types of lights at the same time at night. The combination of a chandelier with a table lamp from mydomaine.

Does your floor lamp not illuminate the room optimally at night? If so, then you can add a chandelier covered with a rattan wicker lampshade to give a very creative artistic impression. This transparent glass window which has a size large enough to be a source of sunlight that will enter the room easily without intermediaries, close some windows using curtains when the light enters too much. Floor lamp with wicker shade chandelier from mydomaine.

Adjust the use of lights in your bedroom decor with the size of the room to maximize lighting so that it can radiate throughout the room evenly. For example, you can try pendant chandeliers with chandeliers that have a modern and contemporary style. This modern lamp has a splash of gold color that gives the impression of luxury without being too much. Green plants are a room decoration idea that brings an outdoor feel to the bedroom decor. The combination of pendant lamp with chandeliers from mydomaine.

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Go for a Darker Backdrop

While pink and red are usually associated with passion and love, romance can go beyond that. Try a darker background for change and pair it with bumpy white sheets. Bedroom apartments with dark walls such as gray and black provide a better romance than bright and colorful ones. Very charming and looks very mature.

The masculine look in apartment bedroom decorations can be created easily, one of them is by using some dark colored interiors, including the wall paint that is currently used. Not only paint the walls, you can also use bedding and coffee tables in dark colors to perfect the masculine style this year, glass windows help the bedroom decor look brighter and seem spacious. Masculine wall paint bedroom from apartmenttherapy.

The black color in this bedroom is not only applied to the walls, you can also use bedding in the same color. The black wall becomes the background of the room which is easier to combine with other interiors around it, don’t forget to decorate the wall with hanging macramé which has a fairly large size. Black matte background wall from apartmenttherapy.

Not only using a solid black wall background, now you can also try dark gray combined with bedding and hanging lights that have clean white splashes. Decorate this wall with a small painting frame that has a shiny gold color. Vintage rugs are warm footwear and are highly recommended for modern bedroom decorations. Dark gray paint walls from apartmenttherapy.

Soften Up with Rugs

Add texture and softness to your bedroom with shag rugs and faux fur throws. These thick rugs feel so soft when your toes are sinking in it. Balance it out with calm colors that are not too tacky for a perfect romantic bedroom apartment.

The comfort of your feet while in the bedroom can be well guaranteed when you use a faux fur rug which has a neutral color like white so that it is easier to combine with other interiors around it. This rug certainly has a smoother and softer surface so that many people like it, besides that this rug is also suitable when applied to modern-style room decorations. White faux fur rug from apartmenttherapy.

If you choose faux fur as footwear in your bedroom, then choose a color that is in harmony with the other interiors around it. White is certainly the best color choice that will present a monochromatic style when combined with a jet black curtain. Similar materials can also be applied to the small bench in this room. Large faux fur rug from apartmenttherapy.

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Embrace Plants

Plants are often overlooked when it comes to decorating a romantic bedroom. Flowers are more popular options for this purpose. But as long as your bedroom has enough natural light, having one or two living plants can be a better option, especially because plants last longer than a bouquet of flowers.

The vines that are applied to this bedroom can be placed on a floating wooden rack so that it will display a more beautiful room decoration. Not only vines but you can also use floor plants with pots that are large enough to be used as room decorations that present a fresh and natural impression of nature. Combination of vines and floor plants from balconygardenweb.

Green plants are one of the decorations that are suitable to be applied in all rooms in your home decor, including the bedroom. You can choose several different types of green plants as a combination that is very liked by many people. Mosntera plant, fern and vines are a combination of low maintenance room decoration, making it easier for you to water and apply fertilizer regularly. Combination of monstera plant, fern and vines from balconygardenweb.

All in all, romantic design in a bedroom apartment is, first and foremost, about comfort for you and your partner. If you find these ideas interesting, be sure to share it with your partner!


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