Minimalist Apartment Balcony Decoration Ideas to Try

Most apartments have a balcony as an outdoor spot to see the surroundings. Surely, it is so interesting, isn’t it? But, some people may not pay much attention to decorate their balconies so that it becomes an enjoyable place to spend more time. Minimalist introduces a great concept for your apartment balcony with a simple yet functional design. Also, it offers less effort to make your balcony looks good. Moreover, a minimalist balcony design presents amazing decor with an on-budget plan. If you haven’t had any idea about this minimalist apartment balcony decoration, check out the following pictures and you will be surprised.

Simple Furniture

A minimalist apartment balcony will guarantee you a relaxing moment every time. As long as you design your balcony well, it is a plus point for your apartment. Furniture plays an important role in creating a balcony ambiance and impression. Provide some apartment balcony furniture, like seats and a coffee table. There are some kinds of seats that you can opt such as sofa, rattan or wooden chairs, couches, and benches. Moreover, get neutral-colored furniture to make a perfect minimalist apartment balcony. Add cushions and throws for more comfortable seating.

When you use wooden furniture, you can add pillows as soft and comfortable sitting mats to use all day long. Also add pillows with different patterned pillowcases for an eye-catching look. Use a chessboard floor as a nice addition to the motif. Wooden chairs covered with cushions from apartmenttherapy.

To save on your balcony decoration, try a folding chair set made of iron with a combination of wood. Fold the chair set when not in use to get more and more free balcony space. Green plants are a cool and refreshing decoration for your balcony. Folding chair set from apartmenttherapy.

To bring a natural feel to your balcony decor, add rattan chairs and stone coffee tables to this balcony area. Cover your rattan chair with cushions so that the surface is more soft when used for relaxing. You can use this vertical blue shelf to put sunflowers that are in bloom. The combination of rattan chairs with wooden coffee tables from apartmenttherapy.

This rattan chair is a comfortable sitting area to use for decorating your balcony. The advantage of this rattan chair is that it has a cheap and affordable selling value. You can combine it with a sturdy and strong iron leg coffee table. This reclaimed wood flooring gives a natural and environmentally friendly impression. Rattan chair with iron leg coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

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Touch of Greenery

Furthermore, a minimalist balcony decoration cannot be separated from the presence of greenery. As we all know that a balcony is a place where we can get relaxed. Thus, greenery will offer both an impressive look and a fresh ambiance. Get some houseplants or potted plants, like orchid, roses, palm, cacti, or ferns. You had better choose greenery with a low-maintenance if you have less time to take care of them. Consider having a vertical garden as well. It will save space in a small balcony.

Take advantage of your floor area to put a pot floor on the balcony area that is still empty. You can trim these green plants when they get longer and interfere with your activities while on the balcony decoration. You can use several different types of greenery. Floor pots with various types of greenery from apartmenttherapy.

There is no need to use the floor area to put green plant pots to save more effectively on the balcony decoration. You can use the wall area to propagate this green plant vertically. Don’t forget to put a white pot with a different type of green plant on a yellow folding coffee table. Vertical vines plant from apartmenttherapy.

There is nothing wrong with applying ferns in your balcony decoration as a cool and refreshing decoration. Place several types of green plants in different areas to spoil the eyes of the guests or families who come to this balcony decoration. You can put ferns on a wheel rack so that they are easier to move. Ferns plant above wheel rack from apartmenttherapy.


Proper Lighting

Decorating a balcony is sometimes challenging in terms of choosing the right lighting. Balcony lighting does not always have to get a smaller size. Even, you can have bigger ones for a focal point of your balcony. For example, you can install a big pendant lamp or chandelier to create a dramatic ambiance. Likewise, candles in bottles can be the next option for low light ideas. On the other hand, installing string lights sounds a good idea to reach a perfect apartment balcony look at summer nights.

This series of bulb strings helps the lighting in your small balcony decoration, this lamp has white lighting so that it is more optimal to illuminate the balcony at night. You can hang this bulb light right on top of your furniture set to help your activities in detail at night. Bulb string light above furniture set from shelterness.

Choose and use string lights with white lighting to brighten up your balcony decor at night. Candle holders are additional lighting that you can use along the floor and coffee table. Your wicker chair will be warmer and smoother when covered with pillows and faux fur blankets. String light with white light from shelterness.

For lighting ideas in the balcony decoration, you can use a string light wrapped around an iron fence. You can use additional lighting for a dramatic effect in this balcony, this candle holder lighting gives a warmer feel to the room. String light lighting with candle holder from shelterness.

For more stunning minimalist apartment balcony decorations, you can also consider to choose flashy colors but cool in the eyes. In addition, if you are bored of having seats for your balcony, try to have a hanging swing chair or hammock. And, you can enjoy reading or just get relaxed in your spare time. Now, we think that you have gotten lots of ideas on making a great minimalist apartment balcony decoration from the gallery. So, start to decorate yours from now on.


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