16 On a Budget Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas

A balcony is a small part of your apartment. But, it has a big role for you as an outdoor space to spend your spare time enjoying the surroundings. What makes it interesting is that you can decorate it as cozy and beautiful as possible to create a festive ambiance in your balcony. Also, you can transform yours into an amazing outdoor space with some apartment balcony furniture, decorative lighting, and artistic ornaments.

On the other hand, to make a well-designed apartment balcony you surely need to consider your budget. The big deal is how to make an incredible apartment balcony decor and spend a low budget. Moreover, you can choose the right style for your apartment balcony like rustic, boho, modern, or minimalist apartment balcony to help you estimate the budget. The following pictures will guide you on choosing the right balcony decor on a budget.

Give your balcony plenty of light so you can chat late at night with your friends and family in good lighting.
A chic hammock or delightful swing will give your little balcony a relaxing feel.
If you’re short on floor space, choose furniture that can be folded away that you can store when not in use.
If you have a covered balcony, you can add a pair of bar stools and a chandelier to give yourself a cool space.
Maximize your space with built-in seating options. A drop down folding table with a comfortable sofa is a smart idea for a balcony.
A small coffee table with comfortable chairs is a must on your little balcony if you want to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee or a plate of hot crispy pakoda.
If you like a simple decoration, simply install some patterned rugs complete with soft chairs and pillows that can make your balcony look more comfortable.
Make your balcony look beautiful in a simple way. Combining some plants and lighting on the balcony is a great idea to enhance the look of your balcony.
It doesn’t take more effort to make your balcony look beautiful. Add a table with chairs and pillows to create a comfortable impression on your balcony.
Simple decoration on the balcony with wooden pallet benches and complement it with fluffy pillows and feather blankets. A small rug can make a balcony floor feel good on your feet.
Combine your simple chairs and table with greenery to decorate your balcony on a budget. If you need an accent, you can add a blanket to add a soft texture to your balcony.
Install a rug and place chairs and a table for a simple seating area in your balcony. For the additional decoration, add some blankets and a vase to look beautiful.
You can make your balcony a comfortable place to relax by placing some green plants and a table complete with chairs and blankets. This can give the impression of being comfortable spending time on the balcony.
Take advantage of the corner of your balcony to become a green space. Place some greenery, string lights, and chairs complete with a table. It can make your balcony look green and fresh.
It would be nice to spend free time on the balcony. By looking around can improve your mood to be more creative. To make it look fresh, add a little greenery and get a fresh atmosphere.
You can put some live plants and place them on your balcony wall. To make your balcony stand out, add yellow vintage wardrobes and some floor seating for a fun atmosphere.

Decorating a balcony is both fun and challenging. Furthermore, you can exactly infuse your own character into your balcony decoration. As the main focal point, seats, and cushions play important roles. A pair of simple chairs and a coffee table are enough to make a serene balcony. Providing a rug will become an additional element to consider then. In addition, your balcony is the right place to spend your winter nights. Thus, get a throw blanket to complete the decoration. This idea offers you an enjoyable and warm ambiance on a cold night in the balcony.

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Planning a budget for your apartment balcony decor sounds to be a good idea. By recycling some cans as herbs planters will save more money. Make a vertical garden by hanging up those cans to get a sprawling balcony. Also, don’t forget to have a romantic yet dramatic nuance by installing some lighting ideas, like string lights or lanterns. If you have some old Mason jars bottles, get them as DIY balcony lighting. Put a candle of each bottle and get them as amazing cheap decorative lighting.

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