25 Romantic Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

No one can beat the power of love. Even during the winter, the wedding must go on. Although the weather is not on your side, you can still have a romantic wedding you always imagine. The natural white color from the outside is a perfect excuse for a dreamy touch. Don’t you want a dreamy, romantic design for your wedding? If so, get inspired by these romantic winter wedding decor ideas.

1. Outside Lightings View

Although your party is indoor, your wedding decorations can stay outside. With this idea, you don’t need to worry about the number of people you have invited. Open those curtains and let people enjoy the beautiful lightings in the outside. Opt for colorful LED or small lamps attached to some trees. Those lights will create a great view for your guests.

Outdoor winter wedding decoration with sparkling string bulb lights designed for guests. Mount it on a table and it can become the focal point of a winter wedding decoration. This lighting is ready to be combined with a boho wedding touch that you can apply outdoors. You can try this boho touch on the macrame tablecloth which has a touch of plain white, additional garlands made of green plants and blooming flowers to complement what you can try. DIY String Bulb Lighting for Boho Wedding from @beckiowens

Lighting is one of the important elements that can be used to decorate the current winter wedding. At this time you can try magical lighting right on the guest table that is used. The lighting which is dominated by the orange color is very suitable in combination with several candle holders used as centerpiece decorations. The magical lighting that is used also has various shapes and sizes so that it looks more varied and not easily boring. The white tablecloth gives an instant elegant and modern impression. Magical Ceiling Light Above Dining Table from @beckiowens

This wedding tent decoration, which is perfected with a fairy lighting ceiling, is eye-catching and will never fail to be tried. At this time you can use fairy lighting with a choice of white so that it makes the area inside the tent brighter and more open. Hanging chandeliers are a combination of wedding lighting that you can apply simultaneously. Fairy lighting is easier to get and of course has a cheap price and is suitable when used in large quantities. Ceiling Tent Fairy Lighting Ideas from @larcomslighting

The use of string lights that are applied to the ceiling for this winter wedding gives a warm atmosphere even though you are outside the room. Not only outdoors, but you can also apply it indoors. The more string lights you use, the brighter the outdoor lighting you get. Other lighting that can be added at this winter wedding event is several candle lights that can be placed on each guest table that is used. Warm and Radiant Wedding Night from @hmrdesigns

Applying light bulbs on the table adds a cozy yet romantic atmosphere. Adding some candles and some flowers for a centerpiece idea will complete this winter wedding decor. Just arrange everything neatly and orderly so that the table in use still looks neat and orderly. This string bulb lighting can be hung with ropes of different lengths so that it is more varied. These beautifully blooming flowers come in a variety of different colors to make this outdoor winter wedding decoration even more beautiful. Hanging String Bulb Lighting from @lilianabridalhouse

The string lights on the tree will add a romantic and glamorous touch to your winter wedding decor. Add candles to add a warm impression to the dining table, and at the same time can be used as additional outdoor lighting that gives a warm feel. Cover the entire outer surface of the tree with string lights so that your night activities will look more festive and fun. This open outdoor space is ready to be used by a large number of guests. Outdoor Tree Lighting Ideas from @royalluxuryevents

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2. Candlelit Room Decor

With lots of scattered candles on the floor, you will get the most romantic wedding ceremony. With the minimalist idea is great to achieve a romantic vibe without being too over the top. You don’t need to prepare lots of extravagant items. 

All you need are some glasses of any sizes as the containers. You don’t want to mess your guests’ dresses, don’t you? Scatter those candles around the altar and aisle. That is your romantic winter wedding decor which also feels pure.

To make your wedding feel more romantic this winter, you can place some candles in glass containers along the aisle. Combined with white decorations add a winter feel. The appearance of the transparent glass candle holder also adds to the glamorous feel that many invited guests like. Besides being able to be used as the focal point of the room, this aisle candle holder also makes the atmosphere in the wedding room feel warmer and more inviting. Glamours Glass Candle Holder Aisle from @antoinette_lettieri

If you want to celebrate a completely natural winter wedding vibe, don’t leave out the candles for decorations. Just place these candles along the entryway for a more romantic setting. Coupled with the decoration of the room which is dominated by white, the winter wedding look will feel more real. Combine a candle lantern aisle with white flower petals and a faux fur runner rug with a very thick material that gives a more elegant finishing touch and is easier to combine with other interiors around it. Snowy Candle Holder Aisle from @weddingcouture.ie

Decorate your reception space with what nature has to offer. Let the existing evergreen material be transformed into a wreath design or Christmas tree that can be placed on either side of the fireplace you are using, while the candles that are placed around it become the main warming accent that you can use. Just use a large enough amount to attract attention. In addition, the presence of a faux fur rug with a neutral color makes it a warm footwear when used in winter wedding decorations. DIY Glass Candle Lighting Near Firepit from @callunaevents

You can place candle holders on the same side so that they can be used as the focal point of the room. Here you can use it with a variety of different sizes so that it looks more varied and not easily boring. It’s a good idea to place it right next to your guest table so that it illuminates the area around it with a warmer atmosphere in the room. Just move this candle lantern holder when you need it, the various sizes make the appearance not easily boring. You can try it right now. Dramatic Modern Candle Holder from @lucymcspiritdesign

Candle pillars of two to three different sizes can be placed in the same area. The use of pillar candles can be used as the main lighting that seems dramatic and romantic. Just perfect all these candles with flower arrangements and green plants that can be placed close together. All of these candles can be obtained easily at low prices, this is one of the best inspirations to perfect winter wedding decorations. Pillar Candle Lighting for Winter Wedding from @florasoames

You can get a romantic impression instantly when you use candle lighting as a winter wedding aisle decoration at your event. Here you can use a large number of candles so that they can be used as the main lighting while also giving a warm feel. It’s not enough to get here, you can also combine it with the use of string lights that can be hung to the ceiling evenly. In this way, the presence of the candle aisle is ready to welcome the bride and groom as well as all the invited guests too. Romantic Candle for Wedding Line Aisle from @rebeccachanweddings

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3. Florals Statement

If you can’t decide which winter items you should choose, opt for flowers. Yes, flowers are rarely used as winter decor. But, that doesn’t mean they are unsuitable for the event. White flowers are the perfect combinations of love and purity. 

Arrange those fresh white flowers in vases and put them in the center of tables. Your guests will enjoy their green leaves. You can also select tablecloths with flower patterns.

A bouquet of white roses accented with green leaves will add a romantic touch to your wedding. You can put it on your winter wedding table as a decoration and can also be used as a complement when taking photos with your family or friends. Now you can choose fresh flowers and leaves so they don’t wilt easily when used all day. Satin ribbon completes the look of this bouquet, you can try it easily and get these flowers from your backyard garden. White Roses Bouquet from @lemongrasswedding

The guest table feels incomplete if it is not decorated with a vase filled with blooming flowers. Here you can cover the table with a solid black tablecloth so that the presence of a rose centerpiece can look bolder. On this table you can combine it with several candle holders that can be placed randomly but still in a neat and orderly arrangement. This series of roses can be applied to a glass vase which has a thick enough material so it doesn’t break easily when used for a long time. Blossoming Roses Vase Centerpiece from @jrflowersweddings

This arrangement of roses in a tall vase can be used as a winter wedding centerpiece idea. Add candles to make this winter decoration even more dramatic. Because the vase that is used has a fairly high size, it is ready to be used as the focal point of your eyes. Not only flowers, but you can also combine them with fresh green leaf accents, you can apply them together in a neat arrangement. Tall Vases with Arrangement Flower from @atlastfloristry

Consider using a backdrop dominated by beautifully blooming flowers. Here you can combine different types of flowers, but of course they are in the same color, namely white. The use of these white blooms is very suitable for indoor winter wedding decorations that can be used as a room statement. This white flower can be combined with fresh greenery accents so that it has a color combination that is quite eye-catching. You can arrange and arrange it yourself according to the design you want. A Statement Flower Backdrop from @museweddingsandevents

Decorative arches are no less important as the main accent of this year’s winter wedding. You can make a square shaped flower arched design to give it an interesting, playful touch. Here you can combine a variety of different types of flowers but still in one neutral color tone. Combine it with a white tablecloth and runner rug for a more elegant, modern and never-failing look. Here you can make it as a background for taking pictures with the bride and groom. Natural Blooms Wedding Arches from @sprucefloraldesigns

Pour out your creative ideas in choosing a beautiful and charming wedding decoration. The simple thing you can try is to use a flower garland. A long flower arrangement used for wedding decoration will create a romantic atmosphere and a beautiful moment that you will never forget. The choice of roses to be used to make flower garlands is a smart idea, apart from their beautiful color, roses are also a symbol of love and affection, so using roses as a wedding garland will give positive suggestions to the bride and groom. So that it doesn’t look monotonous and you can also combine it with a candle holder that is placed right next to the wedding flower garland. Flower Garland Statement from @studiobotanic

The use of flower garlands can not only be used at the aisle, but you can also apply them at the dining table for invited guests. You can add a centerpiece with a flower garland on the dining table, so that it doesn’t get messy, try placing the garland in a glass vase. The combination of glass vases and flower garlands will make your wedding decorations look more luxurious and also very beautiful. Don’t forget to choose the right flowers for this flower garland, this is very influential for maximum results and also the perfection of the decoration. Floral Arrangement Vase for Wedding Centerpiece from @wonderfulweddingshow

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4. White Crystals

Do you wish to have a dreamy, luxurious wedding? Achieve your dream with this look. While warm lightings are hanging on the ceiling, decorate what’s on the floor in white. Choose white tablecloths, dining set, and chair cloths.

An easy way that you can do to give a luxurious feel to outdoor winter wedding decorations is to use the right lighting. For example, you can use several crystal chandeliers with the right layout so that they can illuminate the entire wedding area evenly. For example, you hang these chandeliers on every coffee table that is used. The green plant accents that enhance the existence of these crystal chandeliers bring an instant feel of nature, this is highly recommended to try. Outdoor Crystal Chandeliers from @lebaneseweddings

Not only outdoors, but you can also use crystal chandeliers indoors and in joyful winter wedding events. Just hang these chandeliers at different heights. After that, for a more elegant and dramatic appearance of the room, you can cover the guest table with a white tablecloth made of cotton so that it has a smoother surface. This wedding ballroom decoration is ready to be used during the day or night according to your event, you don’t need to worry about the dark room anymore because it is equipped with the right lighting. Dramatic Crystal Chandeliers from @hmrdesigns

Don’t just use crystal material as a design for hanging chandeliers. For this winter wedding event, you can use crystal material as a design for a candle holder that can be placed on a table using a fairly high pole. The light that is produced from the use of this candle holder has a magical style that will never fail to be tried. This crystal candle holder can be placed on the guest table to be used as a centerpiece decoration that is ready to be made as the focal point of the eyes of everyone present at your wedding. Crystal Candle Holder for Magical Lighting from @bellagiocy

Not only indoors, but now you can use crystal lighting in outdoor wedding decorations. Usually this crystal lamp is used during a beautiful winter. It’s a good idea to complete the look of the hanging chandeliers with statement accents of flowers that bloom beautifully. Just hang and apply this lamp right above the guest table that you can use so that it can be used as the main lighting when the atmosphere outside the room starts to feel darker. Outdoor Crystals Chandeliers from @onefabday

The main decoration element is the white crystal ceiling treatment that hangs like a chandelier, catching the light and adding to the brilliance of your wedding celebration. You can use more than one crystal chandelier to provide maximum lighting. This lamp has orange lighting which is able to give a warm feel to the aisle area. You can hang them randomly but still in a neat and orderly arrangement. Made as Main Wedding Lighting from @partyslate

This wedding setting is simply designed with white tablecloths and white crystal chandeliers to create a luxurious winter wedding decoration. Now you can hang this crystal chandelier using a reclaimed wood ladder for a different look. The use of a plain white tablecloth gives an elegant impression, you can complete it with a garland made of natural materials. A simple but still eye-catching wedding decoration for a touch of winter. Hanging Ladder for Crystals Chandeliers Display from @scrivani_weddingeventsplanner

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