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10 Romantic Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

Are you looking for the best wedding decor for your special day? Check these romantic winter weddin…

No one can beat the power of love. Even during the winter, the wedding must go on. Although the weather is not on your side, you can still have a romantic wedding you always imagine. The natural white color from the outside is a perfect excuse for a dreamy touch. Don’t you want a dreamy, romantic design for your wedding? If so, get inspired by these romantic winter wedding decor ideas.

1. Outside Lightings View

Although your party is indoor, your wedding decorations can stay outside. With this idea, you don’t need to worry about the number of people you have invited. Open those curtains and let people enjoy the beautiful lightings in the outside. Opt for colorful LED or small lamps attached to some trees. Those lights will create a great view for your guests.

Outdoor winter wedding decoration with sparkling string lights designed for guests. Installing above the table and it can be the focal point of the winter wedding decor. Image string light from elegantweddinginvites.
The string lights on the tree will add a romantic and glamorous impression to your winter wedding decor. Add candles to add a warm impression to the dining table. Image string light and candles from elegantweddinginvites.
Applying light bulbs above the table adds a cozy but romantic atmosphere. Add some candles and a few flowers for the centerpiece idea will complete the winter wedding decor. Image light bulb and candle from elegantweddinginvites.

2. Candlelit Room Decor

With lots of scattered candles on the floor, you will get the most romantic wedding ceremony. With the minimalist idea is great to achieve a romantic vibe without being too over the top. You don’t need to prepare lots of extravagant items. 

All you need are some glasses of any sizes as the containers. You don’t want to mess your guests’ dresses, don’t you? Scatter those candles around the altar and aisle. That is your romantic winter wedding decor which also feels pure.

Decorate your reception space with what nature has to offer. Let the lights of the bulb hang on artificial trees, while candles adorn the path to your wedding chair. Image white candles from hwtm.
To make your wedding feel even more romantic this winter, you can put a few candles in the glass along the hallway. Combined with white decorations, it adds to the winter feel. Image scattered candle from hwtm.
If you want to celebrate a truly natural winter wedding vibe, don’t leave out candles for decoration. Place it along the driveway for a more romantic atmosphere. Image candle lantern from hwtm.

3. Florals Statement

If you can’t decide which winter items you should choose, opt for flowers. Yes, flowers are rarely used as winter decor. But, that doesn’t mean they are unsuitable for the event. White flowers are the perfect combinations of love and purity. 

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Arrange those fresh white flowers in vases and put them in the center of tables. Your guests will enjoy their green leaves. You can also select tablecloths with flower patterns.

White flower arrangements on wooden vases to use as winter wedding centerpiece ideas. Add candles to make this winter decor more dramatic. Image white flower arrangement from storyboardwedding.
A white flower bouquet accented with red flowers gives an immediate romantic impression to your wedding. You can put it on your winter wedding table. Image flower arrangement from marthastewart.

4. White Crystals

Do you wish to have a dreamy, luxurious wedding? Achieve your dream with this look. While warm lightings are hanging on the ceiling, decorate what’s on the floor in white. Choose white tablecloths, dining set, and chair cloths.

The main decoration element is the ceiling treatment of dozens of hanging white crystals that are like chandeliers, capturing the light and adding to the sparkle of the wedding celebration. Image white crystal from evantinedesign.
This wedding arrangement is simply designed with white tablecloths and white string lights to create a luxurious winter wedding decor. Image white tablecloth from weddingideasmag.
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