Comfy and Stylish Neutral Bedroom Design Ideas that Will Inspire You

Creating a neutral bedroom is not an easy task. You want to keep it low with those beautiful soft colors, yet you don’t want your bedroom to look dull. If you do the décor right, you’ll have a comfy, stylish, warm, and sophisticated private area. To make sure you do your mission done, here neutral bedroom design ideas to follow.

1. Rug and Blanket

Bedding mostly becomes the focal point in a bedroom. Therefore, to lift the neutral feeling, choose a cozy white blanket and marry them with pillows and throw pillows for your bed. A white blanket and sheet will make your room lux. Place also fluffy cotton rug to dive your toes in.

So that the floor surface in your bedroom is warmer, you should use a carpet that is wide enough to handle it. You can use a white carpet with a faux fur texture to make your bedroom look more luxurious. Especially if you choose a carpet with white color that has a color tone that matches the style of your bedroom, an elegant-looking room can be created instantly. In addition, the white color will also make your bedroom look clean and bright. Faux fur carpet from digsdigs.

To get the maximum luxury look, you can use a white faux fur rug in your bedroom. The modern style bed is equipped with several pillows and white blankets that will add to the impression of extraordinary luxury. With this simple decoration, it is enough to make a comfortable and pleasant bedroom. White fake fur carpet from digsdigs.

A white faux fur blanket on a white bed will also look more charming if you add a floor rug with a splash of color and matching materials. The addition of this fur is not only to add a more luxurious appearance but also to warm you when you set your feet when you wake up. Perform routine maintenance on the carpet by cleaning it using a vacuum cleaner. Faux fur material blankets and carpets from digsdigs.

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2. Shades of Grey Furniture

Brown, cream, beige, and grey are color choices to infuse your neutral bedroom. If you already have a solid white wall, you can add furnishings in shades of grey. Grey makes your space warm, stylish, and elegant. Grey-themed contemporary paintings, table lamps, or minimalist nightstands are some options for your gray sprinkle.

To get a warm impression in your neutral bedroom, try using furniture in all-grey colors. The high gray tufted headboard will also make the bedroom look more elegant. Complete your bedroom with a minimalist bench that supports your elegant bedroom style, place it right under the bed with a minimalist shape that won’t take up much of your floor space. Gray tufted headboard from digsdigs.

Not only using all bedroom decoration furniture in gray, now you can combine it with the beige color that is applied through the use of beds and benches with softer and softer surfaces. Green plants that are placed in the corner of the bedroom are a fresh decoration idea that you can apply and can also be used as a room view that is not easily boring. Finally, cover the wooden floor using a plain light gray rug. The combination of light gray with beige bedroom interior from digsdigs.

Your bedroom will look more neutral if you use gray in the entire interior of the room. For example, you can use bedding, pillowcases and wall wallpapers with a splash of neutral gray which is easier to combine with any colored furniture when you want. In addition, you can also add a table lamp that is placed right above the small nightstand with the same color as a lighting idea that can be adjusted to your needs while in this bedroom. All gray interior bedroom from digsdigs.

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3. Soft Drapery

An extra-long curtain that touches the floor never fails to create an expensive look. For this extra-long drapery in your neutral bedroom, you can choose this color option such as beige, latte, sand from the shades of cream, or steel, stone, or lava from the shades of grey.

You can get a luxurious look in a simple way, for example by installing long curtains that touch the floor on your neutral bedroom window. Use beige to give a different color to your neutral bedroom. Long beige curtains with a thin layer of white curtains are a neat and charming combination, besides that you can also regulate the entry of sunlight into the room with the use of curtains that are currently in use. The combination of white curtains with beige from realhomes.

To enter more sunlight into your bedroom, then install and use curtains as a regulator of how much or less light will enter the room. Choose and use curtains with a splash of light gray as a neutral color accent that can be easily added to the room. Long curtains that touch to the floor give the impression of luxury that is not excessive, you can try it now. Long light gray curtain from realhomes.

4. Eclectic Patterns

When you’re having enough playing with colors, another brilliant way is to mix and match different patterns playfully. For example, use different patterns for your throw pillows, from plaid, chevron, floral, swirl, to polka dot. For those pattern crashes, remember to stay in neutral tones.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a striped pattern to one part of the bedroom interior as a modern accent that gives a new feel in the room. Just choose a striped rug that has a mix of black and white to make it easier to combine with yellow bedding and blue pillowcases that have a unique pattern so that they can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room. Black and white striped rug from mydomaine.

The geometric rug which is dominated by white is the floor layer that you can try because it has a color that is easier to combine with other colored interiors that are around it. You can also use gray bedding with a simple pattern to perfectly complement the texture of the room. A canvas painting that is large enough to be a wall decoration idea that gives an artistic impression. Geometric rug from mydomaine.

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One of way to have a comfortable and stylish bedroom design is using a neutral color. Those ideas above, hope will help you a lot.

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