DIY Home Decor for Studio Apartment with Mirror

The problem you shall deal with the studio apartment is that you only have a short space to explore. It would help if you thought about how to enhance its full potential with some magnificent DIY Home Decor ideas with the mirror.

The mirror is a thing that brings glam to the room and gives an openness. Let’s take a look at how these unique DIY mirror home decors can give you such perfect visual attraction.

1. Rose Petals Spoon

Love to spend the time watching life hacks on YouTube? Then you might know about how to reuse the plastic spoon. You can turn them into the mirror frame that looks like rose petals.

Collect all your plastic spoons, brush them with your preferred color, and ready to glue them in a round mirror. You get that beautiful color in your studio apartment, and it is a good piece of the statement in the center of the room.

If you have a large number of white plastic spoons, then turning them for a DIY frame mirror is a smart and creative idea that you can try. The first step you have to do is wash the spoon thoroughly then let this spoon dry. After that, first repaint your spoon with a striking color like red so that it looks more colorful when hung on a plain white wall. Isn’t it easy enough to make. Repaint the plastic spoon of the mirror frame from architectureartdesigns.

Arrange a few plastic spoons that you have at home to form an oval mirror frame for a small round mirror. This DIY mirror frame spoon has a dark color so it’s easier to combine it with any ornament or interior around it. You can hang these mirrors in areas that guests frequent such as entryways or living rooms for a different creative appearance or scene. Plastic spoon frames for small round mirrors from architectureartdesigns.

You can get a luxurious impression from the use of DIY plastic frame mirror spoons when choosing the right color and layout. Try painting and re-polishing a white plastic spoon with a slightly shiny gold color. Arrange all the plastic spoons into a DIY frame that is on budget and is perfect for those of you who want to decorate your home cheaper. Use glue to glue between these spoons to make them sturdier. Sleek gold plastic spoon frame mirror from architectureartdesigns.

There is nothing wrong with using a plastic spoon as a mirror frame in your home. No need to repaint it, you can just polish it for a shinier look. This DIY mirror is perfect for decorating a studio apartment for a creative look and of course different from the others. Usually this frame is used to cover a round mirror that is not too large. Here you can try it with the right frame creation steps. Refinish the plastic spoon of the mirror frame from architectureartdesigns.

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2. The Egg Carton Frames

Eggs are the daily food of most people, but what do you do with the carton bags? Instead of throwing them into the trash, you can do a recycling process using the cartons: mirror frames.

Put a regular rectangular frame and then make some flower petals using the egg cartons. If you think the process is too complicated, consider cutting the cardboard in irregular shapes and make a mosaic frame.

Collect egg carton frames in your kitchen to turn them into creative DIY ones that can be used as decorations for your studio apartment. Change this egg carton into a square mirror frame that resembles a rose in bloom. You have two other ideas that you can try, namely by repainting it or letting an underlying color decorate it. All of these ideas are very beautiful and certainly do not require the use of professional personnel. A rose in a glass vase is an additional ornament that you can use right now. Egg carton frame mirror that resembles a rose from allcreated.

This round mirror covered with egg cartoon frames gives a unique and unusual appearance. Besides being cheaper, these mirror frames also have high creative ideas that will be admired by many people. There is nothing wrong with hanging this mirror in the living room decoration with white nuances as a focal point view that you can be proud of. The white animal statue in front of it is the best idea that you can combine with this DIY mirror frame at the same time. Round mirror covered with egg cartoon frames from designrulz.

Turn the egg cartoon in your kitchen into a DIY work that will be useful in decorating your apartment. For example, turning it into a mirror frame so that it doesn’t become waste, you can shape it like a blooming rose, after that painting becomes the next idea you can do. White paint is a color choice that you can apply easily and of course, has a more neutral color and is easy to mix with other ornaments or interiors around it. White egg cartoon frame mirror from designrulz.

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3. The Rope Frame

It is the most comfortable frame idea to have, but still, look stunning. The rope gives a nautical nuance in your round mirror and is easy to apply! You have to prepare the rope, wrap it around the round mirror using the glue, and there you have the vintage-look mirror that will be a center of attention in your studio apartment.

The idea of using the rope in a neutral color can help you to give the dynamic to the tiny room like this studio apartment. You do not need too much decoration, and the piece is enough as a glam.

Do you want a home decoration with natural and environmentally friendly ornaments? If so, then the easiest idea you can do right now is to make a mirror layer with a rope frame made of bamboo as the main material. This rope frame is suitable for use in mirrors of various shapes and sizes, for example, a hanging mirror that is oval in shape and has a size that is not too large. Hang this mirror right above the sofa as a beautiful ornament that you can display. Rattan rope mirror frame from hgtv.

The mirror oval will look more elegant when covered with natural light brown rope frames. This mirror ornament is equipped with several other wall decorations so that it gives a more beautiful and artistic impression. Choose several frames with different sizes and themes as a complement that you can use simultaneously. Mirror oval with natural rope frame from mountainmodernlife.

To bring a nautical feel to the decor of your apartment, then the mirror rope frame is one of the ideas that you can try right now. Several marine patterns applied to the wall hangings and pillowcases emphasize the nautical style in a clear and striking way. Usually this style uses a combination of two different colors, namely white and blue. You can try it right now with the impression of a room that is simpler but still charming. Combination of rope frame mirror with nautical wall decoration from completely-coastal.

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The DIY Home Decor for studio apartment made up of a mirror is a great thing to start elevating the beauty of your tiny rooms. No more stuffy apartment!


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