10 Clever Bathroom Organization Ideas for Maximizing Space

Have you ever late going to work or attending your date way off the schedule because you were so busy looking for your belongings which were piled up with many other items in your cramped bathroom?

The chaos that occurs in the bathroom generates the mood of your day in general. Let’s get rid of this disaster by rearranging the objects in your bathroom! There will be no more bad luck, and you will get extra space if you just follow these bathrooms organization tips below.

1. Take Advantage of Space in The Corner of The Room

Maximize all parts of your bathroom, including the corner. Install a corner shelves in one corner of your bathroom to place your toilet paper supplies or aromatherapy candles.

Use the space in the corner of the bathroom so that the display is more optimal. You can add an iron corner shelf for bathroom storage ideas to make it look neater. Image iron corner shelf from apartmenttherapy.
Applying corner shelves in the bathroom is clever storage to save space. You can use this place to store your bathroom supplies and enhance the bathroom decor. Image white corner shelves from homebnc.

2. Be Creative with Reuse Stuff

For you, the hoarder, the good news is now you can utilize used goods that you’ve piled up as part of bathroom organization tips. For instance, you can use a used jar to place facial cotton or the leftover of rope as a towel holder.

You can reuse old jars that are no longer in use for bathroom catering ideas. Try using it as a storage place for facial cotton to make it look more practical. Image mason jar from thehappyhousie.
Utilizing used glass canisters for storage ideas in your bathroom is one creative idea. You can use it as a storage area for cotton and other small items so that it will look more organized. Image glass canister from thehappyhousie.

3. Choose Multi-purpose Fixtures

Some fixtures have general uses, and thus they aren’t just fixed in a particular room. Take a file box organizer from your desk and hang it in the bathroom as a magazine holder or a place to put electronic equipment.

Try using your wire file box to make your bathroom tidier. Just hang it on the wall then use it to store electronic equipment so it doesn’t get messy. Image wire file box from dreamgreendiy.
To make your bathroom tidier, you can use a file box that is placed on the bathroom vanity to store your electronic items. So that the storage space in your bathroom will be maximized. Image yellow file box from onecrazyhouse.

4. Put a Drawer Dividers

Small items such as manicure tools often disappear just because we accidentally misplaced them. Put these items together into dividers, group them according to your needs, then neatly put them in a drawer.

Try to add a wooden drawer divider for storage ideas in your bathroom. So that it will be easier for you to organize and find small items. Image wooden drawer divider from marthastewart.
Installing a transparent drawer divider makes it easier for you to find small items and will make your bathroom space more organized. Image transparent drawer divider from apartmenttherapy.

5. Avoid Built-in Fixtures

The key to outsmarting a narrow space is to store and sort out your items, such as a towel or makeup tools, in a rolling cart that you can move out of the bathroom at any time.

If you have a small bathroom, using a blue rolling chart is the right idea. You can use this storage to arrange your bathroom supplies. So that when it is not used you can move it to another place. Image blue rolling chart from onecrazyhouse.
You can use a rolling chart for storage ideas in your bathroom. Because it is easy to move when it is no longer needed so your bathroom will look more spacious. Image a rolling chart from bhg.

When all the things are neatly arranged, then naturally your narrow bathroom will look spacious. The messy bathroom will no longer affect your mood. The bathroom organization ideas above can certainly brighten your day!

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